Last week I made a journey that was incredibly difficult. All of my grandparents have passed, and I miss them all very much, but my "Grandma" MG's mum) I was exceptionally close to growing up. She fell asleep when I was twelve, and as bad as it sounds, I just have not been able to visit her. The grief was all too much for me to bear. 

But because I am getting married within the next year, I knew it was a visit I had to make. We all have different strategies to cope with grief, and writing is mine. 

Soul cast in shadow, 
Staring blankly at the sun. 
Why is it still so hard
To admit that you are gone?

Soul cast in shadow
Waiting for the call.
And how I need you so much now
To catch me as I fall?

Turning to face reality
And holding back my tears. 
Still so many left to shed.
Even after all these years. 

I was closer to you than no other
than I have been in my life. 
It hurts my heart to know 
You'll never see me as a wife. 

And yet I know you're watching
From some place that I don't know. 
Waiting for the right time. 
To let your presence show. 

Now as we turn the corner
To see where you're asleep. 
You'll be in my heart forever
And your love I'll always keep.