Z is for Zit Zapping

I have never had the best skin. Growing up, I was one of those teenagers who had a huge amount of spots that just seemed to appear on my face as soon as I hit puberty, and never left. 

It wasn't easy at all. Nearly all the girls in my year at school had perfect skin and perfect hair, and there I was with a mess of ginger hair on my head (the teenage years were incredibly frizzy because my hair just couldn't decide if it wanted to be curly or wavy,) and a load of red pimples on my face. 

Although my skin has cleared up a lot since being a teen, it isn't perfect. I am still really prone to breakouts and sometimes I have zits of DOOM that just don't ever seem to go away. Add to that scars from previous spots, and I tend to look really red and feel really self-conscious. 

On one of my frequent trips to the Lush shop in Liverpool, I got talking to one of the shop assistants. I had read a lot about their face masks online, but needed a bit of guidance on what to go for, because my skin is a) combination and b) incredibly sensitive! 

She recommended to me the "Mask of Magnaminty" which is designed for acne-prone skin. She also recommended "Coalface" to try alongside the mask. 

Mask of Magnaminty contains a range of ingredients that help combat breakouts and perk up the skin. I use it about 1-2 times a week, focusing on problem areas on my face. I apply a thickish layer to where I have spots, leave for 5 minutes, then rinse off. It always leaves my skin feeling zingy and smelling minty-fresh!  The mask really helps to reduce inflammation, and push my skin in the right direction to start looking better. It's not harsh on the skin at all, and is a perfect skin-pampering product. 

Coalface is a solid cleanser that foams up when you use it with water and apply it to the face. It is designed for oilier skin, and acts as a cleanser and an exfoliater in one. Because I have combination skin, I only use Coalface once a day (usually at night) as it does dry out the drier patches on my face. Since using the cleanser I have really noticed a difference in the clearness of my skin. I still get spots, but my acne scars have faded, and my skin looks brighter and happier in general, and it always smells fantastic after I use the cleanser!

Using these two products together has really made a difference to my skin. I'll probably always suffer from spots, but having good quality, effective products that I can turn to in times of trouble really makes me feel a lot better about it! 

What's your skincare routine? Are there any other Lush products you have tried? 

Ginger x


Y is for YouTube

Y: YouTube 

I haven't vlogged on my YouTube channel since being in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. My daily life isn't really all that exciting, and I work, so vlogging has to be saved for weekends and when I have time off from work. 

I am not a professional, I don't have a great camera (I mainly film on my iPhone,) and I do basic editing as the whole thought of doing teaching myself intense video footage editing terrifies me (if anybody has any tips let me know) but I really enjoy filming and just chatting to the camera and making memories! 

Hopefully I can make a regular feature of weekend vlogs...even if it is just recording my normal life with all the joys normality brings! 

If you have a YouTube channel of your own, or a favourite YouTube channel, link it below and share the love!

Ginger x


X is for XXVI


When I was very young, I used to watch Disney film and think that that was just how it would be in reality..... 16 was the age I looked up to and considered being "adult." I expected by that age to have my own car, my own house, be married and have lots of children! To be 16 was to be grown up! 

And then I got to 16, and decided that it was definitely NOT the age for me to be a grown up. I was still in school, was going through a really tricky time for my self-confidence (acne didn't help,) and I felt like I had no direction whatsoever. I looked towards 25 and considered that to be the age where everything would happen! I'd be settled, be at the start of the career ladder, and have my life planned out for me. I had 9 years to go...plenty of time to sort things out!

It was only last year, when I turned 25, that I realised that growing up doesn't have happen by a certain age. I can't put a cap on when I expect things to happen for me. When the time is right, things will just fall in to place. Some of my 20s haven't been easy, but I have picked up a lot of life lessons along the way.

And I have been very lucky. I moved out of the family nest when I was 18 and have lived away ever since (by quite a fair distance - 200 miles!) I own my own house, I live by myself now, and am fiercely independent. I don't earn a fortune, but I love my job, and have other opportunities that I can pursue in between my shifts.

I have lots of amazing friends nearby, who are my second family up here. They are there any time I need them, and I know I can always call on them if they are in trouble. After a long and very hard lesson about money whilst at uni, I am quite good at keeping my money in check and don't overspend (too much.) and have taught myself how to adapt two-handed things into one-handed triumphs (shoes, opening tins, painting nails, scaling gorges.)

So, in my 26th year of living on planet Earth, things may not have panned out in the exact way that I envisaged as a child of 5 watching The Little Mermaid, but I think I'm doing pretty well....

.....For an almost grown-up!

Ginger x


W is for Wardrobe Organisation (Part I)

W: Wardrobe Organisation (Part I) 

Good Morning. 

My name is Ginger, and I am a clothes/shoes/accessories-o-holic! 

I'm not a shop-o-holic or anything, I just really, really, really like having lovely things in my wardrobe that make me feel amazing every time I wear them! Part of me feeling good about myself, is feeling that I look good too. So on days when I don't have work, I like to put in 110%. 

I don't do it for anybody else. I do it for me. 

If there are days when I want to stay in my pyjamas all day, I happily will, even with friends who are over. If I'm feeling confident about my skin, I'll go out with a small amount of make up on rather than a bucket-load! 

But clothes, accessories and shoes do make me happy. 

Sometimes, I just open my wardrobe and gaze....

Of course, having clothes comes at a price. You have to keep them organised. Now, I'm quite fortunate. I have my own house, and I live alone, so I have a fair amount of space to work with (2 wardrobes, a chest of drawers, and under-the-bed storage.) 

This is how I store my everyday wardrobe. I decided to do my wardrobe organisation in a few parts, as I have bits and pieces stored in different places. 

I usually keep clothes I'm planning to wear hung up outside my wardrobe to air

Here we go. This is my bigger wardrobe. It's on the side of the bed closest to me. Inside are my clothes and necklaces, and on top is where I store things I need to find a home for (it's a bit messy, so I kept it out of shot.) Even though I've lived by myself for nearly 3 years now, I'm still trying to sort things out and get used to having extra space!

I try to keep my clothes in a specific order so that when it comes to hanging clean clothes up, I know exactly where to put them. As you can probably tell, I do like to mix and match colourful and neutral pieces. I try to go for a colour palette that I know will suit my hair and skin tone, and items that I know I will wear time and time again (thank you to the Duchess of Cambridge for making this cool again!) 

On the inside of my wardrobe door I hang all of my necklaces. I bought a small row of coat hooks - which one of my handy friends put up for me - and just screwed it in to the door. This saves all my chains getting in to a tangle, and means I can just open my wardrobe and get what I need, instead of rummaging around for things. 

On the very far left of my wardrobe is where I hang up all of my jackets/jumpers/cardigans that I wear on a day-to-day basis. The things I hang here will depend on what time of the year it is, so, at the moment, I have lighter jackets and thinner cardigans, with a few thicker options just in case the weather turns colder unexpectedly. Most of my jackets are black, because it looks good with everything. I tend to be a little more colourful in my cardigan and jumper choices!

L-R: Blouses, Skirts, Dresses

In the middle, I keep all of my every day clothing pieces. Starting from the left I have blouses and tops that need to be hung up, then I move on to skirts, and then, on the right hand side, dresses. In a lot of my fashion choices, I look for things that can be worn from day through to night. Sometimes, if I'm out for the weekend with friends, we go out during the day and stay out until late, so it's good to have crossover pieces. Colourful items are a must, especially for Spring/Summer!

At the opposite end of the wardrobe to jackets, I hang all of my clothes solely dedicated to nights out....dresses, tops, playsuits and jumpsuits! I don't have a standard order in which I store things, but the things I wear most often tend to find themselves nearer the end that is closest to my other clothes.

There you have it for Part I of my wardrobe storage. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more parts to come.

How do you store your clothes? Any top tips for saving space?

Ginger x


V is for Vlogging

V: Vlogging 

It took me a very, very, VERY long time to build up enough confidence to feel that I could start up a JustAddGinger YouTube channel. I have been watching YouTube videos for years, and everybody who makes them always has such on-camera confidence and charisma. I never thought that would be something I could do. 

I don't live an out-of-the-ordinary life, so vlogging every day would not be something I could do (we'd have Snoozers in the audience,) so saving my vlogging for days when I am doing exciting/different things makes it more special for me. Even if it's just going in to town, or chilling out with my friends, I really enjoy just picking up a camera, and having a chat; it's a great way to share memories with people! 

