Ginger's Jollies: Weekend Wonders

Bon Soir Universe! 

I have had an epic-ly epic weekend... It has been AMAZING!! And now, I am abslutely shattered! 

But that's okay! 

Because it's Bank Holiday Monday! Woohoo!!! 

 Yesterday I went to Camden for the first time ever, and I LOVED it! My trip was cut short though because I thought I'd lost my purse/it had been stolen....

It was on the dining table the whole time! ARGH!!!

Today I visited somewhere I've always wanted to go....Cadbury World!!

Mama Ginger and I went to Oxford...it is so pretty!! Sometimes I really feel I was born in the wrong era...

...and this was just Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow I'm heading out AGAIN to buy a sleeping bag, then it's back home on the train! 

I am a busy, busy bee.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!!

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