#Blogtember Day Eleven: The Wedding Planners

It really only does seem like yesterday that Boyfriend and I were gazing out at the Eiffel Tower's beam spinning round and round and listening to Pink Floyd....But, now six weeks down the line, the wedding planning is now in complete full swing! 

I may have started the planning by myself, but now that Boyfriend has become equally as involved I wanted to film the next part in my #Ginger Gets Engaged series to update you all on how far we have gotten. We may seem to have done quite a lot, but I really don't want to be sweating the big stuff over Christmas. I just love that time of year too much! 

I still have to do a double take sometimes to really believe that all this has happened. I mean. In two years time I will be married....how weird and marvellously cool is that? 

If you have any wedding planning tips, want to share your wedding planning story, or have any pearls of wedding wisdom, please drop me a line in the comments below! I'd love to network with other brides out there to share some ideas around.

Ps: To catch up on the first instalment of the series, click the picture below!

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