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I must admit - I'm not the biggest fan of the summer months. I don't do well in the heat, my anxiousness is often heightened and I get so red and hot I just end up looking like a sweaty lobster. 

However one thing I do like about this time of year are the bright mornings. They really give me renewed motivation and there's a brilliant and inescapable sense of peace and tranquillity that come with them. 

It's at this time of year that I want to do more in the mornings. I want to enjoy life at a more languid pace and soak in the sunshine and birdsong without feeling rushed. 

Getting yourself into a good morning routine means that you are more organised, more productive and more motivated. Stress starts to slip away and you can take the time to enjoy those little moments of calm in between the madness of a busy week.

So with all that being said, here are my tips for setting yourself up for an amazing day -

girl sitting on sofa, holding coffee mug and smiling

When You Wake Up, Get Up

This is something I always live by and it really is a game changer when it comes to setting your day off on the right foot. It's not going to come easy to everyone but once you get into the habit you don't even have to think about it. 

When you first wake up in the morning, instead of hitting snooze on your alarm or aimlessly scrolling through your social media, just get up. Swing your legs out of bed, make a beeline for the shower / kettle / fridge and start your day. 

Oh yes, the temptation will be there to continue to lounge in bed, but trust me, if you start getting into good habits then you'll soon see your productivity (and energy levels) really rise. 

Since I started doing this I've been in a better mood, had more time to myself and not felt so flustered trying to squeeze everything I need to do into a shorter period of time. As a mum it also means I get to enjoy a hot coffee in peace without being accosted for attention or acting as a human climbing frame.

Start Every Day With A Smile 

Life can be manic sometimes. And it is so easy to get caught up in the stresses, trials and tribulations that get thrown at us. But even though there may be a million and one things that are getting you down, it is really important to take a step back and try and wake up with a grateful heart. 

Perhaps it is thinking of a loved one, of something special that happened at the weekend or turning to a precious memory that makes you happy, when your eyes first flutter open in the morning try your best to think of something that makes you smile.

For those of you who may need more help, keep a framed photo under your pillow or on your nightstand. Or spray your sheets with a scent that evokes a happy memory. Store a keepsake in a pouch and tuck it under your bed or somewhere close by so that you can look over it first thing

Make Time For Breakfast

Not everyone likes it or thinks they have time, but having breakfast matters. Even if it is just setting time aside to have a morning coffee or cup of tea as you read your paper emails. 

Having just ten minutes to get some sustenance into your system and kick your brain into motion will stop you feeling like you are functioning on auto pilot. It will help keep you alert and hopefully curb those mid-morning cravings so that you can keep going until lunchtime.

Water, Water, Water

This is just as, if not more important than having breakfast and something that I am guilty of not doing well enough - 

drinking enough water

Staying hydrated is so important, but something that is so difficult to remember. With the call of the coffee machine being far too strong I nearly always forget to pour myself a pint of tap water to help replenish my system once I wake up.

If you are as bad as I am at remembering to do this, then there are a few different things we can try together. The first is to set water reminders on our phones. A little nudge to tell us to stop what we are doing and get a drink. 

If this one isn't appropriate and you don't want an alarm going off every few hours, there are water bottles out there that give you guidelines about what to drink and when. I don't have one of these myself but I know if I did it would definitely give me the prompt I needed.

Inject A Little Colour

I know I'm one to talk because I am Little Mrs Monochrome, but I do think that carrying a little pop of colour with you throughout your day really does help to brighten your mood. 

It doesn't have to be much - a touch of lipstick in a punchy pink or pillbox red, some bright nail varnish or even a pretty pair of pumps or earrings. Just getting a glimpse of something colourful is sometimes enough to make you smile and feel that little bit happier. 

Do you have any tips for starting off your day off right? Let me know what you do in the comments below!

Imagery: Rachel Clarke Photography


Anxiety & Me - One Year On | Just Add Ginger

This time last year it should have been one of the happiest, most contented periods of my life. But it wasn't. 

