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For one of Eric's birthday gifts this year I decided to order him a Birthweight Keepsake from Baby Threads Keepsakes. I stumbled upon by chance and completely fell in love. Set up by Becca and now with a small team of skilled staff to help with orders, the company offers a variety of keepsakes that are made from baby's clothes. It's a lovely idea that means that baby's first vests and sleepsuits that you little ones wear first can be preserved in a really special way instead of sitting packed away and accumulating dust.

baby keepsake - lion design

With an 8-10 week turnaround time I put in my order as early as I could and excitedly went through all of Eric's tiny clothes with excitement, choosing the ones that held the most memories. I got so teary looking through everything and did an inward smile as I remembered how much the first set of clothes he ever wore completely swamped him because - after a few nightmares about giving birth to a giant baby - I was convinced he was going to be straight into 0-3 month clothing (he actual was born weighing 6lb 11oz and was so diddy). 

Placing our order was a really easy process and we sent off our parcel full of clothes in February. Becca is exceptionally good at getting back to any questions or queries you have and makes a point of popping you across a reassuring email to let you know she has received your items which doesn't half make you feel better. Parting ways with something so sacred is initially quite bittersweet and sending off the envelope at the Post Office does get your nerves going. So when that message came through I breathed such a sigh of relief.

baby keepsake - lion design

penguin motif on baby's sleepsuit

There are five different animals you can choose from with the Birthweight Keepsake but Ryan and I decided we liked the look of the lion best. All of the clothes we sent off are fairly similar colours and I thought the design of the lion would complement these the most. And now that our keepsake has arrived I am so glad we made that choice - it has turned out perfectly. 

Arriving mid-April the keepsake was everything I envisaged and more. Becca used pieces of everything we sent her and every time I go into Eric's room and spot the lion (who lives on top of his wardrobe) I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Before I discovered Baby Threads those clothes were boxed away out of sight. Unlike other items we have put to one side to use if and when we have baby number two, we wouldn't have ever used Eric's firsts. They are just too special and I wouldn't want to see anybody else in them.

Baby Threads Keepsakes offers a whole range of different memory items - from the Birthweight Keepsakes to blankets and cushions, all of which are lovingly made and really robust. There is also the option to have your baby's name and date of birth embroidered on to some of the items. The prices of each product are also pretty reasonable when you consider how much time and energy must go into making each keepsake.

I don't think we could have picked a better birthday present for Eric this year. He is so fickle when it comes to playing with toys that this year his birthday was really about making memories and finding items that capture what an amazing first year it's been being parents. Our Baby Threads lion will give us something that lasts a lifetime and that Eric can keep as he grows up. He will never outgrow it. And most importantly, it is a reminder of those sacred newborn days which fly by so fast and that you never want to forget.

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