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Celebration of Style 2014

Celebration of Style 2014
Photo Credit: c/o Rachel @ Times2Style
If you saw this video , you will know just how excited I have been for Celebration of Style to land in Liverpool. The hype and build up to the launch of the event was just immense, and whilst I was REALLY exited to be involved in everything that was going on, I was also a little bit overwhelmed, scared, and nervous too! 

To my delight, Rachel from Times2Style and I had planned to attend all the events together. Blogging has brought me so many lovely friends that I was really excited to be spending some of the most nail-bitingly, amazingly exciting days with her. 

Our Celebration of Style adventure started at the Press Launch on 13th November, which took place in the Royal Liver Building. Yes. Really! I had to stand there pinching myself for a few minutes before I went in. To be attending an event inside one of the most iconic buildings in Liverpool was just mind-boggling to me, and I instantly felt very honoured, and very privileged to be a part of it. 

Celebration of Style 2014

The Press Launch was a chance for members of the press, organisers, and special guests to mingle and find out more about what lay in store for the event. With an exclusive preview of Abbey Clancy's new range for Matalan, as well as the chance to look at the Tim Bret Day exhibition, which was housed in the Royal Liver Building for the event, there was a lot to take in (hence why the photos are a bit blurry...I tried to find an optimal place amidst the press with their big, fancy, professional cameras, and my poor little phone couldn't cut the mustard!)

Influence of Style - which took place the following day at the Titanic Hotel - was a big fashion, beauty and style expo extravaganza, with stalls from local businesses, world-renowned brands, and Andrew Collinge to boot. Talks and panels - presented by Jenny Frost - also took place throughout the day led by industry experts and insiders. It was a really insightful hub of all things #COStyle, and with so much going on, you could have walked around looking, gazing, admiring and listening for hours. We attended the first talk of the day, and to hear everybody talk with such passion, enthusiasm and vigour about their own experiences and career paths was seriously motivating and inspiring to listen to.  

After two days of energised, excited chaos, I was so, so, so excited for the Cricket Big Fashion Night Out on Friday night. 

Celebration of Style 2014

Celebration of Style 2014
L-R: Rachel (Times2Style), Me, & Allie (Tie Dye Eyes)

Celebration of Style 2014 - Broken Men

Celebration of Style 2014

And it was honestly the most incredible event to experience. Kicking off with a pre-show reception, the Cunard building - which was lit up in the most beautiful pinky-purple - was soon buzzing with excitement. Giant posters of Abbey Clancy's collaboration with Matalan decorated the walls, bubbly was flowing, the music was pumping. and I really did think I was dreaming! 

To get everybody warmed up, local band Broken Men played some live tracks. They were just fantastic, and the perfect pre-show soundtrack to get everybody really excited as seats were taken, drinks ordered, and some last minute pampering took place at the pop-up Ilamasqua, Nails Inc and Andrew Collinge stands. 

And then it was time for the show. Slipping off my seat in the press pen and on to the floor to get a better view, I couldn't believe all the amazing pieces that were floating down the runway. From Balenciaga to Balmain, Victoria Beckham to C√®line, Matthew Williamson to Givenchy, I was completely in awe. It was my very first fashion show, and I don't think I'm ever going to forget what it felt like to see so many gorgeous clothes right there in front of me....All in one place. 

Celebration of Style 2014 - Kelli-Leigh

The show closed to a performance by Kelli-Leigh (who's vocals appear on Duke Dumont's "I Got U.") She brought the house down and got everybody up on the (now empty) catwalk, dancing like there was no tomorrow. What a way to end the show! 

Celebration of Style absolutely nailed it, showing everyone out there what amazing talent, taste and style it has to offer, and banishing all of the misrepresentation that can happen in the press for good! It was a sensational event, and I am so happy to hear that it may be coming back next year. 

So you have no excuse, everybody get involved!


Lunch At Lunya | Just Add Ginger

Lunya Liverpool

Lunya Liverpool

Lunya Liverpool

Lunya Liverpool

In an impromptu car moment today, Boyfriend and I decided to head out for a little Sunday lunchtime treat. Lunya was the destination of choice to whet our appetites. I've been to Lunya quite a few times before, and I am a big fan of their tapas selection on their main menu. But because today we ordered from the lunch menu, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to document the occasion and share our Foodie experience. 

Boyfriend opted for the Soup, sandwich and home-made chips deal. Me, already having lined my stomach with a bacon sandwich a few hours before, went for the Butifarra sandwich and home-made chips. 

The soup of the day was curried cauliflower, and, I kid you not, the soup Boyfriend had was one of the best soups I have ever had. Like. EVER! The curry aspect was mild and in no way over-powering, with a really smooth consistency. The bread that came with it was delicious too, and made a scrumptious accompaniment. Soft, fresh, and delicious! There is really nothing like freshly made bread. 

My chips came out when Boyfriend had his soup, and I think I had nearly finished the whole pot before my sandwich even arrived. The home-made chips were fluffy, thick-cut and chunky, with the perfect balance of extra crispy and extra squishy, melt-in-the-mouth ones. The light coating of salt that kissed each chip was a very welcome surprise too. 

I'm really surprised that Boyfriend let me have a bite of his sandwich (he opted for the Grilled lomo y queso.) Nearly as soon as it had arrived, it had almost disappeared. And when I had had my bite, I understood why. The pork loin was tender, juicy and succulent, and such a decadent thing to have in a sandwich. Boyfriend was the first to admit that, if he ever bought pork loin, the last way he would think to use it would be in a sandwich, but the way that it was cooked, and how it complemented the other fillings made it work really well. 

