Cook with Ginger: Pork, Apricot and Celery Burgers

Bonjour Universe!

I am ALWAYS looking for new recipes to try that are simple, quick, and make me go "Nom nom"!

The flavours in this recipe were inspired by the stuffing that I had at a roast dinner my friend cooked me last week, and the recipe itself from an old favourite (found here.) I kind of improvised a teeny bit, but it turned out really well, and was cooked in under 20 minutes, so perfect for a quick lunchtime bite!

I used pork mince, a stick of celery, and a handful of dried apricots as the main ingredients for this dish, and it was d-eeeelicious!

I whizzed the dry ingredients up in a blender for speed. I cannot praise the blender enough if you are in a hurry...it saves SO much time and means that I can fix myself something nutritious and yummy in a flash!

I decided to grill my burgers...it's a lot healthier, and considering I spent most of the morning shoving chocolate in my mouth, I thought I could do with being a bit more careful about what I had for lunch!

This meal can be cooked in under 30 minutes, so even if you are in a rush or can't be bothered to cook something...YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! You can eat them with salad, with beans, with just a burger bun...

Yum yun yum!

Happy Cooking Everybody!

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