F is for Flying Fashion

F: Flying Fashion

It's 3.10am in the morning and I am up and dressed ready for a taxi to come and whisk me away to Amsterdam for the weekend.

When I fly, I like to be as comfortable as possible without losing my personal style. Today I opted for a basic jumper/legging combo for optimum comfort, and mixed this with a pair of super cosy boots (it's freezing at this time in the morning!) my hat and scarf finished off the look, and added in a bit of a signature touch!

Hat: Topshop
Scarf; Primark
Jumper Dress: H&M
Leggings: New Look
Boots: Sketchers

My 3am face.....
I applied a touch of make up just so that I don't look like a ghost. Concealer, mascara and blusher are a MUST at this time in the morning to help me go from transparent, to a more alive shade of pale!

Ginger x