Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Him)

Anniversary Gifts

On 1st May, Boyfriend & I will have been together for one whole year. 

I can hardly believe it. Where has this year gone? 

Because it's our first anniversary of "togetherness," I knew I wanted to get him something special. And of course, me being me, I couldn't wait to give him his gift... 

...So he's already got it. 

I think a first anniversary gift should be something memorable, or that can be turned in to a memory. When it came to deciding what to get Boyfriend, I knew exactly what to do (don't worry it's one of the ideas above!) But I thought that for those of you out there who may need a bit more help, that I'd put together a list of my top 5 gift ideas for your guy on your special day. 

1. A Jar Of Love: This is what I made for Boyfriend. The concept is simple. A jar of love is a symbol of all the things that make up your love and affection for the person that you are with. I bought a simple mason jar from a local shop, and filled it with notes of what I love about Boyfriend, inside jokes we have, memories we share....So that when he is having a shitty day, or there are times when we are away from each other, he can pull out a "love note" and read it. It's a really inexpensive, but really personal way of expressing your love, and means that he always knows he is in your heart.

2. Going Away: Planning a trip so that you and your other half can spend quality together time is a perfect way for you to celebrate your relationship. Especially if you don't see each other that much. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip. It could be a day out at a museum, a picnic, a weekend away....Tailor it to your budget. Boyfriend and I are actually doing this as our big anniversary celebration and having a staycation in Liverpool the weekend after our actual anniversary date. Time together is precious. And with a weekend away or day out, a heap of new couple-y memories can be made. 

3. Dressing Gown: Some of you might think this is a bit of an old man gift, but I believe in the power of a really cosy, good quality dressing gown. They come in all different shapes and sizes and a good one can last you years. And every time your man goes to wear it he will think of you (especially of you give it a quick spritz of your perfume beforehand.) 

4. Watch: Like the dressing gown, I think watches can be a great gift. Especially because they are an accessory that can be worn with anything. Getting a beautiful statement timepiece is wonderful. But it's even more personal if you get it engraved with a message. It could be a special date. It could be a quote. Heck it could even be a stupid made up word or phrase you share. Whatever it is, make it personal to your relationship. That way every time he put it on, he think of you and the time you share together...! 

5. Tickets: Does he love a particular band? Want to see a certain show? What better way than to make it an experience you can share together. It may not be going to see someone you've ever heard of, but by sharing something that he enjoys, you are understanding more of his world. I bought Boyfriend Brit Floyd tickets in the summer, knowing not much about Pink Floyd music and now I love them. Every time I hear a Pink Floyd song I'm taken back to being at that gig and seeing how much Boyfriend was loving being there. Those memories are priceless! 

What would you recommend as a first anniversary gift? 


How I Paint My Nails

Last Sunday, I posed a video on my Just Add Ginger YouTube channel about the way that I paint my nails; the next video in my One-Handed Ways series

Being able to find a way to paint my nails has give n me so much pride in my abilities. It was a long road of discovery, and I wanted to make a video to help inspire others to find a way to overcome obstacles in their lives and achieve something they may have thought impossible. 

If you know of anybody who would find this video useful, please spread it around. 

We all have the capability to do all that we dream of. We all just need to believe in ourselves.

More One-Handed Ways Videos: 
Hairstyles (Medium Hair): http://youtu.be/Oym3mpgqDHU 
Making The Bed: http://youtu.be/PBMZ1h9jx1Q


Beauty by Ginger: Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Dryer 2400

 Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Dryer 2400

When it comes to hair styling tools, I'm not that great at keeping up with the technological times. The last I had a new pair of straighteners was about 6 years ago, and I had an old hand-me-down hair-dryer that I once shared with MG. It's not that I'm against styling tools, but with so many being out there on the market, I wouldn't know where to start! 

So, imagine my delight, when, at the NorthWest Bloggers Event in March, I won myself a shiny new hair-dryer in the raffle. I couldn't wait to bin my old battered hair-dryer and take this one for a spin. 

The Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Dryer 2400 (try saying that quickly) comes with the hair-dryer, a concentrator nozzle, and a large thermal brush to help achieve a smooth and voluminous finish to your hair when blow-drying.  The hair-dryer claims to use "ionic conditioning" technology which helps banish frizz and achieve sleek and manageable hair. 

I waited to use the dryer until I knew I had a good chunk of time to toy around with the features. I am currently on a two week break from work, so it made perfect sense to test it out before I went off on my jollies. After washing my hair, and giving it a quick one-over with a towel, I un-boxed the dryer and hit the ON switch....

...and was nearly blasted across the bedroom. I cannot believe just how powerful this tool is. And I only had it set on the lowest speed level! The small little dryer definitely packs one hell of a punch. That or my old hair-dryer was a bit steaming pile of poop. 

The heat levels are also incredibly strong. The highest heat setting I could barely use, so I stuck to alternating between the cool and second heat setting. I had a quick look at the Instructions for Use page in the manual before I tested out the concentrator nozzle - I wouldn't have had a clue what to do otherwise - and messed around styling my hair as it dried. The styling guidance in the manual I think it a really well-thought out touch. If, like me, you don't have a clue when it comes to styling your hair with a dryer, it really gives you some good tips and tricks on how to use the heat settings, speed settings, and the nozzle.  

I managed to dry all my hair in about 20 minutes. Which is amazing. I may not have the longest hair any more but buy is it still thick. My hair felt big and bouncy, and I honestly felt like I had just come out of a salon. The dryer is a great compact size, so is great not only for every day use and easy storage, but for travel too. I can easily wedge it between my knees to help direct the air flow, so styling is a lot easier compared to bigger, more cumbersome hair-dryers *looks over at banished old dryer.*

I love everything about the Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Dryer 2400. The packaging and product design is super-chic, the hair dryer is a superhero tool, and the brush and nozzle are a welcome addition. For such a cute little dryer, it has certainly made a lasting impression.


Changing Back to Cilest | Just Add Ginger

Changing back to Cilest - Just Add Ginger blog

Disclaimer: I have been thinking about writing a post like this for a while now. But I wasn't really sure how to go about it. Would it be too much information? Would people want to know? But, after talking it through with Boyfriend I think it's really important that I share my experiences with you. Woman to Women
So this is a big fat disclaimer. THIS POST IS ABOUT CONTRACEPTIVES AND WILL BE VERY HONEST. If you do not want to read this post, click off now, I will absolutely understand.

The first method contraceptive I was ever put on was Cilest. It was when I was 18. I think it was at the time I was about to go to Australia on holiday, and then after would be heading off to university. As a teenager, when it was my time of the month, things in my "women's department" had always been a bit on the heavier side. I needed something to not only protect me, but that would also help to lighten the issue of...dare I say it....*whispers* being on my period. 

Cilest runs on a 21 day pill cycle....you take one pill every day for 21 days and then have a 7 day break. Once you work out your schedule, it's a really simple process to follow.  

And, for a number of years, being on Cilest really worked for me. Periods were a lot more manageable, I was very good at keeping on track with popping my pill every day (give or take an hour or two.) I was happy. 

But then, after finishing university, and in my early-twenties (2009,) I decided I wanted something a bit more long-term that I didn't have to think about. That would keep me protected from any unwanted buns in my oven, and that would quite happily do its independent thing. I made the decision to go on the implant. And being on the implant suited me really well. I didn't have to worry about taking anything, my periods virtually became non-existent, and I didn't experience any weight-loss or weight-gain. My body stayed pretty balanced, and I could go about my life day-to-day, knowing that I had a little friend in my left working for me, keeping my body & hormones in check. 

