The Perfect Winter LBD* | Just Add Ginger

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every girl needs the perfect little black dress in her wardrobe.

Finding just the right dress that will see you through a whole host of seasonal events can be one of the biggest investments you'll make. If like me you are not shy to the idea of having pieces in your possessions that you aren't afraid to recycle (a concept that Kate Middleton has down to an effortless art) then there are a lot of different factors to consider before taking the plunge. Is it fit for purpose? Could you take it out to dinner but at the same time cut a rug together as the night goes on? And most importantly - does it make you feel good?

simply be black lace maxi dress

Many a trusty little black dress have come and gone from my wardrobe as the years have gone by, but as I've gotten older and my body shape has changed I find myself being a lot more selective in my choices. Gone are the days where hem lines caused me no qualms, and now that I have my brand new set of mummy-curves to take into account, I need a dress that will show them off without making me feel uncomfortable. So when Simply Be kindly offered me the chance to receive some pieces to feature on the blog, it was without hesitation that I chose this dress.

simply be black lace maxi dress

With all the drama of a full skirt but the ease of a lightweight fabric, the instant I slipped into this dress I felt like I had found The One. Ever a fan of the more romantic styles I loved the pretty lace detailing, which not only featured as a full sleeve (ideal for those of us who like to keep this part of us covered) but also helped soften the plunging neckline, seamlessly creating a top that is the perfect balance of sophistication and sex appeal.

simply be black lace maxi dress

The beauty of this dress is that the design speaks for itself. And with such a statement style there is no need to really accessorise. Put it on and you already have an outfit that is guaranteed to create a buzz wherever you go. A quick dash of a deep red or brown lip coupled with a fresh eye look and your favourite clutch is all you need for a look that is as daring as it is demure. .

It's also a style I think a lot of women will feel fabulous on - the halter neck design and a-line, billowing skirt mean that it is flattering to a majority of body types, nipping you in at the waist and creating a flirtatious feminine shape - very Marilyn-esque! The panels of lace in the bottom not only offers a little cheeky peep of skin but also help elongate the leg, which if you're a bit short in the gams, is perfect.

simply be black lace maxi dress

simply be black lace maxi dress

Having searched for a brand for so long that really understands women, having worked with Simply Be it's pretty clear that they really know their demographic. And I think they have nailed it with this maxi dress. Comfortable, chic and classic, this dress made me feel like the heroine of my own romance novel and I didn't want to take it off. 

If you're shopping around for an lbd that makes you look and feel like a goddess, I don't think you need to look any further. This dress that will be your perfect plus one to any evening event where both daiquiris and dancing are on the menu. 

Got a little black dress you love to swish around the dance floor? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Dress*: Simply Be

Cleated Chelsea Boots: H&M (old) 

Lipstick: Kat Von D (Prayer)

* I was very kindly gifted this dress by Simply Be in return for writing this post. This does not affect my opinions. They are always 100% honest and influenced by my own personal experiences. For more details please see my disclaimer.


Aqua Sana Spa At Sherwood Forest Center Parc | Just Add Ginger

I think there comes a point in your relationship when you realise that you have got so caught up in the chaos of everyday life that you need to take a step back and spend some quality time together. This moment for us came when we took a trip to Sherwood Forest in December. We were both knackered (Eric had been going through a bit of sleep regression) and stressed out. And because of this, we were just getting on each others nerves. There came a point during our week away where I had just had enough. It was time for us to chill the f*ck out, and I knew just the place to go.

 Having visited the Aqua Sana before, I knew it would be the perfect place to unwind. The last time we were at Sherwood Forest they were working on a big refurb. The new space promised bigger and better facilities, with two floors and six spa zones offering a whopping twenty five spa experiences! We arranged for Eric to be looked after, and on the Thursday morning we headed to the Aqua Sana for a three hour session of pure relaxation. 

Stepping into the spa was like stepping into another world. No phones, no TV, no internet......just absolute calm and quiet. It was blissful. Our first port of call - Sole Therapy. An area zoned off by glass walls filled with individual foot spas. Having remembered how relaxing an experience this was from our trip to the Aqua Sana at Woburn Forest, we knew this would be the perfect way to ease ourselves in to our visit. The seclusion of the area gave us enough time and space to clear the air with each other and start afresh. 

