123 Tag Video: Ginger & The Bear Edition

I really enjoy filming with Boyfriend. We always have the best time and laugh so much that videos end up 40 (plus) minutes long. It definitely makes editing so hilarious.

Because today is his birthday, and I want to show how much of a cool dude he is, here is The 123 Tag: Ginger & The Bear Edition that we filmed a few weeks ago over on my Just Add Ginger YouTube Channel.

If you do this video too, let us know in the comment!

1. If your bf/gf could be married to a movie star who would it be?

2. If your bf/gf could be a celebrity who would it be?

3. You've gone to 711 to get milk and decide to buy your bf/gf a treat, what did you buy?

4. What percentage of house work would your bf/gf say that they do?

5. If your bf/gf could choose one thing for you to get rid of, what would it be?

6. What is your bf/gf most repeated sentence or phrase?

7. What is your bf/gf most used cuss word?

8. What is your bf/gf ultimate favourite movie?

9. A meteor just hit, you've saved everything important, what would your bf/gf go back to get?

10. The saying opposites attract is true because me and my bf/gf are opposite at _______?


The Healthy Ginger: A Day in Meals

The Healthy Ginger
A Day in Meals. From Left: Morning Coffee. Muesli. Chocolate Treat. Lunch. Water Cup (Paperchase.) BBQ Pasta


Because I get up quite early to head off to work, I don't usually feel like eating anything until my first shift is over. So instead, to keep me ticking over, and to ensure that I do not get grumpy, I have to have a cup of coffee. I like the Nescafe Vanilla Cappuccino sachets because they go super-frothy when mixed with water, give me a caffeine boost and taste delicious. 

This will be my first and last coffee of the day, so I make sure I sip it slowly. Because I have recently enforced a coffee ration on myself, if I need a pick-me-up during the day, I'll have a green tea (I drink Twinings Earl Grey Green Tea.)  This gives me a little bit of a boost if I need it, but doesn't make me over-caffeinated 

After I've come home from work - and if I haven't had breakfast with my work colleague - I will have a bowl of Dorset Cereals muesli. I add in golden linseeds for added crunch. 


If I;m feeling a little bit peckish around midday, and I've been particularly healthy over the course of the week, I will treat myself to a chocolate fix. I know that from experience if I deprive myself of chocolate for too long I will eat loads of it all in one go, and feel completely rubbish afterwards. But a little hot of chocolate every few days is enough to keep me going. 


When it comes to what I eat at lunchtime, it completely depends on the day. If we have leftovers from ea the night before, I will eat those up, but if not, I'll make myself a sandwich or some pasta (unless of course I;m out, in which case I'll pick up lunch wherever I am. I will usually try and incorporate some fruit. At the moment I am obsessed with citrus fruits. 

Lunchtime is usually the point where I make sure I drink lots of water. Sometimes as work in the afternoon, I'm so busy that I forget to keep myself hydrated, so by drinking a few large glasses of water after I've eaten, this keeps me from getting a headache or starting to feel lethargic.

Tea Time

Boyfriend is an absolute superstar and normally takes on the role as Head Chef. Our dinner (or tea as I now say) will usually have lots of veggies (mushrooms & peppers are a must in our house) and some kind of accompanying sauce. We buy meat in bulk so normally defrost what we need beforehand. Boyfriend is really good at coming up with his own creations, so the recipes/meals are either made up on the spot, or ones that have been tried and tested before. 

Sometimes after tea, if I'm feeling tired, or need a bit of a treat, I will have something. I don't deprive myself of anything. I listen to what my body is telling me, and if I'm really craving something, I'll have a little bit of it. Usually it's chocolate, hot chocolate, or some kind of cake. A small portion of yummy, but oh so cheeky dessert is enough to see me through. 

And yes.....at the weekends I do sneak in my glass of red! 

Got any good recipes or healthy diet tips & tricks? Please share them in the comments below!


An Evening at Boux Avenue

An Evening At Boux Avenue - Just Add Ginger
Boux Avenue: Liverpool One

I have always been a fan of lingerie. I'm a firm believer that beautiful lingerie has the power to bring out the strong, sexy, confident side to us all, no matter what kind of day we are having. I am empowered by underwear. 

So you can imagine my delight in being invited down to the His & Hers Magazine Boux Avenue Event in Liverpool One on 6th March. Together with a group of gorgeous fellow bloggers, I headed in to the store in excited anticipation. 