I had my second implant put in in 2012. It was perfect timing. I was just about to go off to Canada/America on an epic two week adventure. I didn't want to be worrying about having to take a pill every day when I could potentially be battling bears and wandering through the wilderness. Having the first implant removed and the second one put in was - I'm not going to lie to you - horrendous. I'm not the best with needles or sharp objects. They really make me freak the hell out. And because the implant had been put in my left arm, it was all the more traumatising. They numbed my arm, so I couldn't feel anything, but I had to keep my arm still, which was an issue in itself. MG had to basically hold my arm down while a little incision was made and the first implant taken out. Then the second implant had to be put in. I asked her what it was like to watch afterwards, and she said it "wasn't so bad after watching so many episodes of Holby City"....Take what you will from that.

But, after it was put in, and I had a few days healing time, everything went back to normal and I had no issues. I had no periods at all this time. Which I was fine with...to start.... 

...Until it had been in for about a year and a half (maybe a bit more.) After I turned 26 I had a bit of a life-review and made some serious alterations. I was on the road to self-improvement. Very happy And I had met Boyfriend. I knew that I was where I waned to be, and I really focused on myself. Boyfriend and I didn't hang about. In December 2013 we moved in together, and I started to think that he very much could be The One.

Boyfriend and I don't hold anything back in our relationship. If there is an issue. We discuss it. Especially medical ones. So, when one day, I randomly started spotting, he was the first one I spoke to. After not having anything for nearly 5 years, when you see blood, you are naturally going to be alarmed. I didn't have a clue what was going on, and I was really worried. It made me realise, being on the implant for so long meant that I had no idea what was going on in my Women's Department. All I knew was that I was bleeding. And that could mean anything. I was scared. 

Fortunately I was okay. But Boyfriend and I talked again and I decided I wanted rid of the implant. I had had enough. So, a few months ago, MG and I went and I got it taken out. Not only would it mean that I could get my body in to a pattern and be more aware of what was happening, but it was also a less invasive means of contraception. If, in the future, I wanted to come off it, I would not have to be sliced and diced.  The procedure was no less traumatising. Afterwards I was really, really shaking. Together with the Dr I saw, I was put back on to Cilest

I think I had to wait a few days before I could start taking Cilest, and for that time period I was fine. Boyfriend was really understanding, and I was feeling pretty confident that I had made the right decision. 

Until the nausea started. I can't exactly remember when it was, but it was really, really bad. To the point were just looking or smelling food would set it off. I will always remember how it started. I was cooking a paella and some garlic mushrooms, went to dish them out, took one look at them and felt the sickest I have felt in as long as I can remember. And the nausea lasted for a good few weeks. I went off certain foods in that time (black pudding being one....still don't really like it.) And sometimes just thinking about food would send me in to a state of wanting to vomit. Boyfriend was starting to worry. And me. We both had the same "Baby?!" thought. It was a really unsettling time. 

After sitting down, taking a test to reassure ourselves, and talking it through, we knew it was to do with my hormone levels. Making the change back to Cilest had sent them haywire. Because even when the nausea was subsiding, I had really tender boobs. To the point where even wearing a bra would drive me crazy. I was achy, I was feeling sick, and I wasn't happy. After doing some reading and research, I knew that I couldn't give up. I have a 3 month trial pack, so I'd be going back to the Dr at the end of that anyway. All the concerns and worries that I still had I could discuss then. 

I'm just about to embark on my final pack of Cilest. And after two months of taking it, my hormone levels are almost settled. Compared to being on the implant, I do notice when I'm about to have my "week off." I have more pronounced mood swings, my boobs get more achy, and my skin breaks out. That's something I'm still trying to control. All the spots appear on my chin, so I know it's hormonal, but I haven't had breakouts this bad in years so it does knock my confidence at times. Nauseous feelings have completely gone (although I never want to see paella or garlic mushrooms again) and I'm in to a good pattern of taking my pill each day (before work in the morning/first thing when I wake up.) 

It hasn't been an easy road, but now that things have become more balanced, I am really glad I made the switch back. If anything it makes me feel better knowing that in the future, there is not a scalpel and freaking-out session awaiting me. 

I would say that if you are thinking or going on a method of contraception/change your contraception, speak to your GP or go to a Sexual Health Clinic and talk to somebody to find the best method of contraception for you. The same won't be the best for everybody and you need to talk through the options available. 
* These are only my own personal experiences of making the switch from implant to Cilest. Side effects will vary from woman to woman so do not assume you will experience the same as me. I am sharing my journey so far to give a totally honest approach to what happened to me personally. 


Golden Egg Bath Ballistic by Lush | Just Add Ginger

Lush Golden Egg Bath Ballistic

On my latest trip to Lush Spa Liverpool, I decided it would be a good idea to test out some of their Easter goodies before it was too late. I am going to be in Amsterdam with Boyfriend on Easter Sunday/Monday and, although there is a Lush branch there, I could not risk being away, not venturing in to the store, then coming home to find all the Easter line gone. 

That would just be a disaster. 

As soon as I saw the Golden Egg Bath Ballistic I knew one had to come home with me. For those of you who know your Roald Dahl,  can you guess what looking at it made me think of? Something coated in that much glitter just cannot be ignored. Especially when you are a sparkle magpie like me (or a Sparklepie?!) In to a bag it was plopped, and I took it home with an internal grin, knowing that it was going to make my bath a very magical one indeed. 

The scent of Golden Egg drew me in too. Sweet, but not overpowering, it reminded me of the smell of Honey I Washed the Kids (which - consequently - was the very first Lush product I bought.) I just knew that having this in the bath would be a sure-fire way to help me be whisked away in to a land of comfort and relaxation. 

I chose to use it that night (Tuesday.) I knew Boyfriend was going to be out for most of the evening, and therefore could not pass any comment when he saw just how glittery Golden Egg is. I ran myself a very warm bath, and plopped Golden Egg in to the water....

Golden Egg didn't effervesce straight away. Instead, sparkly, glittery clouds began to billow out from the ballistic, and the water turned a happy citrus colour. I felt very regal indeed stepping in to a bath filled with so much glitter. The particles were not big, so instead of sitting in water watching massive chunks of glitter wash by, you stepped into a shimmer bath of joy that wouldn't be out of place in Cleopatra's bathroom (when she was finished bathing in milk.) 

Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb

The fact that bubble mountains filled my bath too also made me very happy. It was something that I was not expecting. I don't even know if it was meant to happen, but I am sure glad it did. Bubbles in baths make them all the more comforting to me. 

After Golden Egg had done a few laps of my bath tub, being pushed along by the current, that's when the fizzing began. The outer layer of glitter vanished and the middle started to ripple out, making the water even more nourishing and gentle on my skin. 

As much as I love Golden Egg, I do have to issue a warning. For those of you who live with somebody who does not appreciate your Lush love affair, the bath ballistic does leave evidence of its presence in the tub.... 

Lush Golden Egg Bath Ballistic

...but, it is no way as tricky as the residue from Soot Ball was to eliminate. With a quick swish around my bath with the shower head, all the glitter was gone and the bath back to normal.

I would happily buy a Golden Egg again. I think it epitomises what it is like to have a royally regal princess bath and is perfect for anybody who wants to completely pamper themselves. And at £3.50, I think it's money well-spent to help show yourself a bit of TLC. 

For more information about Golden Egg, or any other Lush product, visit: 

Have you tried Golden Egg or any other Lush product from their Easter range?


Take Time Out For You

Just Add Ginger

I think that it's really important that when you live with your other half, to not neglect having your "alone time." Just because you live together it does not mean that you need to constantly live out of each other's pockets and be around each other 24/7. If you do, this is when tensions can arise. Having time to yourself is of major importance because not only does it mean that you are still taking time out to do the things that you enjoy, but that the time you spend with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is all the more special. 

The last thing you want to do when you're living with your partner is to end up resenting them! 

Boyfriend and I are in a position where on a day-today basis, we don't really know how much we are going to see each other. Last year, over the summer, we barely saw each other once a week. He is a very clever thing and was off at university working extremely hard on finishing his PhD. He needed that time to focus. And I 100% respected that. He called the shots on when we saw each other. It had to be that way. 

