#Blogtember Day One: Dave Update

Dave the Cat

It has been just over two months since we took in Dave, and now that he is fully settled, he is well and truly part of the family. (Watch Dave's debut YouTube video here.) So, because Dave is our little baby, I wanted to give you a bit of an update on his progress so far. 


As soon as Dave came to us, it was like he was already a part of the family. He was very good-natured, and - aside from a few mad half hours - he was hardly any trouble. Now that he has settled in, he has developed even more of a sweeter personality. He is more playful with me, but I think that is because I am in the house so much more. When he wants breakfast he will come and nibble my toes until I fill his cat bowl. He will wrestle with me when I am on the sofa, and will actively come and ask me to play by bringing me his favourite toy mouse. Dave has also taken to trying to get the post as it pops through the letterbox. It is the cutest thing ever, and, even though he is too small to reach, every time he hears the flap he will bound towards the door desperately trying to get the mail. 

Dave is my shadow. He will follow me anywhere and everywhere. He will insist on sitting with me when I watch TV, guard the window when I am in the house alone,  and bathroom privacy for me is completely out the window. Yes...even when I want to actually be left alone, Dave will do his utmost to join me in the bathroom. And this morning he was inches away from falling in the bath after deciding it would be a great adventure to try and walk around the edge. 

With Boyfriend he is more affectionate. Boyfriend is the one Dave will actively seek out if he wants a cuddle, curling up on his lap of an evening and going to sleep. I think he definitely has more respect for Boyfriend because he has the stronger presence. 


Dave's behaviour hasn't really changed since we got him. I'd say that since his little *whispers* operation,  Dave has calmed down, and I guess, acts older. The mad moments have become less and less, and he is much more placid. He will still try and do quirky things - climbing the curtains is a great adventure - but we are quick to make sure that we praise all his good behaviour, and give a quick and stern-sounding "no" when he does something he shouldn't. 

We have trained Dave to know that he will only be fed by his food bowl, which means he doesn't really ever go for any food that we may have. He will occasionally try and snip cups, mugs, bowl and plates, but he doesn't go for food. Timing his tea time to coincide with ours means that he is usually distracted anyway.

Dave has also been extremely good at socialising with other animals. Boyfriend's family own a large dog, and, when we have taken Dave on holiday to stay at the family home, Dave has got along fine with the dog, playing with him, and trying to steal food from his bowl. Dog is very accepting of Dave, and Boyfriend's mum has no hesitation leaving the two together. The family cat however, is another story, and will not go near Dave in any which way. Which is understandable I think. The two are kept apart, but I think Dave would really like to become friends with the family cat. Said cat probably thinks "Jog on Dave. Not in this lifetime." 

(Main) Dave's favourite high place to sit, (Top to bottom left) In the sun, Nap buddy, Dreaming cat, Getting the post, After a bath near-miss

Dave is right on track with his weight, and has gained about 1.5kg since we got him. He has a hearty appetite, and is really regular and good at knowing where his toilet is, and when he should visit it. He has only had two mishaps where he went outside his box, but that was our fault entirely. Cats are very good at letting you know when their toilet is unclean and Dave was no exception. But we have made sure that we always have clumping cat litter which makes Dave deposits easier to find and means his box is always nice and clean.

I will probably do another update in a few months to let you know how our little baby bear is getting on. For all other new pet owners out there, how are your little guys doing? 

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