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Lunya Liverpool

Lunya Liverpool

In an impromptu car moment today, Boyfriend and I decided to head out for a little Sunday lunchtime treat. Lunya was the destination of choice to whet our appetites. I've been to Lunya quite a few times before, and I am a big fan of their tapas selection on their main menu. But because today we ordered from the lunch menu, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to document the occasion and share our Foodie experience. 

Boyfriend opted for the Soup, sandwich and home-made chips deal. Me, already having lined my stomach with a bacon sandwich a few hours before, went for the Butifarra sandwich and home-made chips. 

The soup of the day was curried cauliflower, and, I kid you not, the soup Boyfriend had was one of the best soups I have ever had. Like. EVER! The curry aspect was mild and in no way over-powering, with a really smooth consistency. The bread that came with it was delicious too, and made a scrumptious accompaniment. Soft, fresh, and delicious! There is really nothing like freshly made bread. 

My chips came out when Boyfriend had his soup, and I think I had nearly finished the whole pot before my sandwich even arrived. The home-made chips were fluffy, thick-cut and chunky, with the perfect balance of extra crispy and extra squishy, melt-in-the-mouth ones. The light coating of salt that kissed each chip was a very welcome surprise too. 

I'm really surprised that Boyfriend let me have a bite of his sandwich (he opted for the Grilled lomo y queso.) Nearly as soon as it had arrived, it had almost disappeared. And when I had had my bite, I understood why. The pork loin was tender, juicy and succulent, and such a decadent thing to have in a sandwich. Boyfriend was the first to admit that, if he ever bought pork loin, the last way he would think to use it would be in a sandwich, but the way that it was cooked, and how it complemented the other fillings made it work really well. 

My Butifarra was delicious too. The fig and cinnamon relish was sweet and juicy,with just a subtle hint of spiciness running through it, which went hand in hand with the seasoning in the sausages. The bread was soft and fresh, with little hidden sun-dried tomato gems inside. I'm not going to lie...the bread did get a bit too much for me, but that is because I am not really a big bread person and I'd already had a sandwich (bad move me!) 

The soup was definitely a stand out dish for me. It's a combination I'd never heard of before, and it worked superbly. I've made a mental note of it and will be looking out for it again. Maybe Boyfriend and I could try making it sometime too *hint hint cough cough.* The sandwiches also went down a treat too. Although next time we head out to sample the Lunya lunch menu, I definitely won't be filing up on bread beforehand. #Freshbreadwins

To peruse the Lunya menus for yourself, head to: 

Which dish would you choose? 

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