June 2012 Favourites

Bonjour Universe! 

It's the 30th June today, and that can mean only one thing....


(May be a bit premature for this, but I feel really motivated this morning!) 


YSL Mascara - Here it is again, my new faithful mascara friend. I can't believe it's lasted me so long, and it still makes my lashes look full, voluminous, and luscious!

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser - Since I've been back from Canada, I have been participating in a self-made "No make up challenge". No make up wearing to work, to the shops, NOWHERE! Just cleansing and moisturising. My skin is really sensetive, and the Simple range is really kind to skin, and leaves my face feeling soft, supple, and generally lovely! 

Soap & Glory Girligo - Still loving this...It smells just like sweets, and is light and moisturising. This bottle is actually a repurchase, and I'm nearly out already!! 

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly - Slightly more perfume-y than Girligo, but just as yummy smelling (MORE like sweets if anything!) I have been using this as a perfume rather than a body spray, and it really makes me feel like I smell nice, and the staying power is AMAZING! 

Urban Decay Naked Palette - It took me AGES to get a hold if this, but I've been an avid fan ever since. Even though I've been wearing zero make up on a day to day basis, when I'm going out at night, I like to use neutral shades to highlight my tearduct, and create a semi-smokey eye, and the Naked palette has all I need (although Coastal Scents comes in at a close second! 


Pride & Prejudice - I know that everybody thinks of the Colin Firth version of this when they hear Pride & Prejudice, but I actually prefer the earlier BBC version better. My Mum used to watch the VHS loads when I was younger, and I just became hooked, and now I've rediscovered my love for it again (who doesn't want to find a Mr Darcy?) They haven't brought it out in the UK, but my Mum found it in the Netherlands, and got it for me as a bit if a surprise a few years ago...LOVE LOVE LOVE....Mmmm....Mr Darcy...*swoon* 

Skyrim - Okay...This game I've only played a few times (it's borrowed from a friend), but it is AMAZING!! I love any game to do with fantasy, or a "quest-y" type set up, and Skyrim is great for that....it never ends!!! There are so many things you can do/be/go/see...and the graphics...OMG! I watch it and literally think I'm back in Canada!! 

Deep Space 9 - I have a confession to make.....

I am a bit of a Trekkie...

DS9 more specifically. Out of all the Star Treks they have made, it is above all my favourite. I can watch episodes back to back and not get bored...there are some of the best characters ever in DS9 (Quark being one of my special faves). 

Yes, I am a little bit of a Geek....but I love it!!! 


Summer Brights - This season, I've decided to really go for it colour wise...there are so many amazing colours out there that I've never dared to wear before. But I thought now's the perfect time to be brave before the Autumnal tones start filtering in to the high street...

These are some of my favourite (and brightest) pieces. I've not showed too much because two of them are for an upcoming haul I'm going to do, but it gives you an idea of just how bright I've gone! 

I'm very proud of myself!! 

White Cardigan - My Summer staple-to-be. You have seen it before in OOTDs. My white H&M cardigan is going to be perfect if there are chilly Summer evenings, and carries on with the colour theme, as when the weather is nice, I don't like to feel bogged down in black....it makes you feel a bit down I think, wearing black in the lighter months!

Sites & Blogs 

Saloca in Wonderland - If you are a fan of Disney, you really need to check out this blog. Created by one of my friends, it is a hub of Disney knowledge, info and reviews! I've only ever been to Disneyland Paris, but reading Saloca's blog makes me want to book the next flight over to the USA! 

SprinkleofGlitter - A lot of you may know Louise...not only a blogger, she has a YouTube channel too - click here! I think her posts and videos are always so much fun to watch, and she nearly always has me in fits of laughter! If you don't know about her, I think you need to head into the SprinkleofGlitter world! 

So, there you are, my June Favourites. I hope you get something from them....even just a bit more of an insight into the inner workings of the Ginger that is me! 

On another note...I've been thinking of doing a "Get to Know Ginger" post....what do you think?!

Happy Saturday Everybody!!!


Cook with Ginger: Pasta Perfection

Bon Soir Universe! 

After putting it off for nearly a week, today I embarked on my first giant home-cooking session since I got back from my holiday! 

Shocking...I know! 

At lunchtime, I cooked a recipe found in Jamie's 30 Minute Meals . 

I had it on good authority that it is an amazing dish... 

And it did not disappoint!! 

Yes...I am aware that it doesn't look very appetising at this point (a bit like mush), but stay with me!

I've added tomatoes now - much better colour!! By this stage it smelt amazing too!! 