Here are two of my vlogs from my JustAddGinger channel. The first was my first EVER vlog and I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous (can you tell?)  But looking back, I'm really proud how much confidence I have gained, and how much happier I am being myself in front of the camera! 

I don't have the best camera, or editing software yet, but it's a work-in-progress! If you like my vlogs, let me know. Feedback and handy tips are always welcome. Give me thumbs up on the videos you like, so I know what I'm doing right, leave me a comment, and subscribe! 

Does anybody else have a YouTube channel? Share the links in the comments below! 

Ginger x


U is for Unforgettable Moments

U: Unforgettable Moments 

2012-2013 was one of the best years of my life. The opportunities that I have had over the past year have been really incredible, and, because today is "u", I thought now would be a great time to look back over some of the highlights of my year.

In May 2012 I took an amazing trip to USA/Canada. I had only ever been to New York over in the US, so getting the chance to travel around for 2.5 weeks, meet new people, and see phenomenal places was AMAZING!!!

I took part in the Race for Life in May 2012. It was a fantastic day, where everybody taking part rallied together to raise money for a great charity. I went all out last year and was dressed top-to-toe in pink. I even beat my time from the year before, which was a personal achievement!

2012-2013 was an amazing year for musical experiences. 

In 2012 I saw Kyla la Grange live in Liverpool and more recently, I saw Ludovico Einaudi at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic (I wrote about it here.) I had never been to a classical concert before, and seeing him live was a great way to ease myself in. 

At the end of 2012, the LUSH Spa in Liverpool opened. A few months ago, I booked myself in for my first massage there: The Comforter. I was so impressed with the massage, and the spa in general, that I did a really in-depth review of my experience.

I was lucky to have a lot of holidays in the past year. Most recently, I went on an impromptu getaway with Saunders to Amsterdam. It was an amazing 3 days and we crammed so much in to the time we had. I can't wait to go back and explore some more! 

Above all, 2012-2013 was a fantastic year for my little Ginger blog. After a baby-step start, I now am completely in love with what I have created for myself, and can see how much my confidence has grown. Having a blog has given me the confidence to put myself out there. I now have JustAddGinger, a Just AddGinger YouTube channel, and I contribute to two websites! 

I raise a glass to 2012-2013! What an incredible year you were! 

Thank you so much.

Ginger x


T is for "The Skunkawug of Slimeland"

T: The Skunkawug of Slimeland

(An extract from piece of children's fiction I wrote at uni.)

“Deep in the heart of Slimeland
The Skunkawug lives there.
He lives on human body parts.
So children: please BEWARE!”

Mum always told the same story before bedtime, but it never got boring.       
 “Tell us it again, Mum,” Rebecca would ask, pulling the duvet up to her ears, her toes curling into the mattress.                             
“Yeah… we’re not scared,” Hannah would declare, trying to ignore the shiver that ran up and down her spine just thinking about it.   
“Oh alright,” Mum would finally agree, settling down on the armchair in between the two beds. She tucked her feet up underneath her body and began her story once more.                                    
“There are some worlds that you cannot see. There are some worlds that you only hear about on the whisper of the wind; worlds that nobody has ever been to but that everybody knows about. People try to forget about them because they are so dark and scary even the bravest of men would run away crying to his mother.”        
“Where’s Slimeland?” Hannah would ask, but she would always get the same reply every night.

“Nobody knows.”
“But you’ve been there…”

 “I don’t know what you’re taking about, Rebecca. Now mouth shut, ears open.”           

By the time the story was over, both Rebecca and Hannah would lie shivering under the sheets. They couldn’t even sleep with the light off because they were so afraid that the Skunkawug would come creeping and sneaking out of Slimeland to get them.         
“Can you sleep, Han?” whispered Rebecca one moonless night.       
“No,” whispered Hannah,

“I don’t want the Skunkawug to come and get me.”  
“D’you think it’s real?” Rebecca asked, sitting up in bed and huddling her knees into her chest.                          
 “Course it’s real. Mum wouldn’t lie.”  
“Then why doesn’t anyone know where Slimeland is?”         
 “I dunno. Maybe the map got lost.”        
 “Don’t be stupid, Han. I mean, what if the Skunkawug really is alive?”     
“Shurrup, Becky. I’m going to bed.”

 “Fine, but if you’re not here in the morning I’ll know why.”      

