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The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Event

Last Thursday evening, myself, Sarah, Laura, Anita & Roxanne headed in to Liverpool One for The Body Shop's launch of their Wild Argan Oil line. I'm a big fan of argan oil at the moment. It's really nourishing for the skin, and leaves me smelling and feeling amazing from top to toe, so I was really excited to see what The Body Shop range had to offer. 

I purposefully didn't research too much in to the line before going to the event (although I knew Fleur de Force had been to Morocco to see where the range comes from.) I wanted to be surprised. And boy was I! As soon as we al walked in to the L1 store, an opulent and rich display of the range was there to greet us. The range is so extensive...from bubbling bath to hand lotion to a body scrub, the range has something to suit everybody. And the packaging is just gorgeous. The turquoise against the golden glow of the argan oil products really reflects the source of the argan nuts and transports you straight to Morocco. Just looking at the bottles and tubs gives the impression that you are going to have a really luxurious experience. (You can read more about the source of the Wild Argan Oil range here.) 

After perusing the range for a few minutes, reading labels and cooing over the scent of the line, I plucked a bubble bath (£8.00) from the display and popped it in to my basket. The temptation was there to try out more products, but with a wedding to save for, I wanted to make sure I only bought what I really needed. (With two bath-holics in the house, a bottle of bath foam is nearly always on the shopping list.) 

The L1 Body Shop had really bought an exotic flavour to the store to complement the launch of the Wild Argan Oil range. A really talented henna artist sat perched ready to decorate us with beautiful designs, and - alongside other tasty treats- was a jug of mint infused green tea was there to refresh us (it was so yummy!) I was sorely tempted to have a henna design on my hand, but with driving, I couldn't take the risk of it smudging. Laura did get a fabulous design though. Isn't it gorgeous? It was so interesting to watch it being done. 

Henna Artist - Just Add Ginger

I have taken two long bubble baths with the Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath so far, and on both occasions I have been complimented on the way I smell. The scent of the products is not pungent in the slightest, but a sweet, nutty scent that is layered with something almost flowery in note. (Boyfriend picked up the scent of rose!)

What I find so appealing about the Wild Argan Oil range from The Body Shop is that for something so luxurious and decadent, all the products are still affordable, ranging from £2.00 for the Bath Lily to £14.00 for the Radiant Oil.

To find out more about what The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range has to offer, go to: 

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  1. Such a great night and I too am loving everything I bought! The only downside was getting mint leaves in my mouth, I just wasn't a fan haha! I'm going to try out my little Argan Oil bubble bath sample tonight! Can't wait!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland