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When we first got married and had received our wedding photographs, I was very much in the mind-set of not wanting to share too much of our Big Day on social media. It was such a beautiful day, and a part of me wanted to keep it to myself. But as the weeks and months have gone by, and we have shown more and more people our photos I've come to the realisation that I am just in love with them. They have captured such a wonderful moment in time that they more I am able to celebrate them, the better.

It's also a great excuse to create something really bespoke to share them with friends and family who might not be able to see all the shots in person. So, on to the computer I leaped and got busy making a little bit of a montage. In recent months, I have fallen in love with Josh Woodward's music, and his track Crazy Glue made the perfect background melody for a compilation of some of our favourite shots.

Thank you so much again to Keyhole for capturing our day (if you haven't read about our experience with them, click here to check that post out). We couldn't have wished for a more wonderful set of memories.

Let the wedding smoosh-filled spam commence....

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