My Butifarra was delicious too. The fig and cinnamon relish was sweet and juicy,with just a subtle hint of spiciness running through it, which went hand in hand with the seasoning in the sausages. The bread was soft and fresh, with little hidden sun-dried tomato gems inside. I'm not going to lie...the bread did get a bit too much for me, but that is because I am not really a big bread person and I'd already had a sandwich (bad move me!) 

The soup was definitely a stand out dish for me. It's a combination I'd never heard of before, and it worked superbly. I've made a mental note of it and will be looking out for it again. Maybe Boyfriend and I could try making it sometime too *hint hint cough cough.* The sandwiches also went down a treat too. Although next time we head out to sample the Lunya lunch menu, I definitely won't be filing up on bread beforehand. #Freshbreadwins

To peruse the Lunya menus for yourself, head to: 

Which dish would you choose? 


A Celebration is Coming | Just Add Ginger

(NB: The giveaway mentioned is now CLOSED

If you read this blog post that I uploaded a few weeks ago, you will know that there is a HUGE event coming to Liverpool this week. 

Celebration Of Style will be arriving in Liverpool tomorrow (13th November 2014.) The three day event extravaganza will bring events to Liverpool that celebrate all things style (as the event name would suggest.) The event schedule is chock-a-block, with events popping up in different stores....exhibitions...as well as two big events. 

I talk through more about the schedule in the video above, so definitely give that a click to find out more. I apologise for the rambliness and over-excitement but I really am so giddy at the thought of Celebration Of Style. It's going to be a really amazing three days and a fabulous event for the city.

Follow @C_of_Style on Twitter, and use #COStyle to keep up to date with all the events that are happening over the course of the event, and if you are planning on attending any of the events, please let me know in the comments below. 


Breakfast With My Favourite Boys | Just Add Ginger

Frankie & Benny's Breakfast

Frankie & Benny's Breakfast

Ginger's Jollies: Frankie & Benny's Breakfast

I don't know why it has taken me this long to write a blog post about mine & The Boy's breakfast tradition. Maybe it's because we go here so much that I just subconsciously pass it by. Perhaps it's because it's just our time, where we vent our frustrations, recover from stress, and chow down on some well-deserved comfort food. Who knows. I just know that it is high time I shared one of my favourite places with you. And that place is our local Frankie & Benny's. 

I have been a customer of  Frankie & Benny's for years. Ever since I moved up to Liverpool it is probably the place I go to eat at the most. They do great breakfasts, lovely lunches, and delicious dinners.  It's not that far away from us, so is within walkable distance on morning where you are feeling more delicate, And the best part? It's super affordable. What's not to love? 

So yesterday, Boyfriend and I decided it would be a lovely little naughty treat to go to Frankie & Benny's for breakfast. It is something we haven't done in ages, and after a really busy week, we really needed to spend some quality time together outside of the house. (Homes can carry such inescapable energy when you've had a hard week can't they?)

When we arrived we were welcomed with warm smiles and the cheery sounds of the Frankie & Benny's soundtrack playing in the background. Walking through those double doors is instantly so calming to me, and our Frankie & Benny's - no matter how busy, late, early or calm - always makes me feel cosy and comfortable.  

We were ushered into a booth by one of the lovely team (I really should know this guy's name. He always knows us and is so lovely! Thank you Mr. Lovely F&B man.) After being offered drinks and handed our menus, we settled down into those squishy American diner-esque seats and perused the menu. 

Now, my old reliable favourite used to be the Eggs Benedict. It used to be al I ever went for. But lately, I have really gone off eggs, so seized the opportunity to try something new. The Bacon & Syrup Triple Stacked Pancakes from the Breakfast Menu immediately caught my eye. It's a flavour combination I've tried only a few times, but never
 a) on a pancake or 
b) as a breakfast. 

And Boy was I not disappointed. Lashings of maple syrup coating three soft, fluffy, squishy - but stable - buttermilk pancakes and four rashers of thick, juicy, crisp bacon rashers. Oh good heavens it was absolutely d-eeeeeeee-licious

Boyfriend opted for the Eggs Benedict (a sure fire instant winner,) and a side of hash browns (which I pinched. Only one. It is something I do not regret. So crisp. So full. So crunchy. I'd do it again I tell you!) The only thing that Boyfriend was a tad - not much at all - disappointed by was that there was no black pudding on the menu. It's a personal thing. He LOVES it. But I don't think in the end he really missed it that much. That Eggs Benedict is yummy. And with the eggs cooked to perfection, it was a definite foodgasm. 

What I love about Frankie & Benny's so much is that it is really budget friendly. Especially the breakfasts. Everything on the breakfast menu is under £7.00. It means you can go out for breakfast, have a really good meal, and not break the bank. And at our branch all the staff are always so friendly the ambience is always really warm and welcoming. We went there for tea during the week and they made me a hot orange juice to sooth my sore throat. They didn't have to. It isn't a drinks menu option, but they took time out and accommodated my scratchy throat. It was incredibly sweet and just shows how customer-oriented they are. 

If you are looking for a breakfast tradition, definitely go to your local F&B and give it a try. We relish the moments we have there over a plate of eggs and bacon, and sipping a latte. 

Have you been to F&B for breakfast? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below! 
Psst....To check out the Frankie & Benny's breakfast menu, or any of the other menus they have, go to: