#GingerGetsEngaged: Wedding Planning Weeks 1-3

It is still so surreal to sit here and say that Boyfriend & I have been engaged for nearly a month! (You can find out about our engagement story here.

It may seem like such a short space of time, but we have already started to plan things out and get things done. Partly because we are really excited to get married....and partly I am a HUGE stresshead. By planning things in enough time I have a good long while to iron out the details and settle things in y own mind so that closer to the time I do not turn in to a complete Bridezilla! 

I really want to share the wedding planning experience with you, so will be filming updates as we get things done (probably every 3-6 weeks.) Here is the first instalment. What we have mainly been focusing on are the big things like researching, number-crunching and list-making for different things, but you can find out all about it by clicking the video above. 

If you have any advice for us in terms of wedding planning and what we should be doing/thinking about the let me know in the comments below. And if you have any questions about the planning process, please post them below in the comments, or ask me on twitter using #AskGinger.

PS: Here are the links to the products I refer to in the video: 

Me To You - Tatty Teddy Wedding Planner: 

The DIY Wedding Manual: 

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