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My name is Jacqueline - or Jackie O - the creator of Just Add Ginger. I'm a 32 year old wife and mother to a lively little 16 month old (and now a newborn). A southern girl born and bred I moved up north in 2008 to go to uni, married a Scouser and now call Liverpool home.
mother and son photo by EM Imagery
Photo: EM Imagery
My blog was born in April 2012. I'd recently graduated with a Masters degree in Creative Writing and wanted somewhere I could carry on writing and share my thoughts on beauty, food and lifestyle. Six years on and I'm still just as passionate about Just Add Ginger as the day I started it.

Jump to 2013 and - as a bit of an experiement really - I decided to get brave and set up a YouTube channel. Initially a place where I shared vlogs and outfit videos, since having my baby my main focus is now parenting videos and hacks. As a mother who parents one handed (I have left-side hemi paresis) I got really frustrated at the lack of resources out there that support disabled parents so I decided to do something about it. Now alongside my channel I have also started up the New Ways Network on Facebook, where disabled parents can chat, share ideas and support each other. Equality and accessibility - especially when it comes to parenting - is something that I'm really passionate about so even though this is just a fledgling group, I'm hoping one day to see the network grow.

mother and son photoshoot
Photo: Michael Ivan Photography

When I'm not chasing round after my teeny tots I like to spend my time tapping away at my computer, chatting on Twitter, visiting cute coffee shops and indulging in a good meal and a glass of fizz or two.    I love lounging around in oversized pyjamas, laughing until my stomach aches, and being in the great outdoors. I also indulge in the occasional bit of baking and dessert-making (which my family and friends are always grateful for!)

 I've done a lot of growing over the past five years and experienced some incredible highs and some very tricky lows, but I always am a cup half full sorta girl so try to see the positive side wherever I can. I try to be as open as I can about everything I'm going through because I think it's incredibly important to talk - you never know if somebody out there is experiencing the same thing.

Want to chat or have a question? Why not drop me an email - justaddginger@hotmail.co.uk

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