Weekend Wonders

Hello Everybody! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

Here is a snapshot into mine...I am really addicted to Instagram at the moment and adding the different effects to my phone pictures. 

My username is: @gingerjax if you want to follow me! 

I had to snap these beautiful sparkly roses I got earlier in the week. They are in full bloom now and absolutely stunning. My parents were up this weekend too. Look at the fairy Mama Ginger picked up for me in Germany...I collect fairy ornaments and am always looking for new ones!

I'm trying to banish my bingo wings, so have got some weights to help me...they fit in completely with my love for bright colours at the moment!

At the moment I'm thinking about ways to sort out my house. I'm overdue a HUGE Spring Clean (even though it's Summer. hehe.) Whilst clearing out a drawer, I found these gorgeous fairy lights I picked up years ago! They are so pretty I just had to find a home for them somewhere...

On my wine rack! 

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