#Blogtember Day Sixteen: Keeping A Bridal Mood Board

Bridal Board One

Boyfriend and I have been engaged now for just over two months now, and honestly the time has gone just so fast. (If you want to see what wedding planning we have been up to, check out my #GingerGetsEngaged video series here.)

If you have just got engaged, no doubt you are sitting reading this in a state of surreal euphoria. Thoughts, ideas and visions of wedded bliss might be running through your head at 100mph and you probably are still trying to take it all in.

What helped me to rationalise my ideas just after we'd got engaged was to collate my ideas in a make-shift wedding planner made out of bits of paper. Then I moved on to my actual wedding planner (I have this one.) And while I absolutely love my planner, there isn't really space for me to visually gather my thoughts.

One thing that has really helped me "see" what all my thoughts look like together has been keeping a Bridal Mood Board. I don't know about you. but I can really understand my thoughts and picture how everything is going to mesh together if bits and pieces are actually in front of me rather than using my imagination.

I created my Bridal Mood Board above using Polyvore. I'm giving you all a sneak peek in to the plans we have so far and ideas I have for me, my hair, make up, accessories and bridesmaids. The only thing that you won't be getting to see is my wedding dress (you didn't think I'd give that away, did you?) That is going to remain a big fat secret until after the big day because Boyfriend doesn't want any ideas of what it looks like.

Pinterest has also been a great place to collate ideas. It's not been as handy as Polyvore in terms of being able to see things all together, but it's much more portable, and when it comes to finding things like bridesmaid dresses, or a photographer, I can share my ideas much easier.

If you are a bride or groom-to-be, definitely get creative and put together a mood board for yourself. It might help you hone your ideas, and you'll get the chance to see everything together as one. Just looking at the one of our ideas so far makes me realise that my thoughts haven't been completely random and that they will look how I'd hoped they would.

If you have any wedding planning tips for us, or other bride or grooms-to-be out there, share them in the comments below!

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