Ginger's Jollies: Goodbye...for now!

Bonjour Universe!!

For the next 3 WEEKS I am going to be on my holidays, and as much as I'd love to blog everyday, I don't know if I'll be able to! :(

When I return, I shall be back with a vengeance!

Yesterday was so hot and beautiful! Here are some pictures :D


Cook with Ginger: Birthday Cake Bonanza!

Bonjour Universe! 

It is uber sunny and hot AGAIN today!! Glorious, glorious sunshine! 

About a week ago I had some friends over for some goodbye drinks, and I made one of my friends a birthday cake because I'm not going to be here to celebrate it with her! :( 

I decorated it and iced it myself! 

It did look a LIIIIITTTLLLEE bit like porridge, but it got better...you'll see!! 


I had to adjust the timing of the recipe because my oven is old and grumpy and doesn't like to bake cakes sometimes! 

I heated up some apricot jam to brush on to the sponge as a glaze to stick on the royal icing. 

The final result!! 

It's not perfectly perfect. It is a bit wonky, but it was made with love. 

And that is the beauty of home baking!! 

Happy Baking Everybody!! 


Beauty by Ginger: Ways to feel good!

I had these photos taken a few months ago! Getting pampered is a great way to take some time out for yourself and show yourself a little love!

What do you do to feel good?


Ginger's Jollies: Saturday Food Spectacular

Bonjour Universe! 

On Saturday, I went to a vintage fair with two of my friends. After we'd looked around the fair for a bit, we decided to go and have a spot of grub...after having an AMAZING lunch, we did some more shopping....

...and then had pudding somewhere else! 


L'Oreal Infallible Foundation | Just Add Ginger

Just Add Ginger

It is here...FINALLY!! My review of the 16hour L'Oreal Infallible Foundation. I've been testing this out for a few weeks now, and at last feel ready to write a fully informed review about it! 

How exciting!
Before I bought this, I had done a lot of research on YouTube. I really needed a foundation that was long-lasting, with quite a high coverage for my holiday!

I bought this on Oxford Street in the shade "Natural Rose", because when I swatched it it looked like it would not been too dark for my skin...I am so pale...I could actually be a ghost!

But then I bought it in "Porcelain" too. Basically I discovered that the "Natural Rose" left an orange stain on my skin where I initially put some on my hand for application. The thought of walking around Canada with a big orange blob on my face where in a blurry jet-lagged haze I hadn't blended....not a good look!!

Just Add Ginger
Left: "Porcelain" Right: "Natural Rose"

I did persevere with the "Natural Rose", and it is almost a match...it makes me look a bit more alive, and less Oompa Loompa-ish than I thought it would (Yay!) 

"Porcelain" gives me a much more natural look, and if I'm honest, if  build up the formula, I look a bit transparent! Eek! I think I fall in a grey area where my skin just doesn't co-operate with the beauty world, and I am a combination of two shades! 

Just Add Ginger

Just Add Ginger
Left: "Natural Rose" Right "Porcelain"

I was VERY impressed with the coverage of this foundation. I'd say it was medium, but buildable to heavy, which is what I need from a foundation really. The formula is really smooth and silky, and glides on to the skin really well. I apply foundation with my fingers, and so far, I can happily report... 

I have remained streak free! Woohooo!!! 

Just Add Ginger

"Does it last?" I hear you ask "Does it really last 16 hours?" 

In a nutshell....

Not really! 

At least, not for me.

I do have a pretty manic working week. I'm up early, to and fro from my house like a yoyo, braving the British elements, and constantly on the go (with the occasional power nap in between shifts). So my skin sees a lot of wear and tear during the day. Perhaps if you had a calmer day, the foundation would last a bit longer. I can get a good 6-7 hours out of it before it starts to fade.

Which I don't think is that bad, really. 

Just Add Ginger
"Natural Rose"

Just Add Ginger
For a drugstore foundation, I really like this. I picked it up for only about £12, so £24 for both bottles. That's what I'd normally spend on one higher end foundation! That's mental! 

Also, a pretty frivolous thing, but I LOVE the fact that it comes with a pump. It makes the application so much easier and cleaner!

I will be taking this away with me...probably both shades, just in case I actually catch some sun and look less ghostly! 


Pudding Club!!

Bon Soir Universe!

Tonight I went out with some of my friends for a pub dinner, and I just HAD to share my pudding with you...

Banoffee Cheesecake!!! A little piece of heaven on a plate! Eeee!!!

Cook with Ginger: Pork, Apricot and Celery Burgers

Bonjour Universe!

I am ALWAYS looking for new recipes to try that are simple, quick, and make me go "Nom nom"!

