C is for Chocolate

C: Chocolate 

I have a confession to make. 

I am a choc-o-holic! 

So, when it came to finding a "C" for the A-Z Challenge, there was no question of what I was going to write about. 

This "C" is dedicated to the sweet delicious, naughty goodness that is chocolate! 

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Chocolate always has been - and always will be - one of my (not so) guilty pleasures! You can eat it as it is, cook with it, use it for fondue..... Chocolate is amazing! And when I've had a stressful or tiring day, there's nothing like coming home, getting into my pyjamas, and making myself a big mug of hot chocolaty goodness

"I love chocolate, 
Yes I do. 
It lifts me up
When I feel blue."

What's your favourite sweet treat?

Ginger x


  1. I had a boss once, who could be quite brash and rude, and he'd literally go into my desk and raid my bag of Hershey kisses w/o asking, if he knew I had them. I'd be sitting there typing away, he'd come in to get something off the printer, open the drawer and help himself. Not even a thank you.

    1. Wow! Taking Hershey Kisses? That's a tad mean! :/

      If I had a drawer with chocolate in at work, I'd definitely make a padlock investment! Ha.

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe! Food posts always make me feel that way too!

  3. I'm diabetic and sweets are off-limits, but I do have two squares of chocolate most nights. I figure two squares won't kill me quick enough for it to matter at my age! O bother! I hate captchas - with my eyes I never get them right. Oh well, here goes.....

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    2. Have you ever tried any chocolate diabetic friendly recipes? I've always been intrigued about them!

      Ah yes....my word verification. I will turn it off. Don't usually think about it.... Think it's been on the same setting since I started up my blog.

  4. Hi Ginger, new follower from the A to Z blog hop :)

    You had me a chocolate...so, regardless of what else you had to say, I knew this was a blog I needed to follow. Looking forward to more :)

    1. Hello! Welcome!! :)

      Yes.... Chocolate is a big part of my life.... And yummy food goodness in general!

      Good luck with the A-Z Challenge!