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When you start planning for your wedding and thinking about all the decorations and accessories you want to get your hands on to re-create the fantasy image of the day you have in your head, you don't really take the time to think about what to do with all the bits and pieces you might have leftover afterwards. It was incredible the amount we had come back to us, and at first, it was a little overwhelming. We just didn't know what to do with it all. However, as time has gone on, we've thought of some cute and crafty ways to make sure that anything that holds a memory of our special day is carried over and incorporated somehow in to our home. So, for those of you who may be sitting scratching your head like I was, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going. 

Wedding Memory Board - Just Add Ginger

Make A Memory Board 

Over the entire course of wedding planning, we accumulated a lot of business cards, RSVPS, extra pieces of decoration, and finally, leftover bits and bobs from the Big Day. Instead of throwing these out, I took the pinboard we were using for our table plan, and have begun to put together a memory board that we can hang in the house as a piece of bespoke art that brings back a lot of beautiful memories. We've got everything on there - from a newspaper clipping from our wedding day to our Save the Date card, to thank you notes, copies of readings and our vows to artificial flowers from the throwing bouquet I made. It's been a lovely little project to get my teeth stuck in to, and makes good use of all the extra things we have rediscovered along the way.

Rose Potpourri - Just Add Ginger

Up-cycle Your Flowers 

This is a great idea for those who choose to have real flowers as a part of their day, and an idea that in our case has got MG involved as well. She took my bouquet, PG's button hole, and other flowers from the day she could find, and has either turned some into potpourri, or is in the process of pressing them ready to turn in to a piece of 3D art. Not only does this mean that our beautiful blooms will always be a part of our home but that the house also smells amazing

Memory Area - Just Add Ginger

Storing Memories

If you read this post on money saving tips for your wedding, you'll know that we did a lot of sourcing for our wedding day décor from eBay, Amazon, charity shops, and high street deals. Our menus and some of our memory table photos were displayed in frames that were on offer in M&S, so after all the festivities, we were left with a lot of frames spare. Instead of setting these to one side, we have used some to create a memory space in our house, and the rest of course we are going to display future photographs in. Having a little space in the house where we can remember those who can no longer be with us has brought a warmth to it. The artificial candles we had as centrepieces at the wedding breakfast really help to set the tone too.

These are only a few ideas, and ones that have really worked well for us and the items we had left following our wedding day. If you're seriously stuck for ideas on how to upcycle your decorations, head to Pinterest. It's the perfect place to find great arts and crafty projects to try out. I was an absolute Pinterest-aholic leading up to our Big Day, and am still going strong! 

What projects have you been getting stuck in to lately?

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