And now that we live together, the dynamics have changed again. We both work. But our schedules are completely different. I'm on regular hours that don't ever change. And he can be working anything from 8 to 12 hour days (sometimes more.) The time we spend together is precious. And it means that the time we have apart when neither of us are working needs to be spent taking time out to really relax and focus on the most important people in our lives....us. 

On Tuesday night, Boyfriend was out all day and for most of the evening. So I took the opportunity to have a completely girlie pamper evening. I had been out during the day with a friend, and picked up a few bits to help me indulge my beauty-holic side. 

I ran myself a hot bath, popped in a LUSH Golden Egg bath ballistic and was swept away into relaxation. I picked up a really indulgent Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Orange face mask, and followed up with my brand new LUSH Ultrabland  Facial Cleanser. I switched my phone to silent, and spent a good half an hour soaking all my cares away. 

When I have a bath, I take the opportunity to banish any stresses or problems that I have. If I want to cry, I cry. If I want to sing, I sing, and if I want to laugh, then I just go ahead and let the giggles out. Nobody can hear me. It's my time to just completely be at one with myself. If you're in a relationship and you do live together, you do not want to be bringing your own stresses into the mix. Especially when you don't know how your other half is feeling. Boyfriend is a very intuitive person, and if there is ever something bugging me, even if I don't say anything, he knows. And if I don't want to talk about it. He really takes it to heart. And that makes me feel awful. He thinks it's something he's done. Which isn't the case at all. Because when it comes to our relationship, we are completely honest with each other when it comes to things that piss us off.

After my bath, I heated myself up some leftover pizza I'd had boxed up from my Pizza Express lunch, and turned the living room into a cinema. I put Frozen on, turned out all the lights, and munched on chocolate chip cookies. And it felt so good. I was relaxed. I was happy. And above all. I was really looking forward to Boyfriend getting home. 

We all need time for just us. It's okay for you to have that time or to ask for that time. Don't feel that just because you live with somebody, you need to dedicate all your time to them and only them. That's not a healthy relationship at all

And it works both ways. Make sure your other half gets their own time Even if it's watching Match of the Day, letting them do their thing in the kitchen (this is one of Boyfriend's favourite ways to de-stress,) or making sure that they have a night out with their friends. Maybe your boy/girl really wants to do something for themselves, but is shy about telling you in case they upset you. Be intuitive and make the move first. Let them know that it's okay to have that time. 

Because the only way we can truly love others, is if we love ourselves first. 

Rose Bubble Bar by Lush | Just Add Ginger

Rose Bubble Bar by Lush

Prior to going away to The Netherlands, I took a little trip in to town to pick up some pre-holiday pamper goodies for myself. A good old pamper in my world is not complete unless there are some Lush bath ballistics or bubble bars thrown in somewhere. 

As soon as I saw Rose Bubble Bar, I knew I had to take one home with me. The design of the bubble bar is similar to that of Comforter, but with a cute little leafy twist. The moment I glimpsed it only one thing crossed my mind....Tale as old as time..... My dream of soaking in the ultimate Princess Bath was about to come true. So into my basket it went. 

The scent of Rose is exactly like Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner with a smash of Rose Jam Shower Gel (Limited Edition release last year) thrown in for good measure. The scent isn't overpowering, but gentle and delicate, the hits of rosy smells tickling your nose and making you feel instantly relaxed. 

Rose Bubble Bar by Lush

What I love so much about Lush bubble bars is that they last more than one bath. Bath ballistics are great fun, and perfect for adding a touch of luxury to a bath when you need a bit of a pick-me-up. Bubble bars are..... one, twice, even three times a product (name that tune) in terms of lasting power. So you get the beautiful bath as well as bank for your buck. 

As soon as I had crumbled half of Rose under warm running water, my Princess dreams came true. The water turned a beautiful baby pink colour, and rose-scented bubbly mountains started swirling around the tub. Ooo it was just heavenly. The water kissed my skin and left it feeling nourished, super-soft and smelling sensational. The scent of the rose once the bar was in the bath was not too strong, so if you're not the biggest fan of florally smells, you needn't worry. 