This time last year I should have been full of all-encompassing love for my newborn son. But I wasn't. 

This time last year I should have been euphoric. But I wasn't. 

Instead. I was struggling. 

woman looking off camera with a wistful expression

Because this time last year was when anxiety decided to set up shop in my head.

I have already spoken about how I was filled with terror for nine months (if you want to hear why in more detail, please check out this video). But - in a nutshell - after several episodes of very scary events during my pregnancy I spent the rest of the time just waiting to see what else was going to go wrong. And instead of feeling better once Eric was here and I knew he was okay, things quickly got from bad to worse.

It's impossible for me to say what exacerbated my feelings of stress and anxiousness but I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I had spent so long just coasting along and ignoring how I was feeling just so I could grasp some joy out of my journey along the road to motherhood. But looking back this was the totally wrong approach

There were some days where I could hardly go a few minutes without getting fretful and worked up about something. It was a dark, slippery spiral and I just couldn't break free. I threw so much of myself into being a mum and learning the ropes of parenting in my own unique way that in those quiet moments of it being just me when Eric was asleep or feeding, everything that I was suppressing just flooded out of me. 

Finally admitting how I was feeling was the first step, but it took about six weeks for me to get my first CBT appointment. And that time I spent waiting was probably my lowest point. I felt silly, confused and totally alone. I asked for reassurance from everyone and I just felt like I was really annoying because hearing something just once was never enough.

 It also seemed as though all of the things that were triggering me followed me everywhere. I could hardly catch a break and all I wanted to do was just stop my head from feeling so jumbled. 

woman sitting outside and writing in journal

I was really dubious going into my CBT sessions but it gave me a safe place to go where I could say exactly how I was feeling without feeling like I was being judged. I gained some good techniques and  began to understand what I needed to do in order to stop making things worse and to give myself a break. A lot of it had to do with avoidance which - for some - isn't always the best course of action. But in my case it stopped me searching for the answers and the reassurance that I would never find. 

As I sit here now I can hand-on-heart say that looking back at that time is like looking back at a different person. The change in me has been so huge that I barely recognise the woman I was. 

woman sitting outside and writing in journal

There are still moments, hours or days that aren't great, but I tackle them one at a time. I've realised that there will always be something I'll worry about but that I can't let this take me over. Because nearly everything I worry about are hypothetical situations - situations that I instantly turn into catastrophes by taking them to instant extremes. 

Now, whenever I feel myself crashing into a wall of worry and anxiety creeping in I embrace it those feelings but then I let them slip away. I concentrate on the here and now rather than thinking about what might be. I let myself be upset but then I bring myself back and focus on what I am doing, giving my mind something else to focus on and keeping myself active. 

I think it also helps that Eric is so mobile now. I just don't have time to stop. I'm on the go all the time and moments where I'm left with nothing to do are few and far between. And these moments are can now be filled with things. I'm so invested in my blog that there's always a post I can work on or photos I can take. The house always needs sorting and I am constantly behind on TV shows I've been wanting to watch. 

I've taught myself to be more present. To enjoy days for what they are. To live more in the moment. I've taught myself to accept my feelings. I have stopped pretending when things aren't okay and to speak out.

I know what to keep away from and am aware of when situations are making me anxious. I know the warning signs. I distance my mind as much as possible from posts on social media and step away from conversations that I know will trigger my feelings. 

For a long time I didn't think I could see an end to what I was going through. It was impossible to see the wood for the trees. And it was stopping me from looking forward to anything in the future - especially having more babies one day. 

woman looking off camera, smiling and holding coffee mug

But now things are so different. I've taken the time I needed to focus on myself. To come to terms with this period in my life and work on ways to reclaim the pieces of me that I lost along the way.

I grab each day with both hands and appreciate it for what it is. I live for the moment but also am working to build a bright future. I'm not so nervous about what it will hold. I'm excited to make plans. To make amazing memories. To walk in the sunshine rather than hide in the shadows. To embrace who I am and not be ashamed of it. 

