#Blogtember Day Fifteen: Ribena Mango & Lime

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When I think of fruit juice, I think of my childhood. Summer days spent out in the park, or at the zoo, with a lunchbox in tow. Playing the mornings away and then settling down with a jam sandwich, packet of crisps, and carton of your favourite drink....Those were the days! 

About a month or so ago, I signed up to Bzz Agent. When my first #BzzCampaign invitation came through, I got ridiculously excited. I had the chance to try out Ribena's new Mango & Lime flavour juice drink. 

Now, whereas in the past, I used to love a good glass of squash, nowadays it is not something I'm naturally drawn to. I find a lot of the flavours a bit same-y. Don't get me wrong, I can find a good glass of orange squash quite refreshing, but a lot of the flavours out there don't appeal to my taste buds. I get bored really easily and find it hard to finish a full-size bottle. 

I can report that this was definitely not the case for the Ribena Mango and Lime. Between both Boyfriend and I, with barely a week since receiving the 1 litre bottle, it has nearly all gone. It is just delicious. The mango element of the juice is the real shining star, and makes the juice really sweet and refreshing. The lime is a little bit hidden, but is the underdog and works to mellow-out what could be a really overwhelming mango-y flavoured drink. 

I'm a big fan of strongly-flavoured drinks, so I added more of the  juice before diluting it with water, but the option is always there to add as much (or as little) as you wish. However you like your drink, I can guarantee that the smell, and taste of the mango will sing through. I think it's a flavour that will appeal to everybody as, even though it is sweet, it is not sickening. It adds that instant hit of tropical-goodness in to your day even if it is overcast and grey outside. And I have really enjoyed trying this. It is testament to the yumminess of this Ribena offering that between just two of us grown-ups living in the house, the whole bottle has nearly disappeared. When in doubt, it is what I instantly reach for every time I open the fridge, 

Even Boyfriend - who I think was a bit unsure at first - said "Oh yeah, that's quite nice, isn't it?" This - I'd like to point out - was before we nearly polished off the whole bottle between us. I think he may be swayed more than ever now. 

Looking for a new fruit squash to try? Wanting to spark a little bit more Summer in your life before colder climbs comes? Then definitely pick up a bottle of Ribena Mango & Lime. Out of all the flavours Ribena have brought out so far, this is definitely my favourite!

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