Our next stop was the heated outdoor pool. Based in the centre of the spa complex, the pool is entirely secluded in what I can only describe as a hidden grove. It feels like you are swimming in a Roman palatial garden, with foliage decorating the pool surround and hanging down from the balcony area above. With jets of water to ease muscular tension and an open jacuzzi at the back, it is the perfect place to both unwind and get in some gentle exercise.

outdoor pool at aqua sana sherwood forest center parcs
Outdoor Pool
nordic sauna at aqua sana sherwood forest center paris
Nordic Sauna
alpine steam room at aqua sana sherwood forest center parcs
Alpine Steam
Wanting to maximise the most of our time, we decided to check out the facilities downstairs before heading to the upper level. Now - I appreciate a sauna and steam room but there's only so much heat I can handle. This isn't an issue at the Aqua Sana - with so many experiences within the one space it is really easy to tailor-make your own visit. And this is what we did. Ryan had pretty much decided that he was going to venture into all the rooms, whereas I wanted to go at my own pace. 

The Nordic Sauna and Alpine Steam based were exactly my cup of tea, and where we investigated next. The Finnish style Nordic Sauna is glass-fronted, looking out into the natural foliage and greenery that Center Parcs is known for. Temperatures range between 80 and 100 degrees and humidity 3 to 15 percent, which both seem a lot but in reality are ideal for those of us who appreciate a toasty sauna experience rather than something that is roasting hot. We spent about 10 minutes here before moving on, which was ample time to feel my muscles start to unwind. With a quick stop at the Rainfall Shower Walk to break up the heat with a blast of cold, we stepped inside the Alpine Steam room. 

Being a self-confessed lazy girl when it comes to maintaining a skincare routine, I was so happy to see that the Aqua Sana had several steam room to try. The Alpine Steam experience however was the only one I ended up using on our visit. With infusions of eucalyptus and menthol, I almost could feel my skin sighing with relief that I hadn't forgotten about it. 

ice cave aqua sana sherwood forest center parcs
Ice Cave
scandinavian snug at aqua sana sherwood forest center parcs
Scandinavian Snug
With Ryan wanting to investigate the other saunas and steam rooms, we took a quick pit stop in the Ice Cave before grabbing our robes and heading into the Scandinavian Snug, where I was planning on planting myself for a bit. 

Well - this area turned out to be one of my favourite aspects of the Aqua Sana. With a large sofa that is perfect for cosying up on, snuggly blankets and footstools scattered around the room, I could have stayed there all day. Magazine in hand, I had every intention of just settling down to doing some reading, but in fact I found the space so relaxing I had a snooze instead. When Ryan came back in to find me, I half jokingly asked if we could replicate the Scandinavian Snug in our back garden. The answer is currently no, but I am not giving up hope just yet! 

Having spent quite a lot of time downstairs, we headed to the first floor - the Forest Canopy - to see what lay in store for us there.

tree top sauna at aqua sauna sherwood forest center parcs
Treetop Sauna
hot tubs at aqua sana sherwood forest center parcs
Hot Tubs
Overlooking a canopy of trees, the upper floor of the Aqua Sana seemed to have been planned with the idea of meditation, reflection and relaxation in mind. With Ryan wanting to head to the Treetop Sauna, I chose to snuggle down in the Deep Relax area - a calming space with water beds and candles that's ideal to plant yourself if you just want to take some time out to relax. Being a busy mum leaves me very little time to just sit and do nothing, so this is exactly what I needed. Finding a single bed tucked away in a corner, I simply lay in the dark and did nothing. And it was heaven. I think my mind completely switched off because I don't even know how long I was there. But I was so calm and contented after getting up that it felt like I was walking on air! 

We spent a little bit more time upstairs before heading back down to have one last swim and see if there was any space in the outdoor hot tubs (which unfortunately there wasn't). Then before we knew it it was time to leave. Rejuvenated, reconnected, and totally relaxed, we headed back, both wishing that we could have stayed just that little bit longer.