Going through so much in such a short space of time was really, really hard and it took its toll on me in ways I would never have imagined. But I have not let it defeat me. I never will.

And for that, I'm really proud.


Morning Routine With A One Year Old | Just Add Ginger

I don't know if this is just Eric or if it's the case for other babies out there but he doesn't and hasn't ever really had a set routine. I touched on this a little bit in his one year update but what we do instead is anticipate each day's routine based on the night before. Quite a good sleeper, Eric normally gets 11-12 hours so - if he goes down at 7.30pm - we know we're looking at a 6.30am - 7.30am wake up window. 

baby boy smiling with a toy in his mouth

So, for the purpose of this post, and to give an example of what our routine looks like, let's say that Eric has gone down at 7.30pm the previous evening. Provided we have no classes, this is what our mornings consist of...


Eric wakes up 

7am - 7.30am 

Nappy change. 
Get dressed. 
First bottle (7-8oz) 

7.30am - 8am

Independent play / Outside play (weather dependent) 

8am - 8.45am 

Songs, rhymes and stories 
Brush Teeth 

8.45am - 9.45am 

Play time 
Movie (let's be honest - it's usually Moana) 

9.45am - 10.15am 

Play time (and I observe for nap cues) 

10.15am - 12.15pm 

Nap time (although Eric may not necessarily sleep for 2 hours) 

12.15pm - 1pm 

Nappy change
Songs & rhymes 

Eric's naps have always been inconsistent so again this is something we always have to work around because he is a baby who needs sleep because he is so active. If he doesn't go down, you have a grumpy, antsy child on your hands who is just impossible to please. Naps must take precedent so - if this was a day where we have a class and Eric was asleep - we would skip the class.

Fellow mummies I'm curious... does your baby have a set routine or do you keep things flexible? I'd love to know about your experiences in the comments.


Holiday Packing For A One Year Old | Just Add Ginger

May marks the month that Ryan, Eric and I head off on our very first family holiday. We have taken trips before, but that has always been to stay with family. This is the first little break we're having as just a threesome and I could not be more excited. 

In an attempt to offset the potential stress that comes with travelling with a toddler I decided to make a head start on packing a couple of days before we were due to leave. Whenever Ryan and I have been  on holiday pre-baby we have been perfectly content to pack minimally and live in the same clothes for a week, but for Eric, things needed a little more planning. 

gym bag with baby clothes spilling out

Now I of course am no expert when it comes to packing for a one year old (I am a first time mum after all) but I did however want to share what we took away with us for Eric - hopefully if there are any of you out there travelling with your tot for the first time it will be useful, give you ideas, and act as a sort of checklist for when you're packing up your baby bags and suitcases. Before we get stuck in I should point out that we are off on a UK holiday - if you are off on your jollies to another country then your list may differ slightly. 

CLOTHES - We are away for five days (including two travelling) and for ease I'm packing by outfit. Break these down and I've packed. 

Everyday Wear 
7 x vests 
4 x t shirts 
2 x jumpers
3 x shorts 
3 x trousers 
2 x sleeveless rompers
7 x bibs
7 x socks 
3 x pyjamas 

1 x waterproof jacket 
1 x puddlesuit 
1 x light pram suit 
2 x sun hats
1 x winter hat
1 x set of reins

Active Wear
1 x swimming costume 
1 x swim hat (one of those peaked ones with fabric at the back)
1 x pack of swimming nappies 

1 x sandals 
1 x trainers 
1 x wellies

ENTERTAINMENT - We're planning our whole trip around 'Eric-friendly' activities but for the times when we aren't out and about we'll have - 

1 x iPad 
1 x audio book 

4 x board books 
2 x bedtime books 

3 x pushchair toys (these can also be attached to highchairs)
3 x car toys 
4 x larger toys (with parts that cannot be lost). 
2 x comfort teddies for cot

EQUIPMENT - larger baby items 

Car seat & Isofix 
Travel cot
Cot mattress (and 2 x cot sheets)
Portable highchair and booster seat
Baby monitor