Rebecca threw herself back down onto the bed and sighed. Hannah lay staring at the ceiling, a sinking feeling taking over her body. Her mother’s song kept floating around in her head. So many questions…so many shadows…wait…was that a light coming from underneath the wardrobe door…?

 Hannah was very quiet the next morning at breakfast, even though Mum had cooked the girls’ favourite breakfast. The sausages had lost their juiciness and the eggs looked like bodiless heads sitting in their cups. The baked beans reminded Hannah of little orange rabbit droppings. Rebecca, on the other hand, looked cheery as she munched on her egg and soldiers.     
“What’s the matter, Hannah?” Mum asked, patting Hannah on the head. “You not sleep very well love?”                      
“Not feeling well…” Hannah muttered, gulping down some orange juice. Once Mum had left the room Hannah jumped off her seat and grabbed Rebecca’s arm. 

“I know where the Skunkawug lives, Rebecca,” she hissed, glancing round the kitchen to make sure that nobody was listening.                  
“What are you on about, you weirdo?” Rebecca laughed.      
“Listen!” Hannah insisted. “I know where the Skunkawug lives, and I’m going to go and find it. I know where the Skunkawug is, and I’m going to hunt it. It lives behind Granny’s knitted jumpers.”             
“You’re crazy,” said Rebecca. “I know Gran’s jumpers are a little furry, but I don’t think even the Skunkawug would go near them. You must’ve been dreaming.”     

“Fine,” Hannah said, picking up her schoolbag and flicking her ponytail behind her head. “You don’t believe me, but I know someone who will. And when I find the Skunkawug, I’m giving it your name.”

 Steven didn’t like school. School was the most boring thing ever. Steve didn’t think that school was important at all, so spent most of his day sitting in the corner of the classroom, making paper aeroplanes and hurling them up in the air. He was always in trouble. Miss Edvard, the headmistress, could single him out just by his ginger hair in a crowded room, and all the teachers had him down as a “trouble maker.”       
Steven and the girls had been neighbours all their lives. They were even born in the same hospital and liked the same tea – (chips and fish fingers with heaps of mashed potatoes and peas), and the same ice cream (chocolate with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles.) Steven knew everything about everything and was always bringing round his encyclopaedia to tell Hannah and Rebecca all the new things he had discovered...Did you know that the dinosaurs became extinct after a meteor hit Earth millions of years ago? And that the Earth and other planets dance around the sun in what’s known as an orbit? Steven could teach you anything you wanted to know.           
When Hannah and Rebecca arrived at school, Steven was already there. He was sat huddled in the corner of the playground hidden behind his encyclopaedia. All that could be seen was a dome of ginger hair peeking out from over the top of the hardback, leather-bound book, and a pair of beady,searching eyes looking round the playground conspicuously.     
“Hi, Steve,” Rebecca chirped, making Steve start as she jumped out in front of him grinning. “Han’s flipped her lid. She’s even crazier than you.”      

Steve frowned and started reading his book again, saying nothing. Hannah shot a piercing look at Rebecca, who shrugged, and began talking again.

“She says she knows where the Skunkawug lives. She wants to feed you to him.”      
“Don’t be silly, Becky,” Hannah said, but Steve was captivated. He had appeared from behind his book.                           
“You know where it lives?” Steve said, eyes wide, and mouth open.   

Hannah nodded slowly and put her finger to her lips, urging Steven to keep his voice down.                      

“Where?” Steven whispered.        
 “Be awake at midnight tonight when everyone has gone to bed. Bring your backpack and some essentials with you. We’ll leave the window open…”  
“Yeah; but where’s Slimeland?”                  
“Do you promise not to tell anyone?” said Hannah.          
“I swear on my Pokemon card collection.”

Rebecca raised her eyebrows and folded her arms across her body, unimpressed and unconvinced. Hannah urged them both closer so that they were standing huddled in a circle, heads close together and hearts pounding with excitement.      
“The way into Slimeland… “  

 Steven took in a sharp breath and Rebecca sighed, wishing that Hannah would just spit it out.                                                                                                                                                               
“The way into Slimeland...is in our bedroom.”

All thoughts on this piece are welcome. 

Would you like to read more?

Ginger x


S is for Silly Faces

S: Silly Faces

Monday has come around again! 

