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When Boyfriend & I were away at the end of April in The Netherlands, we took a trip back to one of my most favourite places in the world. A beautiful, picturesque theme park in The Netherlands called Efteling
I have been going to Efteling with my parents since I was a teeny-tiny toddling baby, and it's a place that - whenever I go back - I am filled with that childhood excitement and wonder.

One of the things I love so much about it is that it is completely untouched. All of the rides are completely unique to the park, the music is just beautiful, and all of the food and retail outlets have the complete "Efteling stamp." There are no franchises to be found here. Efteling is in its own magical bubble. When you're there, you are away from reality and can just completely relax.

The theme park is really family-oriented. A bit like the way Chessington World of Adventures is in England (minus the zoo.) There are faster rides for the more adventurous theme park go-er, but the majority of rides are inclusive of children and families. Many of the rides also have the means to accommodate those visitors who have additional mobility needs, which gets a huge thumbs up from me.

And even if you aren't keen on theme parks, but want to join in on a day out with your friends and family, Efteling's attention to detail is just phenomenal. The park is filled with beautiful bright-coloured flowers..... animatronics....pretty squares.....talking bins! A big section of the park is Fairytale Land, where there are things to look at, scenes to watch, and music to listen to. So even if you don't want to go on any rides and prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, there are still things to look at and enjoy.

A newer addition to Efteling's list of attractions, is the water/light show Aquanura which takes place just after the park is closed. It is the "largest fountain spectacle in Europe" where water is used to choreograph a dance to the music used throughout the park and on the rides. I've seen the show in the dark and in daylight and it is absolutely wonderful.

Efteling is open for a Winter season, as well as throughout the Spring & Summer and heading on in to Autumn. I have visited the park twice in the Winter and it is even more magical (if that is at all possible!) There has been a huge ice rink, winter decorations, and a plethora of huts outside as you walk around the park selling hot snacks, drinks, as well as my beloved Chocomel. 

I cannot recommend a visit to Efteling enough. I would go back to the park every year if I could, and I prefer it heaps more over Disneyland. Efteling has a more magical feel for me. Maybe because it's one-of-a-kind. Maybe because the style and attention to detail suits me more. Whatever the reason, it's a part of me, and it has a place in my heart that will never, ever die. 

Have you ever been to Efteling? 

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