Baby toothbrush & toothpaste
Baby vitamins 
First aid kit 
Ashton & Parsons teething powder
Baby bubble bath (this is our favourite one)
Suncream (factor 50)
Barrier & nappy rash cream


1 x water bottle 
5 x Tomme Tippee bottles 
5 x UHT whole milk 
Ella's Kitchen baby food pouches
Cake bars 
1 x plastic bib
Baby spoons 
Feeding bowls


1 x towel 
2 x muslin cloths
2 x sleeping bags
3 x blankets (pram & cellular)
Red Book
Dummies & dummy clips
Portable changing mat 
Nappy sacks 
Sterilising wipes
Eric's baby bag 

Having never been on holiday with a baby before this is going to be a total learning curve! I'm hoping there's nothing I'm forgetting, but if you think there is, do let me know in the comments, along with any advice you have for travelling with a little one.


Five Rainy Day Activities For You & Your Baby | Just Add Ginger

I don't know if this is just me but can be so difficult sometimes to come up with things to do with your baby. At the age Eric is, he needs constant stimulation. He's on the go all the time and flits from toy to toy like a little butterfly amongst the flowers. His attention span isn't quite there to sit for too long and participate in structured play so if you are stuck for ideas and find yourself restricted to the living room on a rainy day you slowly start to go insane. 

Having learnt from experience that days in aren't an option unless absolutely necessary, I've put together a list of five rainy day activities for you and your baby. Some can be set up in the house to add a little variety if the weather is just too bad to venture out in, and others take place in other locatis, giving you both the chance to get out the house and have some human contact.

baby boy playing with a toy

Messy Play - This is something I don't do enough with Eric but something that I think he would really enjoy. And there are so many different activities that come under this umbrella. Finger painting and hand / foot prints, mark making in Angel Delight or baked beans, walking through jelly and creating homemade play dough are all things I can't wait to try with him. If you have a paddling pool or large tray these are the perfect things to use for messy play as it designates an area for the mess and ensures things don't get (too) out of control. Keep a bucket of water water and a towel to one side so that you can rinse baby off or - if things get really messy - pop them in the bath. This will extend the play experience and provide you with extra quality time with your little one too.

The Library - Eric loves books. Not only stories, but looking at them too. He will often just sit there and investigate him books, peering at the illustrations, lifting flaps and turning page after page. At 13 months old he is starting to have his favourites but I like to broaden his horizons by taking him to our local library. We will look through books there, I'll read to him, and then we'll pick some to take home. It's the perfect rainy day activity because it gives you the chance to get out the house and spend some quality (scree free) time with your baby. Lots of libraries also run free story and rhyme sessions for tots too. We haven't been to any yet but they are definitely on the radar for when we are hit by a string of rainy days.

Visit The Garden Centre - I'm at that age now where dreaming about how I want our garden to look  like has overtaken the hours I used to spent online eyeing up my next pair of shoes. So taking a trip to peruse at plants and pretty flowers is my idea of a dream outing. But these visits aren't just for me. Garden centre's are a free and easy way to give your baby a full-on sensory experience. They are surrounded by new sights, colours and smells (some centres even have fish they can look at too). My favourites to visit with Eric in Liverpool are Lady Green and Sefton Meadows

Children's Centre Sessions - If you anticipate the weather to be bad but you still want to get out the house with your little one then looking up the classes at your local children's centre is always a good place to start I take Eric to stay and play, tumble time and more structured play sessions at our local one on a regular basis, come rain or shine and we both love it. And because we have been out the house in a new environment, Eric always wants a nap afterwards. Different children's centres offer different things but classes are free and they offer the chance for both you and baby to socialise.

Cinebabes @ The Plaza, Crosby - Liverpool-based parents - If you are sick and tired of missing out on all the new film releases because you just can't find a babysitter then this concept solves all your problems. On a Friday morning, The Plaza Cinema in Crosby host a special movie showing for mums, dads, carers and grandparents and their tiny tots. I know there are a few chain cinemas who do this too but The Plaza is a volunteer-run community cinema that is a lot more intimate and welcoming. Prices is insanely good too (it's £3 per ticket) and you don't have to worry if your baby starts crying, crawling about or if you need to breastfeed. If you can get to Crosby and are free on a Friday it is well worth a visit.

If you have any other rainy day activity ideas, let me know in the comments below!


Baby Threads Keepsakes | Just Add Ginger

For one of Eric's birthday gifts this year I decided to order him a Birthweight Keepsake from Baby Threads Keepsakes. I stumbled upon by chance and completely fell in love. Set up by Becca and now with a small team of skilled staff to help with orders, the company offers a variety of keepsakes that are made from baby's clothes. It's a lovely idea that means that baby's first vests and sleepsuits that you little ones wear first can be preserved in a really special way instead of sitting packed away and accumulating dust.

baby keepsake - lion design

With an 8-10 week turnaround time I put in my order as early as I could and excitedly went through all of Eric's tiny clothes with excitement, choosing the ones that held the most memories. I got so teary looking through everything and did an inward smile as I remembered how much the first set of clothes he ever wore completely swamped him because - after a few nightmares about giving birth to a giant baby - I was convinced he was going to be straight into 0-3 month clothing (he actual was born weighing 6lb 11oz and was so diddy). 

Placing our order was a really easy process and we sent off our parcel full of clothes in February. Becca is exceptionally good at getting back to any questions or queries you have and makes a point of popping you across a reassuring email to let you know she has received your items which doesn't half make you feel better. Parting ways with something so sacred is initially quite bittersweet and sending off the envelope at the Post Office does get your nerves going. So when that message came through I breathed such a sigh of relief.

baby keepsake - lion design

penguin motif on baby's sleepsuit

There are five different animals you can choose from with the Birthweight Keepsake but Ryan and I decided we liked the look of the lion best. All of the clothes we sent off are fairly similar colours and I thought the design of the lion would complement these the most. And now that our keepsake has arrived I am so glad we made that choice - it has turned out perfectly. 

Arriving mid-April the keepsake was everything I envisaged and more. Becca used pieces of everything we sent her and every time I go into Eric's room and spot the lion (who lives on top of his wardrobe) I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Before I discovered Baby Threads those clothes were boxed away out of sight. Unlike other items we have put to one side to use if and when we have baby number two, we wouldn't have ever used Eric's firsts. They are just too special and I wouldn't want to see anybody else in them.

Baby Threads Keepsakes offers a whole range of different memory items - from the Birthweight Keepsakes to blankets and cushions, all of which are lovingly made and really robust. There is also the option to have your baby's name and date of birth embroidered on to some of the items. The prices of each product are also pretty reasonable when you consider how much time and energy must go into making each keepsake.

I don't think we could have picked a better birthday present for Eric this year. He is so fickle when it comes to playing with toys that this year his birthday was really about making memories and finding items that capture what an amazing first year it's been being parents. Our Baby Threads lion will give us something that lasts a lifetime and that Eric can keep as he grows up. He will never outgrow it. And most importantly, it is a reminder of those sacred newborn days which fly by so fast and that you never want to forget.


How To Keep Romance Alive When You Have A Baby | Just Add Ginger

As much as I love motherhood, being a parent is bloody hard work. The long hours, the sleep deprivation, the attempts at decoding what X,Y or Z cries mean.....it all takes its toll. And when you're married or with a partner, it sometimes is really difficult to draw the line between being parents and being in a relationship. At times it seems all you talk about is your child and nothing else. You get comfortable with the rhythm of everyday life and romance often gets forgotten.

