#Blogtember Day Eighteen: #Guestober

Just Add Ginger: #Guestober

I have honestly had so much fun doing #Blogtember this month. Granted, I haven't managed to blog every single day, and, due to a busy weekend schedule, Saturday and Sunday blogging just hasn't happened, but I have loved every minute of having some time every day that is just dedicated to my little blog baby (who, can you believe it, is approaching her latter toddler years!)

So, because I enjoyed having a little blog project so much this month, I have decided to create one for October too. From the first Sunday in October, and for each Sunday throughout the month, you will see guest-posts popping up in Just Add Ginger. I've decided to name it all #Guestober. If you follow me on Twitter (you can find me @Gingerjaxx) you can keep up to date with who will be posting each Sunday. 

Kicking things off is the lovely Laura over at ElleDeesBeauty. She has such a lovely, down-to-earth and honest style of blogging. Definitely click the link above and go say "hi" to her! Her post will be *live* on 5th October, so make like a potato and keep your eyes peeled for that *bom bom chush.* 

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