Sometimes, this day is looked upon with dread. It's the start of a new working week for some of us, so that means early wake up calls after two days of getting up without the aid of an alarm clock. 

So, because it's Monday, my post is dedicated to reminding everyone that we shouldn't always take life too seriously, and, every once in a while, we should all give in to our silly side! 

Happy Monday Everybody!

Ginger x


R is for Redhead and Proud

R: Redhead & Proud

When I was at school, I was really self-conscious about my ginger locks. There was something about being a redhead that children just latched on to....like being a redhead meant that you were secretly an alien or something.

Secondary school made me even more self-conscious. Not only was I a redhead, but I was a redhead with bad skin!!! The odds were not stacked in my favour at all. Especially when, out of all of my friends, I was the only one who suffered from horrendous spots! I REALLY think schools should be a bit more lax on the "no make up" rules they have. Being able to put on a bit of foundation and concealer without being told to wipe it off would have seriously helped me out!

Then I got to uni, and I decided to do a complete 180 on the ginger and go dark brunette! 

At the time, this change was exactly what I needed, but looking back now, it is something that I would never, ever do again. Not only did it make me look even more pale, but it took FOREVER to grow out. I had huge ginger roots for ages while I was waiting for the brown to disappear. 

It was not my best look!

In 2007....the horrendous bruise on my arm is from a paintball! NEVER go paintballing hungover!

After the brunette, I experimented with different shades of dark red. But I very rarely stayed with my natural colour. 

Until recently.....

I've said before about my new-found confidence. Well, hand in hand with that has come a new outlook of embracing me for me, and making NO apologies for that. This includes my hair. Yes. We all know that for some, unknown reason that there is a stigma that comes with being a redhead, but I absolutely embrace my ginger side, and absolutely love the fact that I am a part of a group of people who have become a social rarity. 

There is even a fantastic website specifically designed for redheads out there. How to be a Redhead is a website dedicated to all things redhead related....beauty...fashion....lifestyle. It's a great site, where reds of the world can come together in a community, and celebrate the wonder that being a redhead can be! If I'm ever in doubt, that's the website I head to to reassure myself that being ginger is a fabulous thing!

It's taken 26 years, but I have finally learnt to embrace what being a redhead means. I'm proud that I am one of a small percentage of the world population who is ginger, and love the attention that my hair can get. 

Here are some great redhead-themed quotes I adore: 

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.” 
― Lucille Ball

"Redheads are like the unicorns of women, except they really do exist" 

"Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but it takes a real man 
to handle a redhead"

"The sun on a brunette's hair looks red. The sun on a redhead's hair looks like Heaven on Earth." 

Being a redhead is amazing! I wouldn't change it for the world! 

Ginger x



Q is for Quotes

Q: Quotes 

Last night, I went out to tea with a really good friend of mine. During the evening, we got talking about quotes, and ones that we really like.

Seeing as today is "Q", I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you! 

“How do you spell 'love'?" - Piglet
"You don't spell it...you feel it." - Pooh  
- A.A Milne 

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” 
 - Marilyn Monroe

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  - Marilyn Monroe 

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” 
- Dr Seuss 

“To be loved to madness--such was her great desire...” 
-Thomas Hardy: Return of the Native

What are some of your favourite quotes? 

Ginger x 


P is for Pudding

P: Pudding

Mmmm.........Yummy Yummy! 


Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

Dough Sticks & Chocolate Sauce

Pudding....a word so beautiful I decided to dedicate a while blog post to it!

I am a sucker for a good pudding. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and every time I go out to dinner, I always try to save room for a cheeky dessert. I definitely have a "pudding stomach", so nearly always can squeeze one in!

And this beauty I had last night at dinner.....Yes...that is indeed ice cream shaped like spaghetti! 

How amazing is that? What an ingenious idea! 

And it was yummy too! 

What's your favourite pudding?

Ginger x


O is for OOTD's


Instagram: @Gingerjax

If you have checked out my Instagram then you will know that I often post OOTD pictures. For those of you who don't know what an OOTD is, it stands for "Outfit of the Day."

I think it's great being able to share how you style up different looks - especially those from the high street! I know I've picked up a lot of ideas through other Instagram OOTD posts. Watching OOTD videos on YouTube is also a great way to find new ways to style different items of clothing if you're unsure of how to wear certain things, or want to try a new look!