But feeling loved and appreciated by your significant other is really important. Especially during your first year as parents. There will be arguments over nothing. There will be tears. There will be moments where you just snap at each other. So when there are times where things are running smoother and whatever outside stresses there are have settled, it's important to give that spark of love an extra nudge.

photo by keyhole studios - antique rings on a jewellery box with wedding bouquet in background
Image: Keyhole Studios

Put The Phones Down - We're all guilty of it. Slobbing out on the sofa, TV remote in one hand and phone in the other, aimlessly scrolling. It's a compulsion. A social media addiction. And a romance killer. It's a habit that needs to be kicked. Even though it may be all you want to do, try putting your phone to one side and instead talk to each other. And not just 'parent talk'. Properly connect with each other and engage in conversations with lots of open ended questions. A few weeks ago Ryan and I stayed up for hours just talking and drinking wine. We were hungover to death the next day but it helped us feel a lot closer than we had in a long time. And the biggest reason? There wasn't an electronic third wheel hanging round! 

Eat At The Table - This might not be relevant to everyone but if - like us - you are guilty of indulging in dinner times on the sofa then this one is for you. Eating at a dining table. It's such a simple thing to do but it really does make so much difference. We pissed around for ages before sorting out a proper place to eat, but now that we have, we are spending a lot more quality time together. Ryan is the chef in the house so when Eric has gone to sleep, he starts off the tea and I come in to the kitchen and sit with him while he cooks. We chat and catch up, listen to music and then eat together. It's extra time for us as a couple, away from screens and other distractions. Time where it is just the two of us, and we are the only ones we need to focus on. 

Designate Time For 'Parent Talk' - The first thing Ryan and I talk about when he walks through the door is Eric. Has he pooed? Has he slept? What has he eaten? Sometimes it's difficult to remember there's a big wide world out there. Slipping into the routine of talking about your baby is so easy but when it comes to your relationship the time you spend doing that needs to be kept to a minimum. Then you can be free to talk about other things - world events, your favourite wine....the weather. Something that means you get to take your mummy / daddy hats off - even if it's just for a moment.  

Keep Surprising Each Other - Flowers, chocolates, or even just a hot cup of coffee. Just because you are parents it doesn't mean the surprises should stop. Particularly if you time it perfectly. If you notice that your other half has been struggling with sleep, worried about weaning or stuck in the house for a few days due to inclement weather, treat them to things that are really personal and beneficial to the situation. Especially time - because you don't get much of it as a parent. Trust me it'll be so greatly appreciated. 

Intimacy - It had to appear on this list somewhere! When you're a parent sometimes having 'special cuddles' with your significant other is the last thing on your mind. But intimacy is important - in whatever form you want it to take. Kisses, cuddles and love making are all things that you should make time for. Sure - most of the time you won't want to. You'll be tired, frazzled and frantic. But being tactile - even if it's just holding hands or curling up together on the sofa - is one of the quickest ways to remind one another that you are there for each other, that love is still there, and that it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


The Florist, Liverpool* | Just Add Ginger

It is very rare that I go to a bar or restaurant and am totally, utterly and wholeheartedly blown away. You've got to do quite a bit to impress this girl. But ever since I visited The Florist a few weekends ago it has been pretty much all I have thought about since.

Housed in the site of the former Old Blind School pub on Hardman Street, The Florist is the latest concept bar-restaurant from the New World Trading Company (the ones behind The Club House and Smuggler's Cove in Liverpool). Not knowing much about it beforehand, I initially thought that there would be the odd daisy and bunch of tulips dotted around just to add a little theme.....oh how I was wrong! 

close up of pink flowers

tree in the interior of The Florist, Liverpool

decoration in the florist, liverpool

bar inside the florist, liverpool

The Florist looks like it has been plucked straight out of your dreams. Stepping in from the busy street outside and enter the main foyer you are entering a world of floral fantasy. The restaurant has pulled out all the stops and spared no expense to give you a full sensory experience from the second you walk through the door.

Having never visited the premises when it was The Blind School I didn't realise how extensive the interior is. A series of rooms make up both floors with an ornate staircase connecting the two floors. It's magnitude and opulence is really a sight to behold and The Florist has really utilised the space in the best possible way. Downstairs, leading off from the main foyer are two bars, both of which are light and airy, with ample seating where you can sip cocktails or just sit and take it all in. Each bar is decorated in a different way, but there is an effortless cohesion between the two and no matter where you look there is always something new to see. 

