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If you've been following my blog for a while now, then you will know just how much I love ESPA Skincare. I honestly cannot get enough of this brand, and since switching the majority of my skincare over to them, I have noticed a visible difference in the condition of my face. I'm one of those girls who all the way through high school had horrendous skin - spots upon spots upon spots. In my early twenties, these began to clear, but now that I'm gradually approaching the big 3-0 (shh, don't tell anyone) my skin is still carrying the combination quality, and faint scarring of spots from days gone by. I'm not going to lie, it's really frustrating. 

So when ESPA very kindly sent me their Little Book Of Summer Beauty, I was over-the-moon. My dedication to using their products means that I get through them like nobody's business, and I was nearing the end of my stash! Contained in the beautifully packaged box, contained a hand-picked trio of ESPA's bestsellers - Their Pink Hair & Scalp Mud, the 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser, and the Optimal Skin ProSerum. Oh, my heart skipped a little beat. 

Now, I know, before you say anything - Summer is over (at least if you are in the UK,) so why talk about all this now? Well, just because Autumn has arrived, days get colder, nights get longer and all that jazz, it doesn't mean I don't want to lose my Summer skincare routine. In 6 short months, I'm going to be walking down the aisle, and by gum I want to feel and look my best! 

ESPA Pink Hair & Scalp Mud

I must confess that when I first tried out a sample of this, I didn't quite get the technique right. I applied it to freshly shampoo-ed wet hair, and this meant that the benefits of the mud did not work at all. In fact, it had the opposite effect and made my hair feel a bit lifeless. Lesson learnt: do NOT use this on wet hair. 

Second time around, I applied a thick-ish layer of the mud to my scalp, roots, and ends of my hair. I put it on mid-morning, and let it work its magic until the hours of the early evening. My hair at the time was dry, frazzled, wind-swept, and greasy. I had suffered sunburn on my head whilst away on holiday, and subsequently had flaky skin too (yeah I know right - schexy!) My hair was in dire need of some TLC. 

When it was time to wash the mud off, I massaged it out of my hair under the shower first, then washed again with some shampoo to ensure all the mud was removed. Afterwards, once my hair had dried, it felt sleek, glossy, and all those really annoying back-of-the-head knots that I suffer from had vanished. I was so happy. My scalp always felt so utterly soothed. No flakes, no sore patches. My hair had undergone the care it so desperately needed. 

This product did work wonders for me, but I'll be saving it for times my hair is in serious need of looking after. It's so luxurious a product I don't want to waste it on a whim. For glossy and gorgeous hair maintenance, I'm aiming to apply the mud once ever 4-6 weeks. That way, I can be frugal with my beauty products, and also have a mega girlie pamper evening to look forward to! 

ESPA Optima Skin ProSerum 

Out of the three products, this is the one I am still using. It was a welcome deceptively-sized bottle. Now, I have used the ProSerum before, and this beauty is where I really started to notice a difference in my skin. The colour seemed more balanced, scarring faded, and I generally looked less porcelain and pasty and more glowy. I love this product. 

Application is in pipet form, meaning that you are easily able to control the amount of product you use and where you place it. For me, I use the serum every morning, before I moisturise and put on my foundation. Making sure the pipet is full, I dot some serum around my face, on to my neck, and sometimes my décolleté. It leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth, pampered, and generally prepared for the day ahead. I do sometimes apply the serum at night if I'm noticing my skin starting to look a bit dull, but once a day is usually enough for me. 

Oh - and did I mention it smells amazing? Warm and comforting and luxurious? That definitely gets it triple bonus points in my book!

ESPA 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser

Kissed with the trademark ESPA scent that I have come to love so much, I just cannot seem to part with this tub. It's sitting next to me right now, faint traces of moisturiser still clinging to the sides. It's almost empty, and yet, I'm not ready to say goodbye. 

Before the book arrived, I'd not used an ESPA moisturiser before. But I knew I wasn't likely to be disappointed....and I wasn't. The 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser was a joy to use, and probably one of the best I've ever tested. Rich but not heavy, and with a consistency that was good for both day and night, I used this religiously. A thinner layer in the morning after applying the ProSerum, and a thicker layer at night to give my skin some night-time loving. I was gutted when I ran out! This is something that will definitely be a pay day purchase. Nothing else could really do it justice. 

ESPA has never let me down. Ever since I tried my very first skincare sample, I have been an absolutely avid fan. The ingredients always work wonders for me, I never have had a reaction - and I have very sensitive skin. And now, with this little gem of a beauty regime in the bag, that summer glow that I forever seek can go with me through Autumn, Winter, Spring, until it's time to crack out the sunnies and swimsuit again. Cos' let's face it, we always deserve a pamper no matter what time of year it is! 

*I was very kindly sent the ESPA Little Book Of Summer Beauty. This in no way affects my opinions. They are always 100% honest, guided by my skin, and experiences using the products.