#Blogtember Day Four: My University Wardrobe Revisited

#Blogtember Day Four: Just Add Ginger

My days at university are long over. It was nearly 10 years ago that I headed out on the first leg of the road that led to adulthood, and yet, I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Now that I am that bit older and have slightly more perspective, I have a completely different view on my wardrobe and what I would've taken with me to uni. And with some of you out there about to embark on this massive journey, I wanted to share my thoughts about what I would take with me to university to wear, and some of the things I'd say to consider taking with you too.

The main thing to remember is that you should take things with you that are wardrobe staples and can be worn again and again. Things like a range of different coloured tank tops, jeggings, leggings and skirts that can be mixed, matched and interchanged to make lots of different day-to-day outfits and can be worn day and night. There will be some days in uni where you spend hours at your lectures and then head on out afterwards to meet your friends. For these times you need things that can carry you through....pretty day dresses, classic black flats, a blazer, and a good pair of tights.

Comfort is also key. You won't always get a choice in what lectures you attend, and if you are landed with the 9am call, I;m sure you'd rather have extra time in bed than get up earlier and spend ages getting ready. Hoodies, oversized shirts, a snuggly coat and jumpers will be your best friends, as will a good pair of Ugg-style boots, trainers or flats. The last thing you want is to be sitting in a really long lecture feeling utterly uncomfortable is it?

Having accessories that make a statement are a great way to bring some of your personality out. Bags, scarves and jewellery are the perfect means to express your personal taste. A good-sized "school bag" is imperative of you're going to be on a course with a heavy workload. And a smaller, more portable bag should come with you for when you venture out and explore the night-life, go on road trips, or are running errands.

Having a classic LBD in tow will mean you always have something to pull out if you ever have a "I have nothing to wear" moment. It will always look gorgeous, and teamed with a killer pair of black or nude heels you will undoubtedly exude elegance. Another night-life essential is also some fancy dress options. There were so many fancy dress parties whe n I was at uni. From pyjama parties to letter-themed, Halloween and "Back to School" nights. So if you do like to have a bit of a boogie, check out any itineraries you may have and think about taking appropriate costumes to wear or things that can be turned in to costumes.

Remember that university is the perfect time to completely express yourself, and clothes can help you do that. You can use my ideas as a guideline, but take clothes that you are happy to wear, and that you will find comfortable and feel phenomenal in.

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