#Blogtember Day Seventeen: Cooking Tips & Tools

With it being September, leaves beginning to change, the weather on the turn, and some of you making the big step into the world and heading off to university, I thought now would be a great time to film my next One-Handed Ways video. 

Cooking and food are a big part of who I am, and I wanted to share some of the tools, and tips, that help me out best when it comes to food prep. 

If you find this video helpful, or know someone who would find it helpful, then please let me know in the comments. Get sharing and please pass this video along to anyone you think will find it useful! 
 I really want to share as many helpful tips and tricks as possible through these videos, so any feedback, ideas and suggestions for more videos you would like to see are more than welcome! 

Products Mentioned In Video

Adapted Chopping/Spreading Board With Spikes (similar to video):

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Chopping Board

Mezzaluna Set (similar to video): 

+ A Really Good Website:

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  1. Great tips :)
    Loved it .