The flavours in this recipe were inspired by the stuffing that I had at a roast dinner my friend cooked me last week, and the recipe itself from an old favourite (found here.) I kind of improvised a teeny bit, but it turned out really well, and was cooked in under 20 minutes, so perfect for a quick lunchtime bite!

I used pork mince, a stick of celery, and a handful of dried apricots as the main ingredients for this dish, and it was d-eeeelicious!

I whizzed the dry ingredients up in a blender for speed. I cannot praise the blender enough if you are in a hurry...it saves SO much time and means that I can fix myself something nutritious and yummy in a flash!

I decided to grill my burgers...it's a lot healthier, and considering I spent most of the morning shoving chocolate in my mouth, I thought I could do with being a bit more careful about what I had for lunch!

This meal can be cooked in under 30 minutes, so even if you are in a rush or can't be bothered to cook something...YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! You can eat them with salad, with beans, with just a burger bun...

Yum yun yum!

Happy Cooking Everybody!


Ginger's Jollies: Cadbury World!

On Sunday, I FINALLY got to live out one of my childhood fantasies and go to a chocolate factory...and not just any old chocolate factory....

Oh no....

I went to Cadbury World!!

And it was AMAZING!!!!


Cadbury World is in Bournville, Birmingham, in England!

Cadbury World is a chocolate factory and exhibition, detailing the production of chocolate, and the history of the Cadbury brand. The factory is set in quite a large grounds, where there are outdoor attractions and facilities. Bournville is a town, which was initially established by Cadbury, for all its workers, so that's attached to Cadbury World too.

Opening Times
Cadbury World is open for most of the year (it is shut for a few weeks in January.) Opening times vary depending on the day and the time of year. The earliest Cadbury World opens is 9am, and it stays open until the afternoon (again, times vary!) It's worth ringing up, or checking the website before you visit to make sure you know the exact times!


Adult: £14.75
Child: £10.75 (ages 4-15)
Concessions (Senior/Students): £11.10
Under 4's: Free
Family Ticket: £45/£53...depending on the number of adults vs children


Parking is free!! Yippeeee!!! And there is quite a decent sized car park, with lots of spaces, and an overflow section (it gets very, very busy!)

Child Friendly

Well, this is a bit of a silly heading....it's a chocolate factory!! There are LOTS of things for children - samples, interactive attractions and rides, games, educational bits and bobs....the only thing that children may not be AS interested in is all the history of chocolate and cocoa, but in the "adult-y" bits, there are models and lots of things to look at that don't require reading!



Okay, aside from that, Cadbury World is a family fun day out...there is something for everybody, and it's generally a happy, cheery place. If you were with children, you could happily spend the afternoon in the adventure playground after looking round the factory. When we went, there was lots going on...family shows, a fancy dress competition...it's very inclusive...

...and if you're lucky you get free samples!

The shop is also very reasonable in their pricing. I picked up a HUGE bag of mis-shapes for just under £3!!


It gets very, very busy!! Mama Ginger and I arrived for the 9.50am slot, and when we came out of the factory, the lobby was absolutely CRAMMED full of people. We could barely move!

You also need to pre-book to guarantee you can get in. You couldn't just decide one weekend to go to Cadbury World. You might be disappointed, and have some unhappy children (and adults), if you find you can't get in.

There is also no bag holding area. We got caught behind two women wheeling suitcases...yes...SUITCASES, around a very narrow part of the exhibition, and it was really annoying!

Final Thoughts

I have wanted to go to Cadbury World since I was a child and a boy in my class at school went and brought in a pencil sharpener to school from here!

I was not disappointed...not even being a 25 year old. I had such a good time! Admittedly, I did get carried away with the chocolate eating, but aside from that, I think Cadbury World is great and I'd definitely go back.

I can imagine that in the summer the amount put on for families increases, but considering that we only went on a weekend, I was really impressed.


Ginger's Jollies: Weekend Wonders

Bon Soir Universe! 

I have had an epic-ly epic weekend... It has been AMAZING!! And now, I am abslutely shattered! 

But that's okay! 

Because it's Bank Holiday Monday! Woohoo!!! 

 Yesterday I went to Camden for the first time ever, and I LOVED it! My trip was cut short though because I thought I'd lost my purse/it had been stolen....

It was on the dining table the whole time! ARGH!!!

Today I visited somewhere I've always wanted to go....Cadbury World!!

Mama Ginger and I went to Oxford...it is so pretty!! Sometimes I really feel I was born in the wrong era...

...and this was just Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow I'm heading out AGAIN to buy a sleeping bag, then it's back home on the train! 

I am a busy, busy bee.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!!