Ginger Vlogs: First YouTube Vlog Adventure

Finally, after months of indecision, one day of filming, and several hours coming to grips with Windows Movie Maker, here is my first ever vlog....


I am very proud of myself for having the guts to put this out into the Universe, and I hope it's the start of many more vlogs to come. Some of my friends have been giving me feedback today, and it's quite encouraging, so I'll definitely he vlogging tomorrow when Mama Ginger is up.

I decided to keep my "Just Add Ginger" name, so that if anybody who has read my blog wants to find me on YouTube, then I'm easily identifiable. I've grown to really like having "Ginger" as my technological alias. It means when I blog/vlog I can completely detach myself from the "real world" and escape into a world of creativity and random imagination.

Please feel free to check out my channel. Now that I have overcome first day jitters, I'm hoping I will be able to upload most days during my time off work. If you like what I'm doing, give me a "Thumbs Up", leave a comment, or subscribe.

To start, I'll be doing mostly vlog/OOTD videos, but in time, I will venture onto more adventurous things!

Any feedback/comments/tips you have for me are also very welcome!

Ginger x

p.s: So that they all are banked together, here are all the places you can find me:

YouTube: JustAddGinger
Instagram: @gingerjax
Twitter: @GingerJaxx
Email: justaddginger@hotmail.co.uk

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