And now that I have my own JustAddGinger channel on YouTube, I wanted to give OOTD (or OOTE: Outfit of the Evening) videos a go too. Here's my latest....I'm hoping to make them quite a regular feature!

Ginger x


N is for Night at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

N: Night at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

Just over a year ago, on the very hungover morning after my birthday night out, a friend of mine played a group of me and my friends a piece of music that would change my musical life forever.... I giorni by Ludovico Einaudi. I had never heard of Einaudi before, but after that morning, I was completely bowled over. 

After everybody had left to go home, I hit YouTube and listened to I giorni over and over again, completely enraptured. A few days later, I downloaded Nightbook from iTunes, and my love for Einaudi was born. 

Now I'm not a musical person....I can't play an instrument, and reading music just does not come naturally to me. But I LOVE music. I was brought up listening to quite a varied mix...from Steeleye Span, The Who, to Tchaikovsky, and from Elvis to Queen. Music has always been a part of my life, and I have the utmost respect for anybody who can play an instrument! 

What I love about Einaudi's work, is that every time I listen to a piece of his music, it speaks to me in ways I never thought music could. With each melody, a different story plays itself out in my head. One moment I'm choreographing a ballet, the next I'm running through open fields in a storm, looking for my long-lost love! His music carries me away into a land of dreams, and listening to it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. 

When I heard that Einaudi was coming to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, I knew I had to go and see him live. I couldn't buy my ticket straight away as I had to wait for payday, and prayed that when that day came, there would still be tickets left. 

To my delight, I was in luck! I nabbed myself a seat, and waited patiently for 15th April 2013 to come around. 

To say I was blown away by last night would be an understatement of gargantuan proportion! 

My Einaudi OOTE

I'm not going to pretend to be a music boffin, and roll out lots of musical jargon about the pieces that were played, so I will describe what it was like sitting in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, at my very first classical concert, listening to Ludovico Einaudi. 

I have never been in a venue that is so big, yet makes you feel so close to an artist. I was in the Grand Circle, but it was almost like if I reached out my arm, I could get to the stage. Einaudi and the musicians were positioned in such a way that the venue looked very intimate and cosy. 

The first half of the concert was dedicated to Einaudi's newest work In a Time Lapse, and the second half was a mixture of new and old pieces.

My copy of In a Time Lapse

It felt really good to instantly recognise some of his pieces. Although I really like Einaudi, I would be lying if I said I knew all of his work, and could recognise every Einaudi piece just after a few notes, and know the title. I'm still learning, and growing I my love for this musician. There are pieces I play over and over again because I like them so much, and being able to pick them up, and sway my foot in time was amazing!

The lighting throughout the night was highly evocative, which added to the intimacy. Different lighting designs were used throughout the night and choreographed to perfection to tie in to each piece of music. At moments, a series of lights would appear at different points on the stage, simulating candlelight. At other points, spotlights would be used to highlight musicians playing. During one piece, lights that looked like stars filled the ceiling of the hall, and made you feel like you were looking up at the night's sky. It was truly incredible.

Einaudi was always highlighted in his position, to the left of the stage, meaning that you could not lose him from sight (not that you could ever forget where he was!) The silhouette of him playing that was cast on the wall of the hall was fantastic. Catching glimpses of it made it look almost if there was a mystical being playing the piano on the stage, and not just a man. 

The entire audience in the hall was completely silent the entire way through the concert. We were all taking this beautiful journey together, and lost completely in the music. It was a magnificent atmosphere, and added to the emotive ambience created by the magnificent Einaudi and the fabulous musicians on the stage. At points, I saw people around me reaching for tissues. And I'm not surprised. There were moments during the night where I felt myself welling up. But I was so mesmerised by the music that tears did not come! It was impossible. Instead, I let each melody wash over me, and transport me into the next phase of my imagination.  

Last night was absolutely PHENOMENAL! I am so glad I didn't listen to my first hesitations ("you can't go by yourself,") and took myself to see this spectacular performance! At the end of the concert, practically the whole of the Philharmonic was in a standing ovation We did not stop clapping for ages, and after the encore, Einaudi and his musicians got a second standing ovation. 

I will never forget last night for as long as I live, and can only pray that I get to go and see Einaudi live again! If you get the chance to go and see him. Do it. You won't be disappointed. 

It will be a night to remember!

Ginger x