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Growing up, the Crystal Maze was the best thing since sliced bread. Aside from Fun House, it was the one game show I dreamt of being on one day when I was a "grown up". Something about it appealed to my competitive streak, and I knew that one day, I wanted to be there, taking part in one of the games rooms myself. 

I'd heard the name Breakout Liverpool floating on the web for a little while, and was a little intrigued. The concept of being locked in a room for an hour in the hope of solving puzzles and answering clues to help you escape seemed entirely up my street. So when they got in touch asking if I would like to take part in one of their live escape rooms, in my head, it was like striking gold!

Heading down to Sir Thomas Street one Friday evening, I couldn't help but be filled with giddy anticipation. Descending down the set of steps that led in to Breakout and taking our seats in the waiting room, neither Ryan or I knew what to expect. Basking in the electric atmosphere, we waited with baited breath for our name to be called, eagerly awaiting what lay in store. 

The room we were attempting to escape from was Shipwrecked, which as the name might suggest, was pirate themed. After a quick introduction and explanation from one of the lovely staff members (games masters), we tucked our belongings in a corner, took a deep breath, and the clock was started. 

Good grief do you get immersed in the atmosphere. From start to finish I honestly felt like Cpt'n Jackie Sparrow. As the timer counted down, the more and more engrossed in the setting Ryan and I became. The attention to detail was just incredible, and you really did feel like you were part of a pirate crew. We both got so into the game that the time just few by, and the closer and closer it got to the 60 minute mark, the more competitive we became....

...Only to be scuppered by the last few puzzles. As the timer counted down the last few seconds we knew we were done for. When the game was over, our games master came in and explained to us what we had missed, which just seemed so obvious afterwards. With just a slightly clearer head, and less flapping over the time, we would have got there. Ah it was so frustrating! 

Breakout Liverpool - live escape rooms
Image: Breakout Liverpool Facebook page

Our hour in Breakout Liverpool was honestly one of the most fun things I have ever done. All the way in to the city centre and all the way through dinner we could not stop talking about it. It was great fun with the two of us, but I think next time we'd go as a larger party for the simple fact that four heads in this situation might be a lot better than two. There were some seriously hilarious moments that had us howling, especially thinking about how silly we must have looked. But at the time, what we were doing made so much sense! 

Although I'm not going to give anything away about our room, I did want to share some tips I think are great little points to remember whilst you play: 

  • Look, lift, search and sift through everything. 
  • When in doubt, go over things again. 
  • Say what you are thinking, even if it sounds silly. It just might help you out. 
  • Wear cool clothing. You will get hot. And flustered. Especially when the timer is against you.
  • Try and take a step back every now and again. You get so caught up in the moment that rational thinking can go out the window. 
If you're looking for something new to do in Liverpool, Breakout definitely gets five stars as an alternative evening activity. With rooms of varying difficulties there is something for everyone and if you don't quite make it with one room, you can always go back and try again with another. Ryan and I are already planning which room to do next. As the perfect real-life blend of Nightmare and The Crystal Maze, it brings elements of the very best game shows growing up in an affordable, accessible and immensely enjoyable way. 

Only question is - which room would you choose? 

* I was very kindly given the chance to head to Breakout Liverpool with Ryan free of charge in exchange for a blog review on JAG. This in no way affects my opinions. They are always 100% honest and driven by my experiences.


Summer Soles* | Just Add Ginger

If you know me, then you instantly recognise that ankle boots have pretty much become my shoe trademark over the past year. As I got a little older, and consecutive nights out at the student union faded into the distance, I began to realise that the five inch heels I used to totter around in would have to go in to retirement, and instead, it was time to opt for a more "sensible" yet chic shoe option.

As a lady with self-confessed "massive trotters", comfort is always key when it comes to footwear. So many times I have been drawn to a shoe because of the way it looks, but, as soon as I've taken them home, I've come to realise that it is just too narrow for my poor tootsies, and that I would just never build up the resistance to be able to take them out.

Ankle Boot Outfit
Bodycon Dress // Primark // Cardigan // Primark // Handbag // ASOS (old) // Hat // H&M (old) // Ankle Boots // Sole Diva*

Sole Diva Boots

So when JD Williams got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out a pair of boots over the summer, I instantly jumped at the chance. It doesn't matter what time of year it is....I love me some ankle boots, and I really do believe that having a classic pair in your collection will instantly shake up your style and ensure that you always look put together, even on your off-duty days.

For the sunnier season (if we really indeed have those in England) I like to keep my style simple and elegant, and use ankle boots as an accessory to accent colours used in the rest of my outfit. This summer, I have practically been living in dresses or black skinny jeans. And this is where this pair of Sole Diva boots have played their part so well. In a classic black, with mid block heel, contrast sole and back panel featuring playful texture, they've really added extra depth to my clothing choices. Perfect for day or nighttime wear, I've practically lived in these over the past few months.

For the day, I keep hemlines mini or just below the knee. A fan of both body-con and A-line silhouettes, the cut of my dresses has showed off a bit of skin without going too OTT for my personal comfort levels. Some may think that a pair of ankle boots worn with a shorter skirt may cut you off at the wrong place in the leg, but I really like the slightly edgier feel. And the soft fabric choice really helps soften the overall effect.

Sole Diva boots

But its never just about appearance is it? Comfort is ultimately key, and one of the reasons I've waited so long to upload this post is because I've wanted to make sure I fully tested the comfort factor of these boots to the max. After a full few months taking them for a spin, it's pretty evident that these are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. It's a big claim, but from the super-cushiony sole to the height of the heel, you can put these boots on first thing in the morning and still feel just as supported by the evening. They have been a joy to wear, and my love for them is pretty evident in that the lining inside one of the boots has already worn away!

I never really ventured on to the JD Williams website before these boots, but now I definitely would see them as a serious contender for filling my winter shoe wardrobe. With a range of brands, sizes and widths that cater for us ladies with the less narrow foot, their selection has something for everyone.

Click here to take a peek at the selection yourself. Which ones are catching your eye?

* I was very kindly sent these boots by JD Williams for review on JAG. This is no way affects my opinions. They are always 100% honest and informed by my personal experiences.


20 Things I've Learnt In My 20s | Just Add Ginger

20 Things I've Learnt In My 20s

In just under five months I will be turning the big 3-0 (shh, don't tell anyone). And even though I am generally terrified at the prospect of being in my 20s, and the increasing pressure to be more grown up, I wanted to impart some wisdom about life lessons I've learnt over the past decade (nearly). 

1. It's important to take time out for you. 

2. Not every friendship lasts. And that's okay...

3. ...But it's still important to nurture the strong ones.

4. Heartbreaks happen, and they SUCK.

5. You think you are quite grown up, but really, you are still learning. 

6. You'll learn that Pot Noodle isn't the most nutritious meal. 

7. Your sense of style will change and evolve more than once. 

8. You really won't give a shit if the popular girls don't like you. 

9. You'll realise it's okay to open up. 

10. You still may not have a clue what you want to be when you grow up. 

11. There will be times you laugh so much you nearly wet yourself. 

12. Stress just isn't worth it. 

13. Adventures are important. 

14. You'll come to full embrace your quirks. 

15. It's okay to still ask for help. 

16. There are more drinks out there than Lambrini. 

17. You'll welcome a Saturday night in with open arms. 

18. You won't realise how quickly time flies. 

19. A face wipe is still sometimes a highly tempting makeup removing solution. 

20. You'll have no shame in having an early night. 

What life lessons has being in your twenties taught you?