Rose Bubble Bar by Lush

There is shimmer softly milled in to Rose, but once in the water you barely even notice it. And the residue left at the bottom of your tub is practically non-existent compared to other bath products that contain glitter. Fortunately, Boyfriend fully understands and appreciate my love for Lush, so glitter and shimmer left over from baths is never an issue, but even if your other half isn't a fan, there is no need to panic. 

Yes, there are Lush bubble bars that are bigger and last longer, but Rose is too pretty and delicate a bubble bar not to try, If you are a bath-holic, a Disney fan, and admirer of all things Spring and floral definitely get your hands on one of these before they vanish. They are not going to be around for ever, and at £2.95 for a bubble bar, why deny yourself a bit of luxury? 

Have you tried Rose Bubble Bar? Or any other bubble bars from Lush? 


Ginger's Fashion: HUGE Pre-Holiday Haul

Just Add Ginger

Since turning 27 in January, I have found that my style has changed. I am more drawn towards a simplistic style. A wardrobe filled with a mix of neutral basics, layering pieces, and clothes that surpass all seasons and last forever is my dream.

So with a holiday approaching, I took myself off to Liverpool One, had a look online, and went out and about around the city and picked up a few clothing, beauty, and miscellaneous items to help me get ready for the trip, and my new outlook on my personal style

Products Shown: 
The Cuckoo's Calling: Robert Galbraith 
Poppet: Mo Hayder 
Essie Nail Polish (Nice is Nice)
Essie Nail Polish (Foot Loose) 
Ole Henriksen Truth to Go Face Wipes 
Primark Grey T Shirt 
Primark Pink Cardigan 
Primark Black V neck T Shirt 
Primark Black Crop Top 
Primark Disney Wash Bag 
Primark Frilly Socks (Assorted Colours)
Primark Black Swimming Costume
Lush Immaculate Eggception Bath Ballistic
Lush Rose Bubble Bar 
Lush Ultrablend Facial Cleanser 

Products Mentions But Not Shown: 
Lush Golden Egg Bath Ballistic

What are staples in your holiday wardrobe/ 


March Monthly Favourites / March Haul

March Favourites & March Haul

I posted these videos a few weeks ago over on my Just Add Ginger YouTube page, but with it having been Boyfriend's birthday, and March being a rather busy month in general, I am only just catching up with myself over here on my little blog. 

Firstly, to my March Favourites. Being such a creature of habit normally, I think I surprised myself in March with how adventurous I had been with trying out new products. I think it's good to embrace change. Throw out the old and let in the new. Especially with it being spring....New life. New starts. And all that jazz! 

And then we come on to my March 2014 Haul

March was a month where I did a lot of wardrobe revamping. I indulged in a little bit of shopping to help spruce up my clothes, replace old and decaying items in my closet, and invest in lots of pretty new things. I don't usually do such a big amount of shopping. Normally I just pick up a few bits here and there, but since turning 27, I'm finding that my style is evolving and changing a bit, and there are things that I own that I just don't wear any more. So, once more, it was embracing the new and banishing the old (and worm to death.)

Have you tried any new products lately you can recommend? 


Ginger's Jollies: Haagen-Dasz (Easter Chocolate Egg Creation)

Ginger's Jollies: Haagen-Dasz

I have pretty much loved ice cream since coming out of the womb. Mama Ginger always has said that ice cream was her biggest craving when I was nestled warmly inside her tummy, so naturally it makes sense that I have grown up with a massive sweet tooth. 

So when Haagen-Dasz contacted me and asked of I would be interested in reviewing their new Easter Chocolate Egg Creation,* I very quickly and very excitedly accepted the invitation. I booked my train tickets to London, rang up Mama Ginger, and on Saturday, after a very small breakfast, we headed down to Leicester Square in great anticipation!

