Morning Routine With A One Year Old | Just Add Ginger

I don't know if this is just Eric or if it's the case for other babies out there but he doesn't and hasn't ever really had a set routine. I touched on this a little bit in his one year update but what we do instead is anticipate each day's routine based on the night before. Quite a good sleeper, Eric normally gets 11-12 hours so - if he goes down at 7.30pm - we know we're looking at a 6.30am - 7.30am wake up window. 

baby boy smiling with a toy in his mouth

So, for the purpose of this post, and to give an example of what our routine looks like, let's say that Eric has gone down at 7.30pm the previous evening. Provided we have no classes, this is what our mornings consist of...


Eric wakes up 

7am - 7.30am 

Nappy change. 
Get dressed. 
First bottle (7-8oz) 

7.30am - 8am

Independent play / Outside play (weather dependent) 

8am - 8.45am 

Songs, rhymes and stories 
Brush Teeth 

8.45am - 9.45am 

Play time 
Movie (let's be honest - it's usually Moana) 

9.45am - 10.15am 

Play time (and I observe for nap cues) 

10.15am - 12.15pm 

Nap time (although Eric may not necessarily sleep for 2 hours) 

12.15pm - 1pm 

Nappy change
Songs & rhymes 

Eric's naps have always been inconsistent so again this is something we always have to work around because he is a baby who needs sleep because he is so active. If he doesn't go down, you have a grumpy, antsy child on your hands who is just impossible to please. Naps must take precedent so - if this was a day where we have a class and Eric was asleep - we would skip the class.

Fellow mummies I'm curious... does your baby have a set routine or do you keep things flexible? I'd love to know about your experiences in the comments.


Holiday Packing For A One Year Old | Just Add Ginger

May marks the month that Ryan, Eric and I head off on our very first family holiday. We have taken trips before, but that has always been to stay with family. This is the first little break we're having as just a threesome and I could not be more excited. 

In an attempt to offset the potential stress that comes with travelling with a toddler I decided to make a head start on packing a couple of days before we were due to leave. Whenever Ryan and I have been  on holiday pre-baby we have been perfectly content to pack minimally and live in the same clothes for a week, but for Eric, things needed a little more planning. 

gym bag with baby clothes spilling out

Now I of course am no expert when it comes to packing for a one year old (I am a first time mum after all) but I did however want to share what we took away with us for Eric - hopefully if there are any of you out there travelling with your tot for the first time it will be useful, give you ideas, and act as a sort of checklist for when you're packing up your baby bags and suitcases. Before we get stuck in I should point out that we are off on a UK holiday - if you are off on your jollies to another country then your list may differ slightly. 

CLOTHES - We are away for five days (including two travelling) and for ease I'm packing by outfit. Break these down and I've packed. 

Everyday Wear 
7 x vests 
4 x t shirts 
2 x jumpers
3 x shorts 
3 x trousers 
2 x sleeveless rompers
7 x bibs
7 x socks 
3 x pyjamas 

1 x waterproof jacket 
1 x puddlesuit 
1 x light pram suit 
2 x sun hats
1 x winter hat
1 x set of reins

Active Wear
1 x swimming costume 
1 x swim hat (one of those peaked ones with fabric at the back)
1 x pack of swimming nappies 

1 x sandals 
1 x trainers 
1 x wellies

ENTERTAINMENT - We're planning our whole trip around 'Eric-friendly' activities but for the times when we aren't out and about we'll have - 

1 x iPad 
1 x audio book 

4 x board books 
2 x bedtime books 

3 x pushchair toys (these can also be attached to highchairs)
3 x car toys 
4 x larger toys (with parts that cannot be lost). 
2 x comfort teddies for cot

EQUIPMENT - larger baby items 

Car seat & Isofix 
Travel cot
Cot mattress (and 2 x cot sheets)
Portable highchair and booster seat
Baby monitor


Baby toothbrush & toothpaste
Baby vitamins 
First aid kit 
Ashton & Parsons teething powder
Baby bubble bath (this is our favourite one)
Suncream (factor 50)
Barrier & nappy rash cream


1 x water bottle 
5 x Tomme Tippee bottles 
5 x UHT whole milk 
Ella's Kitchen baby food pouches
Cake bars 
1 x plastic bib
Baby spoons 
Feeding bowls


1 x towel 
2 x muslin cloths
2 x sleeping bags
3 x blankets (pram & cellular)
Red Book
Dummies & dummy clips
Portable changing mat 
Nappy sacks 
Sterilising wipes
Eric's baby bag 

Having never been on holiday with a baby before this is going to be a total learning curve! I'm hoping there's nothing I'm forgetting, but if you think there is, do let me know in the comments, along with any advice you have for travelling with a little one.