Offering everything from spa sessions for Center Parcs guests to spa days, breaks and treatments, the Aqua Sana is the perfect place to unwind. It may seem like a little luxury, but for what we got out of it, I think it was money incredibly well spent. The spa itself is so well thought out that even if one experience is a little busy, there is always something else to use. You never find yourself at a loss. And with such varied facilities, there really is something for everybody, no matter what you want to get out of a spa trip. In the three hours we were at the Aqua Sana, we barely scratched the surface of all there was to do. Being there is like being in a bubble, where time loses all meaning. Because all you know is how relaxed you feel.

With a new year having dawned, there is no better reason to practise some self-care. And if you are in need of a new year getaway or already having a holiday to Center Parcs booked, the Aqua Sana is well worth a visit. With its calming ambiance and vast range of spa experiences, it's the ideal place for ultimate relaxation. And once you've made your first visit, I can guarantee you'll want to go back again.

All images c/o Center Parcs


Heavenly Desserts Liverpool* | Just Add Ginger

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I have a massive sweet tooth. There's nothing that makes me happier than nestling down after a long day and tucking into a plateful of my favourite pud. And when I go out for something to eat, it's always the dessert menu I turn to first. If I spot a sensational sounding sweet I will plan my whole meal around it to make sure I have enough room to give it a try.

heavenly desserts liverpool

As soon as I heard that Heavenly Desserts had opened a branch in Liverpool One, well - you can imagine how elated and intrigued I was. A whole restaurant dedicated to desserts? Oh be still my heart.

With an invitation to come down to Heavenly Desserts to see what it was all about, on a cold afternoon in December Ryan, Baby Eric and I made our way into the city centre. Located next to the Hilton, the restaurant was easy to find, and in the perfect location for both hungry shoppers and sightseers visiting the city. Sitting opposite the Albert Dock the restaurant is perfectly located for looking out at the scenery and twinkling illuminations as you eat. 

heavenly desserts liverpool

heavenly desserts liverpool

Now because I take forever to choose what I want to eat whenever we go out for food, I had tried to plan ahead and look up Heavenly Dessert's menu prior to our visit. However, being unsuccessful, I had no idea just what to expect. But whatever notions were in my head, nothing prepared me for such a vast and varied selection. Perusing the menu, there was so much to choose between -  from cheesecake to cookie dough to milkshakes and pancakes. Maybe this is why Heavenly Desserts choose to not disclose their menu - because as soon as you open it up and turn the pages, all you can think is 'wow'

Heavenly Desserts have really covered all basis with the selection of sweet treats they have on offer so there really is something for everybody. And as well as having pre-designed dishes on the menu, there is also the option to create and build you own dessert, with a range of toppings and accompaniments to really make it your own. So if you really can't decide just what to go for, you can come up with your own creation, adding as much or as little as you like.

heavenly desserts liverpool

heavenly desserts liverpool

Because everything on the menu sounded delicious, Ryan and I decided to choose with the intention that we would share (I'm sure you can guess how well that went). My favourite was definitely the 'Heavenly Desserts Cookie Dough' - fresh, warm, and with a smooth texture that melted in your mouth it barely touched the side of the plate. Ryan was also really impressed with his choice of a waffle with a side of three scoops of gelato. Our final choice - a trio of chocolate pots (white, milk and dark) with accompanying fruits and toppings for dipping - was a lovely complement to everything. 

heavenly desserts liverpool

heaven;y desserts liverpool

Open from 10am to 12.00am most days (1.30am on Friday and Saturday) you can nip into Heavenly Desserts for elevenses, for a mid-shopping snack at the weekends, an early evening treat or a midnight snack. And with so much variety on the menu and the option to tailor make your own desserts there will always be something new to try. 

Taste buds tingling yet? Why not head on down and give Heavenly Desserts a try? With a stylish interior, welcoming ambiance and extensive menu, the only downside you might have is the struggle to decide just which dessert to go for!

* Heavenly Desserts very kindly invited us down and treated us to our meal. This does not affect my opinions. They are always 100% honest and influenced by my own personal experiences. For more details please see my disclaimer.