Take a meander up the staircase (not forgetting to stop off at the stunning and oh so Instagrammable flower wall) and you'll find the restaurant. The attention to detail continues here, and whereas you might think that such a fancy-looking place might make you feel uncomfortable dining there, it is actually more like walking into a big country cottage kitchen. The dining area is big and area, with big Georgian windows welcoming light through, and yet there is an undeniable intimate feeling about it that makes you feel at home. 

vintage bicycle with basket of flowers inside the florist, liverpool

ceiling floral display - the florist

staircase in the florist, liverpool

I was very kindly invited down to experience both days' events at The Florist but unfortunately I was unable to attend on the Saturday evening. Checking in on all the snaps of the evening enviable through Instagram it made me all the more excited to head there on the Sunday. Both Ryan and Eric were coming with me and I couldn't wait for them to experience it with me. It would also give me the chance to catch up with some of my Liverpool blogging buddies. As fate would have it we all appeared at the restaurant at the same time and were very kindly offered the private dining room to use for our meals. 

One thing that I will mention is that The Florist isn't the most pram friendly. I don't think there is a lift in the restaurant so that means if you are dining you need to get everything up the stairs. This wasn't an issue for us as everyone came to our aide and lent a hand, but something that I think you need to be aware of if you are planning a trip during the day for a family dining experience.

The private dining space was tucked away behind the main restaurant and had ample room to seat all of us and house the pushchair. Even though there was only a small corridor separating us from other diners it was really quiet - if you strained your ear there was only the faint hubbub or noise in the background. Otherwise it was a really peaceful place to eat and would be ideal if you are visiting for a special occasion and wanted to enjoy your time at The Florist without many outside interruptions.

The Sunday Roast 

Having already heard so much about the extensive array of amazing cocktails the first thing I did once we all sat down was have a good look through of the drinks menu. Everything sounded amazing but the one that really stood out to me was Roses On The Heath (I love anything rose themed and the name just reminded me of Wuthering Heights). 

When it came to food it didn't take me long to decide what I wanted. Even though there were quite a few different dishes to choose from the Outdoor-Reared Slow Roast Belly Pork was screaming my name. Roasts come with vegetables, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds and gravy as standard but there is also the option to order additional sides, so Ryan and I ordered some of the Baked Courgette, Sage and Apricot Stuffing Balls and Buttered Carrot And Parsnip Mash too. 

However the portion sizes are very generous so the sides - although a welcome extra - aren't really needed. If you have a hungry tot in tow though, they come in very useful. Eric loved the stuffing, mash and all the other tit-bits he had from our plates. All the food was cooked perfectly, with my fork sliding through the pork belly like it was butter. The vegetables had the ideal amount of crunch and the roasts with a crispy coating and fluffy middle. It's always difficult gauging how much bang for your buck you're going to get at a new restaurant but The Florist definitely did not disappoint!

cocktail from the florist, liverpool

a plate of sunday roast

baby looking through a menu

Dessert was also a no-brainer. The Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake had my name written all over it. And it was gorgeous. Creamy, rich but not at all heavy. The ginger cut through the chocolate in a subtle way and the sauce that came with the cheesecake was yummy too (I just wish there had been a little bit more of it).

white chocolate cheesecake

It looks as though The Florist is set to be the destination of Spring / Summer and it's pretty clear to see why. With amazing decor, delicious food and the prettiest cocktails you've ever seen it really does have it all. Oh, and did I mention they are also offering masterclasses in gin, cocktails and floristry too? I can see these being really popular with hen parties and birthday princesses

woman sitting on stairs in the florist, liverpool

If you are looking for a new destination for dates, dinner parties or drinks with the girls then I honestly suggest you get yourselves down to The Florist. I know I'm already itching to head back and sample more of their cocktail menu - I'll just have to find a babysitter first!

* I was very kindly invited down to the opening of The Florist. Mine, Ryan & Eric's meals and drinks were complimentary. This does not affect my opinions. For more information, please see my disclaimer.