Y is for YouTube

Y: YouTube 

I haven't vlogged on my YouTube channel since being in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. My daily life isn't really all that exciting, and I work, so vlogging has to be saved for weekends and when I have time off from work. 

I am not a professional, I don't have a great camera (I mainly film on my iPhone,) and I do basic editing as the whole thought of doing teaching myself intense video footage editing terrifies me (if anybody has any tips let me know) but I really enjoy filming and just chatting to the camera and making memories! 

Hopefully I can make a regular feature of weekend vlogs...even if it is just recording my normal life with all the joys normality brings! 

If you have a YouTube channel of your own, or a favourite YouTube channel, link it below and share the love!

Ginger x

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  1. Enjoy it and have fun with it
    you never know where it may take you

    Hope you enjoyed A to Z