Ginger's Jollies: Weekend with Mama Ginger

This weekend, Mama Ginger came to visit me. 

Of course, I had to be ill for her coming up, didn't I? 

It was nice having my mum up. I live by myself, so when I'm ill, it's nice to have somebody in the house to perk me up. And Mama Ginger ALWAYS keeps me busy...She is the Queen of Lists/Jobs/Visits, and this weekend, I was very grateful for the distraction! 

On Saturday, we headed into town because I needed to find some new bedding. We stopped for lunch and had some sushi - this was a big step for me. I'm not a huge fan of the sushi that comes wrapped in seaweed, and seafood really freaks me out. But we found some amazing dishes, and I even ate some crab (although I had my eyes closed mostly through that experience)

Walking back through town to the car, we happened upon a market, and the most beautiful looking Italian sweets counter. We knew we had to get something, and went for a strawberry chocolate wedge as a naughty Saturday treat....I still have some left in the fridge...Although it won't be there for much longer... *sneaks off to raid kitchen*

After our trip to town, it was back home for food, a film, and flopping on the sofa! 


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FOTD/OOTD 30/03.....I'm in LOVE with my new coral coat from Primark. Such a sensational colour. It's funny how wearing bright colours can really lift your mood, don't you think?

Instagram: @ Gingerjax

On Sunday (Easter Sunday), we took a trip to Rufford Old Hall - a Tudor Manor in Lancashire - to have a look around. It was a gorgeous sunny day, but bitterly cold. But the fresh air put a spring in my step and cheered me up a bit. By this time, my cold had gotten even worse, and I was starting to look a little bit like Rudolph!

Instagram: @Gingerjax

Rufford Old Hall was absolutely stunning, with really pretty grounds. Colourful pockets of  flowers were everywhere, and made everything seem bright and cheery. There was an Easter Egg Trail taking place for Easter. I tried to convince my mum that we should try and blag giving it a go, but I don't think she was too convinced!

I really loved how romantic Rufford Old Hall looked. Walking round - especially outside - I kept imagining little stories that might have taken place there....all romantic tales of course, and with yours truly as the main protagonist, but regardless of that, it was definitely an inspiring place to be!

Looking back at the hall. It was set in such beautiful grounds that were well maintained. Even though we didn't take part in the Easter Egg Trail, you could tell it had been really well planned out, because there were families running around everywhere, hunting for clues. I really wish there had been an Easter Egg Trail for grown ups too....we like Easter Eggs too! 

Ginger x

p.s: I vlogged over the weekend about our days out. If you want to check those out, head over to my JustAddGinger  channel!


  1. Haha I wish I could have done an Easter egg hunt too! :p x

  2. I think I might have to recommend it for next year. Maybe with a more grown up Easter Egg prize...like a Bailey's Egg or something! :) x