#Blogtember Day Six: Autumn Days...

Guys....as a side note, I've decided that I will having #Blogtember breaks at weekends. Just because at the moment Boyfriend and I are crazy busy and I don't want to be rushing to keep up. #Blogtember posts will be Monday-Friday. Hope you enjoy all the posts!

Autumn Days - Blogtember

I have a;ways been the biggest fan of the colder months of the year. Spring and Summer are lovely. Warm days. Pretty flowers. Ice lollies. But there's something about Winter, and especially Autumn, that draw me in. I had a moment of giddiness standing outside today. I felt a cold breeze kiss my nose, and I thought, Yes....Autumn is nearly here!

To celebrate my favourite time of the year, I thought I'd share some things I really love about the season and what I am looking forward to most. 

Warm Fires 

Everybody who knows me knows just how much I feel the cold. It could be one glorious Summer evening, where everybody is in shorts and t shirts, and I'd be there huddled in a fleece. It is just ridiculous. So I am looking forward to getting our gas fire going so much. I'm like a cat. I sit as close as I can to the fire and curl up in a little ball all cosy and warm. I just love it! 

Hot Drinks 

Hand-in-hand with the warm fires is definitely hot drinks. There's just something about making a hot orange or hot chocolate and snuggling up, feeling the steam tickle your face and the mug warm your hands that just fills me with so much happiness. And, as it gets even colder, there's nothing like a hot mulled wine and cider to warm your cockles on a Winter evening at the weekend. 

Comfort Food 

I may be embarking on a bride-to-be diet, but I'm still a big foodie at heart. And Autumn is the perfect excuse to indulge in that extra few chocolates, a piece of cake, or sneaky second helping of Sunday lunch. I won't go overboard (or I'll try not to) but, well, you need the extra energy when it's cold don't you?


Autumn is the perfect excuse to go all out when it comes to clothing. In my opinion, the more layers the better. There's no better a feeling than being bundled up all cosy and snug and warm but being able to see your breath on the wind. Ooooo... I'm going all fuzzy inside just thinking about it.


This is the time of year where everything starts to happen in my life. First there's Spotto's birthday, Papa Ginger's birthday, then Halloween, then Bonfire Night, and then, CHRISTMAS! And this year in particular, Boyfriend and I have so much planned. It's going to be manic, but it's going to be really, really fun too. 

What things do you like most about this time of year? 

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  1. It's starting to get chilly, the thermal tights are almost out - I love this time of year! I need a autumn/winter shopping spree, and I need lots and lots of cinnamon tea/cakes/scents! Yay autumn!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland