Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Him)

Anniversary Gifts

On 1st May, Boyfriend & I will have been together for one whole year. 

I can hardly believe it. Where has this year gone? 

Because it's our first anniversary of "togetherness," I knew I wanted to get him something special. And of course, me being me, I couldn't wait to give him his gift... 

...So he's already got it. 

I think a first anniversary gift should be something memorable, or that can be turned in to a memory. When it came to deciding what to get Boyfriend, I knew exactly what to do (don't worry it's one of the ideas above!) But I thought that for those of you out there who may need a bit more help, that I'd put together a list of my top 5 gift ideas for your guy on your special day. 

1. A Jar Of Love: This is what I made for Boyfriend. The concept is simple. A jar of love is a symbol of all the things that make up your love and affection for the person that you are with. I bought a simple mason jar from a local shop, and filled it with notes of what I love about Boyfriend, inside jokes we have, memories we share....So that when he is having a shitty day, or there are times when we are away from each other, he can pull out a "love note" and read it. It's a really inexpensive, but really personal way of expressing your love, and means that he always knows he is in your heart.

2. Going Away: Planning a trip so that you and your other half can spend quality together time is a perfect way for you to celebrate your relationship. Especially if you don't see each other that much. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip. It could be a day out at a museum, a picnic, a weekend away....Tailor it to your budget. Boyfriend and I are actually doing this as our big anniversary celebration and having a staycation in Liverpool the weekend after our actual anniversary date. Time together is precious. And with a weekend away or day out, a heap of new couple-y memories can be made. 

3. Dressing Gown: Some of you might think this is a bit of an old man gift, but I believe in the power of a really cosy, good quality dressing gown. They come in all different shapes and sizes and a good one can last you years. And every time your man goes to wear it he will think of you (especially of you give it a quick spritz of your perfume beforehand.) 

4. Watch: Like the dressing gown, I think watches can be a great gift. Especially because they are an accessory that can be worn with anything. Getting a beautiful statement timepiece is wonderful. But it's even more personal if you get it engraved with a message. It could be a special date. It could be a quote. Heck it could even be a stupid made up word or phrase you share. Whatever it is, make it personal to your relationship. That way every time he put it on, he think of you and the time you share together...! 

5. Tickets: Does he love a particular band? Want to see a certain show? What better way than to make it an experience you can share together. It may not be going to see someone you've ever heard of, but by sharing something that he enjoys, you are understanding more of his world. I bought Boyfriend Brit Floyd tickets in the summer, knowing not much about Pink Floyd music and now I love them. Every time I hear a Pink Floyd song I'm taken back to being at that gig and seeing how much Boyfriend was loving being there. Those memories are priceless! 

What would you recommend as a first anniversary gift? 

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