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Ginger's Jollies: From Paris With Love

Ever since I was a teenager I've dreamt of going to Paris. I don't know if it's the films I've watched with Paris as the epicentre of love and art and beauty, or if it's because it always seems to be one of the hubs of international sophistication (and lets not forget macaroons.) Either way, while other girls may dream in clothes, I dream in Paris

So when Boyfriend & I decided to make my dream destination our chosen holidaying spot this summer, you can imagine how excited I was. Oh to be a part of something so magical! 

We could only afford to go for a few days, so decided that instead of trying to squeeze everything in, we'd concentrate on what we really wanted to see, and then, in years to come, when we reminisce of how glorious it was to be among such beauty, we'd return and fill in the gaps.

With our hotel being just outside of the city centre, the Metro was our easiest way to travel in and out of the city For a fraction of the price of an English train ticket we could travel as much as we pleased, taking in all the sites in our own time and roaming along the streets, gazing in wonder at our leisure. 

Visiting Paris - Just Add Ginger

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. The feeling you get when you see it twinkling in the darkness, is just indescribable. Both Boyfriend and I got really emotional watching it sparkle away. And then the light show happened, and that was it, I was done for! 

And well....we all know what happened afterwards *cue Beyonce song.* 

If you are planning on visiting Paris in the future, I'd definitely recommend opting for what we did and seeing it using the Metro and on foot. It really is the best way, and you'll spot some hidden gems along the way that you would never have seen otherwise. Also, think about visiting places just outside the city itself. Ch√Ęteau Vincennes is a gorgeous little town, relatively near to where we stayed, full of cute cafes, bustling bistros, and a castle that you can look around. It's a bit of light relief for evenings where you may not want to venture out in to the city again. 

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  1. Such a romantic trip! I'd love to go explore Paris someday, a macaroon in one hand and some good wine in the other! Sounds perfect hehe!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland