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Today in the UK, it is Bank Holiday Monday, so naturally I forgot to turn my work alarm off...Hello 8/10am wake up call. FAIL! 

Anywhoo....here is a haul of all the goodies I picked up t'other day in town. Again, please don't think I'm showing off. I just want to share what's out there on the high street at the moment (I've been really impressed.)

Primark Goodies

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These shoes were a bit of a risk, because I can't really wear shoes without straps (my left foot has no arch!) But they are SO comfortable...and they have really good grip so stay on my feets! I don't know what you'd call them. Kind of a cross between a deck shoe, a loafer and a plimsole...

A Ploafdeck?! 

Only issue...because they are stretchy them come up big...I had to buy a size 5 instead of my usual 6, and they are still a teeny bit big on my right foot! 

Just Add Ginger blog

Just Add Ginger blog

You know when you are in a shop, and you pass a garment. Everything goes into slow motion and angels start singing? ...I had that with this top! I LOVE it! It has such a whimsical print, and has STUDS (my current obsession). 

The dipped hem gives an edgy twist, and the top itself is so comfy! Would look good with denim jacket, leather jacket, or drawn in at the waist with a belt. I might even try wearing it with some denim shorts and tights for the Winter. Can see this being really versatile!

Just Add Ginger blog

I absolutely love the colour of this top...can see the maroony-purple coming back for the Autumn/Winter season on the high street. I knew I had to invest the minute I saw it. The hem doesn't quite cover the derrière area, but would look great with jeans or shorts if you don't want to risk it with leggings...but the fabric has stretch, and feels so luxe. Beautiful! 

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This was the first item I picked up on my shopping trip. I saw the silhouette, the full shirt, and in my basket it went! I'm one of the those really excitable people who likes to spin around to make my skirt swing out, and this dress does not disappoint. There is a zip down the back of the dress, which makes the top really fitted, and the skirt flare out more. It's the kind of dress that you could wear day to night, style up or down, and is flattering for all body types...You can't go wrong really! 

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 I've saved my favourite until last. I love, love, love this dress! The contrast piping and collar as well as the print itself are just stunning. And it's such a flattering shape too. (It did come with a belt, but I took it off...I'm not a huge fan of Primark belts...the sizing is a bit strange!) The dress is double layered, so if, like me, you have broader shoulders, you may want to try a size bigger, because you might find the arm holes a bit tight. But this dress is so gorgeous. I went to my friend's house yesterday, and wore this dress. Everyone was shocked when I said it was from Primark. 

Seriously, go and check out Primark! They have so many amazing clothes at the moment. I've been so impressed with the quality and design too! Definitely beats the recession blues when you can treat yourself to lots of lovely things without breaking the bank! 

Well done Primark! 


Just Add Ginger blog

Just Add Ginger blog
"Angel" Frost Lipstick

Popped my MAC cherry at last! 'Angel' is a frosted pinky nude that looks like it's going to be perfect to wear for day or night out looks - I can't wait to give it its first outing.

Shopping the high street and looking for good pieces goes to show that you can still treat yourself from time to time without breaking the bank. 

All hail the high street! 


Beauty by Ginger: Popping my MAC cherry!

Hello Everyone! 

Yesterday, I went into town to do some shopping...out of all the things I knew I wanted to buy, I knew I wanted to pick up a MAC lipstick! 

MY first MAC product EVER....Ahhhh!!! 

I had to ask for help, because I had no idea what I was doing and didn't want to get it wrong and pick a colour I hated. The sales assistant swatched me some colours, and I picked this one. The shade is "Angel", and is a lovely frosty neutral colour with a pinky undertone. Hopefully it's quite long lasting - I don't really get the chance to touch up my make up during the day. The formula is meant to be quite moisturising too, so should be perfect with Autumn about to creep in. 

Chapped lips are not sexy!

I've waited so long for a MAC lipstick, and never could justify it before because I was usually a balm-and-go kinda girl. But for £14 I think it's well worth the investment now!

I'll definitely be trying and testing this out constantly for the next few weeks to see if it;s everything I dreamed it would be. 

And I might frame my first MAC shopping bag too! 

Ginger x


Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Varnish | Just Add Ginger

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Left: 55 "Bright Lights", Right:  57"Neon Art
I know it's been a while since I did a review, but today I have one for you that I am really excited about. This product has been one of my best beauty finds from the year so far. I just had to share it with you! 

Collection 2000's Hot Look Fast Dry Nail Varnish range!

As you know, I always need nail varnishes that are fast drying because I use my mouth to paint my nails. I completely stumbled upon this range by chance in Boots just before I went to Germany, and I'm not going to look back. 

The nail varnishes retail for only £1.79 (Boots online price)!! That was a huge part of the appeal. I always try to be really careful with my money, and usually buy my nail varnishes from online sellers as they are cheaper. You'd think that for £1.79 the varnish would be rubbish...but it really isn't.

I bought "Bright Lights" first, and was so impressed by the formula. It's so smooth, it glides on your nails really easily, and has great pigmentation. 

The varnish really is fast drying too...not even taking 60 seconds...again, a HUGE plus for me! I did 2 coats of the nail varnish, plus a top coat to seal the deal, and the polish stayed on - without chipping - for my entire holiday - this never happens to me! 

The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the width of the brush in "Bright Lights". It was really thick, and unless you have really wide nails, it will be a little bit tricky to manoeuvre. 

But that was my only negative. This nail varnish is an absolute bargain find, and for a drugstore brand, Collection 2000 has hit the nail on the head completely! 

There are about 30 shades in the nail varnish range too, so Fast Nails covers a variety of shades....taking you through from Summer to Winter. 

If you're on a budget, and looking for some great nail colours, definitely check Hot Looks out! I'll definitely be investing in some more!