April 2012 Favourites

Bonjour Universe!

Today, I am uber excited!! My first "Favourites" post! Eeeeek!!

I know I've been away for a few days...(did you miss me, little blog?) But I am back now, and ready to roll!!

Here we go...


Ever since the pastel trend came to the high street, I have been obsessed! I was looking for a pair for sooooo long, and just couldn't find ones that I really liked. I FINALLY found a pair of gorgeous mint green ones in Sainsbury's. They are really well fitting, with a stretch in the fabric so they are fabulously comfy too.

And THEN! I found a pair on the Dorothy Perkins website in a gorgeous duck egg blue/green colour. They're a bit brighter than the Sainsbury's ones, but the colour is so flattering, and the fit is just perfection, and I love them, and I want to wear them forever! Ahhhh!!

Make Up

In my teens I used to always be a lipgloss kinda girl. (Lipsticks were like way too granny-ish!) But recently, I have rediscovered the lipstick love. Natural Collection have got a great priced range out (£1.99 each...bargain), and their nudes are so beautiful. The two I'm loving at the moment are "Autumn Sunset" (left in the picture), and "Coral Shimmer" (right in the picture.) They are quite pigmented, and are definitely worth a look if you like your nudes and neutral shades!

Firstly; I apologise for the state of these next products. I use them every single day, so look a bit messy, but well loved!

I first tried the L'oreal Infallable 16h foundation because I was looking for a reasonably priced foundation to take away with me. Well, let me tell you, I have found it! I use this foundation (my colour is "Natural Rose) EVERY SINGLE DAY! The coverage is great for me (I am spot prone), and the colour is almost a perfect match to my skin...and it was only about £12...love, love, love it!!

Second product I swear by is my YSL black mascara. I got it as part of a set with the Touche Eclat, and I haven't looked back. I find the formula really light, and long lasting, and it makes my lashes look really big and bold. I don't know if I'd buy it again (YSL is a bit out of my usual price range), but for now, it is a little bit of indulgence for my lashes.

Skin, Bath & Body

That shampoo bottle has seen a lot of love!

I have been using the Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes shampoo and conditioner for quite a while now. My hair is really prone to knots and matting, and I find that the shampoo and conditioner by Tigi sorts me out really well. (I've actually run out of the conditioner, that's why it's not in the picture.) It smells gorgeous too...like sweets. I've actually had people coming up to me to smell my head. Cleans your hair and boosts your ego...fabulous products!

I use the Soap & Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist everyday too. It's really funny, because I only found it a few weeks ago. I was cleaning my dining room, and found a Soap & Glory set I was given for my birthday with some products still inside. Thank God I decided to tidy up. The mist smells like a sweet shop, and leaves my skin soft and smooth and moisturised. "The Righteous Butter" also helps smooth out my skin, and has the same scent. Using the Bed Head, and Soap & Glory products together makes me smell so good I want to eat me! hehe.

Nail Varnish

I NEED to have quick drying nail varnishes. I have a very, very strange way of painting my nails, and I need them to dry quickly. I have been so impressed with the Maybelline Express Finish varnishes. They dry very, very fast, and the colours are just exquisite...this month I've been using no 215 "Spiced Latte", and no 610 "Exu-blue-rant". You do usually need to apply two coats and a top coat, but I find these last on your nails for quite a while without chipping!


I have quite a varied taste in music, and I usually just like the odd song from an artist - of course, there are those musicians I just LOVE, but for the most part, nobody new gets added to that list - but I think Kyla la Grange has one of the most beautiful, unique voices I've heard in a while. Seeing her live was amazing because you can tell by the way she performs how passionate she is about her own music. Listening to her reminds me of summer, and makes me feel really calm and mellow.

TV Shows

Ringer - I absolutlely am addicted to this show, and I don't know what I'm going to do when the last episode airs. If you've not heard of Ringer before, and you like your dramas on television, you need to give this a look! Sarah Michelle Gellar stars, and every episode, I am glued to the screen, antcipating what is going to happen next. I seriously hope there is a Season 2!

Game of Thrones - I'm sure most people have heard of this series (in the UK and USA/Canada at least. It is such a gripping show (based on the series of books), and completely addictive. I do warn you, it's not for the faint-hearted, as it can get quite brutal, but once you remind yourselves it's just a tv show, you're fine.

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