S'now days like this!

It snowed a LOT here yesterday!! 

So much so, that I only had a half day at work. 

It was beautiful sitting inside and watching the snow fall, but the downside was that the road I live in doesn't get gritted, so going outside much wasn't really an option. 

Me + Poor Balance + Ice = Disaster! 

It also meant that a night out my friends and I had planned had to be put on hold. I was really looking forward to seeing them and going out, but it would've been really impractical. 

To make up for it, today I decided to venture off to pick up some baking supplies. I love baking. It makes me feel good. And there's no better day to bake than one that's bitter, yet beautiful! 

Things didn't QUITE go according to plan (as you can probably tell.) I got icing sugar EVERYWHERE....on the worktop, on the floor, on the sofa, on the rug in the living room (yeah...I know!)

It was so much fun baking again though...I haven't done it in months, and just going through my supplies in my cupboard made me miss it. 

Although next time, I'll stick to baking muffins! 

Days like this give me a chance to be uber girly and catch up on some rest. I get really tired during the week, and haven't quite caught up on sleep since being poorly over Christmas. 

Today has also given me a great opportunity to be a complete slob. I've practically lived in my pyjamas all day, and it's felt amazing walking around make-up free without having to put a paper bag over my head perchance somebody can see me! I've indulged my Geeky side and played Gears of War 2, watched Dollhouse, and Murder She Wrote.

Tonight, I'm going to forget the January health-kick and curl up on the sofa with my hot water bottle, hottie, and watch chick-flicks with a giant hot chocolate and lashings of whipped cream (any excuse!) 

Being healthy can wait until tomorrow!

Ginger x

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