A-Z Challenge: A is for Achievements

For the next month, I will be uploading additional posts. I have signed up for the A-Z Challenge . Every day - apart from Sunday - will be a new letter. Today, it's A!)

A: Achievements

I managed to final conquer something that has been terrorising me for years and years. The mere thought of a shoelace would send shivers up my spine. A shoelace would mean I'd have to ask for help. That I would depend on somebody else. I never wanted to be a pain to others, and , in all honesty, the thought of asking somebody to tie my shoelace was a bit embarassing. I should have been able to do it myself! 

But now, I have a way. And it feels so good to finally say...



We all need to take pride in our achievements. No matter how big or small they are, or may seem to others. Whether it's cooking something new, meeting a deadline, learning a new language, or just getting through that humongous pile of washing that you thought would never end. It all counts, and we should always take the time to say to ourselves "I'm really proud of what I did today." 

Saying how proud we are of others is important too. If you know that somebody has overcome something tricky, tell them how proud you are of them. How happy you are that they conquered something new, or overcame a stress in their life. Being there for our friends and family is so, so important. They need to know we support them in everything we do. 

What better feeling is there than helping put a smile back on somebody's face? 

Ginger x


  1. Hooray you! Tying shoes is harder than it looks. You deserve that pat on the back!

  2. Happy blogging,just wanted to say hi, I'll see you again on this A to Z trail.