Bathtime Made Beautiful* | Just Add Ginger Bath Blaster

Ever a sucker for a pretty bath product, nowadays, having some quality me time soaking in the tub is just one of those luxuries in which I just love to indulge. A die-hard Lush fan, it is very tricky for me to steer away from the tried and tested and delve into the depths of a new brand to try something new. However when I was given the chance to select a Bath Blaster from the SoapBombs website to try I saw it as a golden opportunity to go completely out of my comfort zone and - hopefully- find somewhere new to shop to help me indulge in one of my guiltiest pleasures. 

As a creature of habit, I am always mesmerised by just how lovely Lush bath products are at this time of year. However, just one glimpse at the SoapBombs website and I soon realised Lush had been blown out of the water! Each and every one of the bath blasters was just utterly breathtaking in design. From 3D figurines to sparkles and colours galore, I found the prospect of choosing one to try really daunting. Just how was I going to decide? 

Limiting my choices to the more festive range, I decided that fragrance was a good filtering factor, and so began the dilemma of trying to envisage what delicious combination of scents each bath blaster was going to treat my nose to. Finally, I decided to go for the Merrily On High blaster, which boasts a fragrance combination of frankincense and myrrh. Decorated with gold glitter and a beautiful Christmas ornament - things couldn't really get more festive! 

I was really impressed with how quickly (and well packaged) my bath blaster came. It arrived well within a week, and sat nestled in a bed of air-filled bags. All the decoration was in tact and undisturbed, and looked just as lovely as it did in the product image on the website. 


Slipping the blaster into the bath, it fizzed and danced away contentedly, turning the water a warm orange-yellow and filling the bathroom with a soft, spicy and inviting winter fragrance. It was the perfect balance and not at all overbearing, which is something I really appreciated, as some scents for me at the moment can prove just a bit too intense to handle. The glitter dispersed evenly, and was so finely milled that it was barely noticeable in the water. The formulation of the bath blaster itself left my skin soft to the touch, and smelling gorgeous. There was no slimy oiliness left on my skin after bath time was over, and the tub was pretty much as clean as it was before it had met the blaster.

Bath blasters are priced at £2.50 and I think the quality you get is just incredible. SoapBombs is a family-run business, and the passion they have for bath and pamper products is clearly seen from the selection they have on their website. It's like bringing a little piece of luxury into your bath routine, and there are just so many designs and scents to choose from. Perfect as a Christmas present, stocking filler, or as a cheeky little something from you to you, I can honestly say that I think I've been introduced a new little hidden gem and I can't wait to order more from the website. Not only offering bath products, SoapBombs offer home fragrances, soaps, candles and skincare too....

Goodbye bank balance!

To browse the SoapBombs shop, click here

* I was very kindly given the opportunity to select a bath blaster from to review free of charge. This does not affect my opinions. They are always 100% honest and guided by my experiences.


An Alcohol Free Alternative For Fizz Fans | Just Add Ginger

Tesco Finest Alcohol Free Pinotage review- Just Add Ginger

It's really no secret that I am a girl who loves her fizz. A discovery I made in my later twenties, I am a true appreciator of a fine prosecco or bottle glass of champagne. That was until I found myself with a growing child in my belly and unable to pop the cork on a cracking set of bubbles on a Friday night. And whereas I could treat myself on the very rare occasion, with Christmas and my 30th birthday approaching in the next few months, I want to save the two drinks I'm allowing myself for then.

I didn't even realise Tesco stocked alcohol-free offerings until last week, when MG called to let us know that she had found some alcohol free fizz during the weekly shop that she would save until we came down. Sufficiently intrigued, I awaited Saturday evening to roll round so that I could see just if this discovery would live up to the real thing.

Image: c/o Tesco

Having picked up both the Pinotage Blush and the Chenin Blanc from the Tesco Finest range, MG let me decide which to sample first as we sat down around the dining table that evening. Opting for the blush (the colour looked too tempting) and glass in  hand, as soon as the bubbles started to pop, I started to wonder just if this would fool me and be an apt substitute for what had been one of my guiltiest pleasures. I've tried alcohol free variations before and nothing has blown me away, so you can imagine how dubious I was stepping in to this experiment. 

When it comes to rosé I am normally a fan of the sweeter varieties, and the pinotage blush definitely hits you from the get go with a fruity fragrance, Not just tasting of grape, there is something behind it that rang slightly of a Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa that I adore but they unfortunately no longer seem to stock anywhere. This made my taste-buds very happy, although, after a few sips, I was still unable to quite place what it was I was tasting. Irregardless of this, it was really rather like drinking fruit juice. Glass after glass went down so well that if this had have been alcoholic, I would have been pickled very quickly. There was no snap and bite that I find with "normal" prosecco or champagne, which I must say I did miss a touch. When it came to the flavour, there was just a little something missing. 

However, there were bubbles by the dozen. Had I been at a party or get-together where I didn't want to feel left out, this definitely would have delivered. On the outset you couldn't tell this was alcohol free. It still looked like a little glass of luxury. And from an aesthetic perspective, the bottle looked really fancy too - sleek and chic, with the recognisable Tesco Finest typography and a cork to pop for an extra touch of extravagance. 

Although I wasn't 100% blown away by the pinotage blush, it served as an enjoyable alternative, and would be perfect for anybody (pregnant or otherwise) who does not or cannot drink. We've saved the chenin blanc for Christmas, and I am really intrigued to see if the white variation brings out that crispness that always takes my breath away with prosecco or champagne. Because that is something -especially after a testing day - that I do still miss. 

Both drinks are currently listed as unavailable on the Tesco website, but keep your eye out online or in-store for them if you'd like to give them a try too!