Et Voila!!! 

There was loads left over after my lunch, so I'm saving it for tomorrow to take round to my friend's house to eat!

I'm sure there's a video on the internet somewhere with this recipe (Jamie Oliver did a TV series in the UK based on his book.) 

I was so impressed, I had to Instagram! 

I'm @gingerjax if you are want to follow me!

If you like pasta, and quick lunch ideas, you definitely need to try this dish!! 

Happy Cooking Everybody!! 


Making Blueberry Muffins | Just Add Ginger

Just Add Ginger blog

Just Add Ginger blog

I am feeling really content this evening...I'm really chilled out, I'm going to have a bath later. Life is good! 

At the weekend, I made some blueberry muffins to share with one of my friends. They were a bit of a "thank you" bake, and they turned out great. Using a recipe from a book I have at home, this was my first time making these, and although I'm not the biggest blueberry fan, they were actually really tasty....that says a lot! 

Just Add Ginger blog

After this week, I REALLY need to start eating healthier....the repercussions of being on holiday are starting to take its toll! 

If you have any healthy recipes, let me know!! 


Cook with Ginger: Black Bean Beauty

Bonjour Universe! 

Today has been absolutely MAD, and it's not even 1pm yet! 
What is going on!? 

I have good news....

I have a card reader again! 


So, here is the post I wanted to put up yesterday....it's here, finally!!!

On Saturday, I decided to try out a black bean dish...I fell in love with the sauce when I was away and was itching for another taste! 

It was so easy to make! Literally all I did was get some diced chicken, chopped some mushrooms and onions, bought some Straight-to-Wok noodles and some Black Bean sauce and threw it all together with some salt and pepper! 

The results were AMAZING!!! 

Browning off the chicken and onions

Add the mushrooms and sauce

Add the noodles and allow to simmer

Et Voila!!! 

This dish is going to quickly become my new obsession!!!

Seriously, you need to try it!! 

Happy Cooking!


An Unexpected Surprise!!

Bon Soir Universe!

My parents came to visit me today, and look what they brought up for me....all of this amazing chocolate!! Soooo tasty!

It's going to be a good weekend!!

OOTD: 23/06/12

Bonjour Universe!

Today is going to be quite a busy day in the life of Ginger. I'm up early because my parents are coming over to see me and deliver back the rest of my holiday clothes. 

I'll have socks! Yay! 

Then, this evening, one of my best friends is coming over for a veg night (veg as in chilling out....not vegetable related fun!) 

Last night, I had a complete girly moment and watched "Eclipse"....

Definitely Team Edward! 

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!!! 


" 7 Things"

Bonjour Universe!

I am still SO tired...I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get over this whole jet lag situation! 

It's driving me up the wall! 

Today, I've decided to post about something I've decided to do over the next month... 

I was browsing through my blog feed the other day, and I came across this gem of a post from sprinkleofglitter. 


I think it's such a good idea, and will really give me the motivation I need to get myself in gear and sort myself out! There are things that I've been needing/wanting to do for so long, but never got round to/couldn't be bothered...etc...so yeah! 


Here are my 7 things! 

1) Cook something new! 
I love to cook, but ALWAYS rely on the same dishes each time I do my food shop. 

It's time to break the mould!| 

2)Lie in more! 
A little bit of a "me me me" one, but I never give myself the opportunity to lie in at the weekend. I'm up early everyday at the start of the week, so goodness knows I need the sleep at the weekend! 


3)Take up a new hobby! 
I need more variety in my life. Investigation into possible hobbies needed... 

Any ideas? 

4) Do a kind deed! 
I have lots of lovely, caring people in my life who do loads of lovely, kind things for me. It's time to give back and do something really special for my beautiful friends who do so much for me! 

5) Reconnect with an old friend
Friendships are precious. 

That's something I've definitely learnt lately! 

It's time to rekindle some of the friendships I've had in the past, and carry them into the future! 

6) Plan a gathering! 
Who doesn't like a good ol' knees up?? 

(Especially when the weather is lovely and there may be Pimms involved?)

7) Have a pamper night 
Girls, we should be treated like the princesses that we are. 

I'm going to plan an awesome night of girly fun and pampering for some of my besties so that they know I'm always here for them if they need me. 

We all need to stick together, don't we? 


There are my 7 things! I'll keep you updated on how I get on. 

If you don't know sprinkleofglitter, you should check her out - she's an amazing blogger/youtuber!! 

And if you want to get involved in "7 Things", the details are on her blog! 

Here's the link again.. 


I'm off to get some chilli!! 

Until Next Time...