Haagen-Dasz Easter Chocolate Egg Creation
Image Source: Haagen-Dasz (received via email)

Now, you know me, I can't help but be drawn in by the appearance of food. I know that's not always a good thing, but if a dish is laid out looking pretty on a plate, my taste-buds will be instantly tantalised and I will be even more tempted to dig in. 

Before I get in to my experience of the dessert, let me tell you what is involved...

The dessert consists of a dark chocolate egg, filled with vanilla ice cream, and topped with mango sorbet. Additional scoops of mango and raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream surround the egg, as well as a raspberry coulis, and mango and raspberry pieces. The dish is finished off with a piece of Haagen-Dasz branded chocolate.

So when I first took a look at a photo of the Easter creation (above,) I immediately felt a massive surge of excitement. This didn't look like ice cream.....This looked like a little slice of heaven. And at £8.00 for the creation, the dessert isn't shy of prices that you may spend on a simple pudding at a restaurant. Even MG agreed that the price is "very reasonable." 

Ginger's Jollies: Haagen-Dasz

Especially when the dessert actually came out. I don't think we really knew what we were expecting and we both got overwhelmed. It was absolutely massive! MG actually exclaimed as soon as it arrived "it's huge!" It can be hard to gauge portion sizes from promotional photos, but neither MG or I were disappointed. Three generous size scoops of ice cream & sorbet, fresh fruit pieces, lashings of raspberry coulis, and half a standard size dark chocolate Easter egg filled to the absolute brim with vanilla ice cream. 

Oh My Goodness

Tummies instantly rumbled at the sight. You definitely get a portion size worthy of the price.

And, me being me, and taken in by attractive looking food, I really appreciated the layout of the dessert on the plate. Especially the little scoop of mango sorbet placed on top of the vanilla ice cream to resemble a fried egg. With me, it's the little things that bring me joy.

I put a Ginger the Food Critic head on and sampled each of the elements of the dish separately first. The ice cream and sorbet did not disappoint. The ice cream was creamy, and the sorbet jam-packed full of flavour. MG actually said that her favourite part of the dish was (what we think was) the raspberry sorbet. To me, it was a hybrid ice-cream/sorbet creation. But, never having had raspberry sorbet, I'm not sure. Either way, it was really yummy, tasting exactly like raspberry ripple ice cream and taking me back to my childhood days. 

The coulis went exceptionally well with everything. It was the very delicious, fruity, cohesive glue that joined everything together. It wasn't overpowering of any other aspect of the dessert either. And together with the dark chocolate it was a match made in heaven. The chocolate egg by itself was a bit bitter for both MG & me, but the coulis definitely sweetened it up. But had the egg been milk, or even white chocolate, I don't think it would have worked as well with the coulis.

The pieces of mango and raspberry were really fresh and smelt gorgeous. Inhaling the aromas of the fruity aspects of the dessert, as strange as it's going to sound, put me in a really good mood and transported me straight to Summer. 

I think if the dessert had just been ice cream and chocolate based, it wouldn't have had the same impact. But because there was ice cream, fruit, coulis and sorbet, it broke up any sickliness of the dish and made it even more flavourful and seasonal. 

Ginger's Jollies: Haagen-Dasz

I think this photo speaks for itself. MG finished her dessert off, and this is all that was left of mine. I cannot tell you how delicious the Haagen-Dasz Easter Chocolate Egg Creation is. All I can say is that if you are an ice cream lover, you need to go and sample this dessert, and quick! It's on a limited run and is only available until the 25th April, so if you're near London, get down to Leicester Square quick and give this a try. Take it from me - you won't be disappointed. 

(Just don't have much to eat before you visit!) 

Have you tried the Easter Chocolate Egg Creation yet?

For more information about Haagen-Dasz, or to find your nearest branch, visit: 

*I was very kindly sent some Haagen-Dasz vouchers to take myself & a friend to review out the Haagen-Dasz Easter Creation. This will not affect my opinions. They are my own, 100% honest, and true to me and my taste-buds.