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The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Event

Last Thursday evening, myself, Sarah, Laura, Anita & Roxanne headed in to Liverpool One for The Body Shop's launch of their Wild Argan Oil line. I'm a big fan of argan oil at the moment. It's really nourishing for the skin, and leaves me smelling and feeling amazing from top to toe, so I was really excited to see what The Body Shop range had to offer. 

I purposefully didn't research too much in to the line before going to the event (although I knew Fleur de Force had been to Morocco to see where the range comes from.) I wanted to be surprised. And boy was I! As soon as we al walked in to the L1 store, an opulent and rich display of the range was there to greet us. The range is so extensive...from bubbling bath to hand lotion to a body scrub, the range has something to suit everybody. And the packaging is just gorgeous. The turquoise against the golden glow of the argan oil products really reflects the source of the argan nuts and transports you straight to Morocco. Just looking at the bottles and tubs gives the impression that you are going to have a really luxurious experience. (You can read more about the source of the Wild Argan Oil range here.) 

After perusing the range for a few minutes, reading labels and cooing over the scent of the line, I plucked a bubble bath (£8.00) from the display and popped it in to my basket. The temptation was there to try out more products, but with a wedding to save for, I wanted to make sure I only bought what I really needed. (With two bath-holics in the house, a bottle of bath foam is nearly always on the shopping list.) 

The L1 Body Shop had really bought an exotic flavour to the store to complement the launch of the Wild Argan Oil range. A really talented henna artist sat perched ready to decorate us with beautiful designs, and - alongside other tasty treats- was a jug of mint infused green tea was there to refresh us (it was so yummy!) I was sorely tempted to have a henna design on my hand, but with driving, I couldn't take the risk of it smudging. Laura did get a fabulous design though. Isn't it gorgeous? It was so interesting to watch it being done. 

Henna Artist - Just Add Ginger

I have taken two long bubble baths with the Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath so far, and on both occasions I have been complimented on the way I smell. The scent of the products is not pungent in the slightest, but a sweet, nutty scent that is layered with something almost flowery in note. (Boyfriend picked up the scent of rose!)

What I find so appealing about the Wild Argan Oil range from The Body Shop is that for something so luxurious and decadent, all the products are still affordable, ranging from £2.00 for the Bath Lily to £14.00 for the Radiant Oil.

To find out more about what The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range has to offer, go to: 


#GingerGetsEngaged: Wedding Planning Weeks 1-3

It is still so surreal to sit here and say that Boyfriend & I have been engaged for nearly a month! (You can find out about our engagement story here.

It may seem like such a short space of time, but we have already started to plan things out and get things done. Partly because we are really excited to get married....and partly I am a HUGE stresshead. By planning things in enough time I have a good long while to iron out the details and settle things in y own mind so that closer to the time I do not turn in to a complete Bridezilla! 

I really want to share the wedding planning experience with you, so will be filming updates as we get things done (probably every 3-6 weeks.) Here is the first instalment. What we have mainly been focusing on are the big things like researching, number-crunching and list-making for different things, but you can find out all about it by clicking the video above. 

If you have any advice for us in terms of wedding planning and what we should be doing/thinking about the let me know in the comments below. And if you have any questions about the planning process, please post them below in the comments, or ask me on twitter using #AskGinger.

PS: Here are the links to the products I refer to in the video: 

Me To You - Tatty Teddy Wedding Planner: 

The DIY Wedding Manual: 


From Paris With Love | Just Add Ginger

Ginger's Jollies: From Paris With Love

Ever since I was a teenager I've dreamt of going to Paris. I don't know if it's the films I've watched with Paris as the epicentre of love and art and beauty, or if it's because it always seems to be one of the hubs of international sophistication (and lets not forget macaroons.) Either way, while other girls may dream in clothes, I dream in Paris

So when Boyfriend & I decided to make my dream destination our chosen holidaying spot this summer, you can imagine how excited I was. Oh to be a part of something so magical! 

We could only afford to go for a few days, so decided that instead of trying to squeeze everything in, we'd concentrate on what we really wanted to see, and then, in years to come, when we reminisce of how glorious it was to be among such beauty, we'd return and fill in the gaps.

With our hotel being just outside of the city centre, the Metro was our easiest way to travel in and out of the city For a fraction of the price of an English train ticket we could travel as much as we pleased, taking in all the sites in our own time and roaming along the streets, gazing in wonder at our leisure. 

Visiting Paris - Just Add Ginger

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. The feeling you get when you see it twinkling in the darkness, is just indescribable. Both Boyfriend and I got really emotional watching it sparkle away. And then the light show happened, and that was it, I was done for! 

And well....we all know what happened afterwards *cue Beyonce song.* 

If you are planning on visiting Paris in the future, I'd definitely recommend opting for what we did and seeing it using the Metro and on foot. It really is the best way, and you'll spot some hidden gems along the way that you would never have seen otherwise. Also, think about visiting places just outside the city itself. Ch√Ęteau Vincennes is a gorgeous little town, relatively near to where we stayed, full of cute cafes, bustling bistros, and a castle that you can look around. It's a bit of light relief for evenings where you may not want to venture out in to the city again. 


We Are ENGAGED!!! | Just Add Ginger

Have you ever had moments in your life where you've had to take a step back and think

Is this really happening? 

Well, that happened to me in Paris. 

Boyfriend - during The Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd - asked me to marry him! 

It was something that I did not see coming, and I was completely swept off my feet. Marry me? Was he sure? 

I've never been in a relationship like the one Boyfriend & I share. There are literally no boundaries and there is no pretence. We share everything with each other and are 100% open and honest. If we are having a sh*t day, we unload our stresses on to each other, if we are feeling down, we cry, and if we want to be crazy and have a tea towel fight in the living room, well, we just go ahead and do that too. Everything just flows together smoothly, and I can honestly say that I don't think I knew completely who I was until I met him. 

Getting married was something that we have touched on in conversations in the past, but it was always "one day" or "if we." Never in a million years did I think that I'd be sitting here, listening to the tip-tap of my fingers on the keyboard, and seeing an engagement ring sparkling up at me.

It. Feels. Incredible.  

Boyfriend is the kindest, most devoted, dedicated, hard-working and funniest person I know. And I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him, making his life just that touch more weird!  
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Gift Guide For Mums

Gift Guide For Mums Just Add Ginger

MG's birthday is coming up soon. And she won't be upset if I admit this but she is notoriously difficult to buy for. You go to suggest something and she turns it down, or, you try and hunt for clues as to what she might want, and she immediately thwarts your attempts. It can sometimes be a nightmare.

If, like me, you are always pulling your hair out trying to decide what to get your mum (or another female relative) for their birthday, I thought I'd put together a little collection of ideas that will hopefully give some inspiration and make the process a bit less tricky.

1. Afternoon Tea: I did actually buy this for my mum one year, and she really enjoyed it. She pootled on down to London to The Ritz and enjoyed a day out and a bit of afternoon tea and cake with one of her friends. Sometimes it's not about actually giving somebody a gift, it can be about giving them a memory that will stay with them. And particularly if your mum is the type that doesn't really spend time treating herself, a gift like this is perfect to give her a little bit of a pamper.

2. Ted Baker iPad Case: PG actually treated mum a bit earlier this year and bought her an iPad Mini, I think he was a bit tired if her wanting to steal his tablet all the time so bought her her own (I'm a bit jel!) So an iPad case is actually something that I wad really considering getting her for her birthday, and the Ted Baker ones are so cute that it was hard to resist. They are such a pretty accessory to carry your iPad round in, and the assortment of colours mean there'll be one to suit every mum's taste.

3. Lolita Wine Glass: I just think the glasses by Designs by Lolita are gorgeous. They've been a constant presence on any mental gift list (although I only own one myself...I need to look in to that.) They come in so many different designs, and the brand also does shooters, pilsner glasses and champagne flutes, so regardless of your mum's tipple of choice, there's bound to be a glass and style that suits her personality.

4. Make Up: MG's never been a big make up wearer, but with mine & Boyfriends nuptials peeking out from the future, I think it might be time to help mum invest in a beautiful high-end lipstick so that on the big day she feels like a D-iva! Every time I walk past the beauty counters in the department stores in town, I am dazzled by the pretty packaging and sumptuous shades of lipstick that I see. If your mum deserves a bit of a pamper, and she's not normally a make up wearer, a designer lipstick is a really lovely present for her to pull out on special occasions, and enhance her beauty.

5. Scarf: Scarves are brilliant. They come in so many different shapes, sizes and design that you can never have too many (in my opinion.) Even if your mum doesn't war that many scarves, they are a brilliant piece to add to her wardrobe. Not only  do they accessorise an outfit, but they can also be tied round the handle of her favourite handbag to add a bit more Ooomph. 

6. Sweaters: Now if ther's anything my mum loves, it's a sweater. And especially if that sweater has a cute picture, or some embellishments. In her job, she likes to be as comfortable as possible, whilst still looking smart and fun. There have been quite a few years where a cute sweater has featured as part of her birthday present, and if I'm ever out/online shopping and spot one, I just can't help but pick one up for her.

7. Theatre Trip: This is actually something that MG,PG, Boyfriend & I are doing already. For her birthday, MG really wanted to see Les Mis. I - of course - agreed immediately, hand flying in the air "pick me, pick me," but PG & Boyfriend weren't so keen. So, for her birthday outing, me and MG are going to see Les Mis, and PG & Boyfriend are going to see The Woman in Black. Then afterwards we are meeting up for tea. Just like the Afternoon Tea option, going on a trip, whether it's to the theatre, or the zoo, or for a picnic in the park, memories can be such strong gifts to give.

Any gift ideas for mums? Share them in the comments below.