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I have been after a good hair mask for a while. It's something that I've never really tried before, and there are so many different brands of mask out there, I wanted to make sure I didn't pick something that was going to be the wrong type of product for my hair.

My hair is naturally wavy (with some curls), and it's very thick. I am always prone to a massive clump of knots at the base of my neck that is always horrendous to get rid of, and no mater how much you brush it, de-tangle it, or pray that it won't come back because you've finally won the battle, it will always return with a vengeance! 

This means that my hair can get really, really dry. And that's a feeling I can't stand. It's the reason that the L'Oreal EverRiche Nourishing Intense Mask stood out to me. The first thing I saw was the "DRY AND VERY DRY HAIR" text. Had to be worth a try, right? 

I bought the mask from the Boots near my parents'. I believe it was around the £6.99 mark. Which, for a mask, I didn't think was too bad! 

The product comes in a 200ml pot, and has simple instructions for use on the back (always a plus), along with a list of ingredients. The packaging looks really sleek and I think quite high-end. It's definitely something I'd expect to find on the shelves in a hair salon. I really like the gold and amber-ish colour choices. I think it looks really professional, and the presence of the pot in my shower definitely makes my bathroom look prettier!

The instructions say to apply a "walnut sized amount" to the hair, and at first, I was a bit dubious about this with my hair. But you really don't need to apply that much at all. It spreads out really well on to the hair, and smells like a salon (I'm rubbish at describing scent, but hopefully you know what I mean!)

Just Add Ginger
Apologies for the blurry photo - my camera was struggling to focus!
The consistency of the product isn't weighty, and it felt like I was just applying an ordinary conditioner to my hair. I left the mask on for the optimum recommended time (5 minutes), and rinsed the mask off. 

My hair felt sleek and smooth even when it was wet. All the tangles had gone. Not wanting to get to excited, I let my hair dry to see the full effect of the mask. 

I honestly cannot tell you how soft my hair was! I was in complete shock. Usually after washing my hair, softness lasts for a day or so, then the knots come sneaking back to form "the clump", but not after using this mask! My hair stayed soft and smooth right up until the next wash. And when the odd little knot did appear, with a quick flick of a hairbrush, it disappeared and didn't return! 

I've only used the L'Oreal EverRiiche Nourishing Intense Mask once, but I was so in awe of the results I had to write a post about it. I think I've just made a new friend! 

If you're looking for a hair mask to try, and have similar hair issues, I absolutely recommend giving this a go!

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