Boux Avenue is a shop that I've never been in, but admired from a distance. The shop front looks so luxe that I think I've been a bit afraid to go in, fall in love, and discover that everything is just that little bit out of my price range. 

The event was the chance to indulge in some sophisticated shopping. Champagne flowed, and a very kind 10% discount was in place for any purchases made that evening. Staff ensured that everybody in the store was comfortable and were ready to lend a helping hand. There was even a manicure-station set up at the back of the shop where - if you wanted to -you could take yourself off for a pamper. Me...I was too busy oogling at the underwear! 

I really appreciated the way that Boux Avenue had laid out the store. The fixtures were no overflowing with products, so you didn't get all flustered pawing through padded bras and panties alike to find your size. A small size selection were hung up, and underneath sat drawers with further sizes where you could look through at your leisure. 

Of course, Boux Avenue don't get stock lavish lingerie. Swimwear, lounge wear, accessories, and pyjamas alike are also available. Everything looks gorgeous, feels fantastic, and, oh, did I mention? It's all really affordable too!I just had to try something on. And, with a holiday coming up in a few weeks, I decided to give a bikini a whirl. 

I can find trying on anything undergarment/swimwear related quite stressful. In some shops, the fitting rooms are small, I get myself in a state, I feel embarrassed to ask for help (I've been known to get stuck in clothes sometimes) But the Boux Avenue fitting rooms are really spacious. There's a little intercom that you can press to speak to a sales assistant (a Boux Belle) if you need help. And what I loved the most is that there are lighting options. Yes. You heard me right. You have the option to literally see yourself in a different light. And this - at least for me - really sealed the deal. I don't know how many times I've gone to buy something, but have been put off by the glare of the artificial lights in the fitting room. But trying on my Boux Avenue bikini made me feel like I was at home, playing around with my light switches to make sure I'd seen myself from every possible angle. 

An Evening at Boux Avenue - Just Add Ginger
Boux Avenue: Liverpool One

Of course I had to treat myself to that bikini. I dashed over to the till, avoiding the "come hither" stares of the lingerie. (Although I had compiled a mental shopping list for when I returned.) With my purchase in hand, and the promise to myself that I would return the next time I was in town, I smiled to myself and glanced down at my pretty new purchases. 

I had an amazing evening at Boux Avenue. It made me want to pretty-up my lingerie drawer even more, and indulge in more pieces from their collection. I also received a goody bag from the event, filled with Boux Avenue treats; a pair of knickers, petals, hand cream (which smells beautiful,) scented pearls, & a copy of His & Her Magazine

An Evening at Boux Avenue - Just Add Ginger

.....A week later, I headed back to Boux Avenue. I couldn't help myself. Now, I am the proud owner of not only a bikini, but also a lingerie set that makes me feel like a sexy D-iva every time I look at it. 

No longer afraid to go in to Boux Avenue, I'm now eagerly anticipating pay day. I think my re-discovered love of lingerie is easily going to overtake my shoe-obsession. 

To have a look at all of the Boux Avenue collection, visit: 


Ginger Fashion: Be Original

Ginger Fashion - Just Add Ginger
T-Shirt: Original Attire (received at the NWBLPOOL event). Vest Top: H&M. Skater Skirt: Primark.

I think the last time I wore an oversized t-shirt was in the 90s. Ever since then, I've been a bit afraid of them. Don't get me wrong, I love a good graphic print tee, but the idea of wearing a big, baggy one alwayus sent me into a bit of a fluster. 

But when I received an Original Attire t shirt as part of the North West Bloggers event goody bag, I got really excited. Instant flashes of how I could layer it went flying through my head. 

Ginger Fashion - Just Add Ginger
I apologise for my horrendous attempt at modelling
Having a monochrome base to work with makes it really easy to style the t-shirt. Opting to layer, I did my tried and tested hair tie trick and hitched up the side to create a cropped effect. I felt so comfortable-casual, and yet really pretty and girlie at the same time: something I never thought I'd get out of a t-shirt! 

Ginger Fashion - Just Add Ginger

This t-shirt looks great with a skirt. What has made me click with it instantly is that I know I can team it with anything - leggings, jeggings, denim shorts, oversized cardigans, shirts, high-waisted jeans - I know it's going to be a go-to staple in my wardrobe from now on.. And I can't wait to add more Original Attire pieces to my wardrobe! 


The Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Sarah (Saloca in Wonderland) for nominating me for a Liebster Award

...Don't worry, I'm not going to make a speech or anything! *wink*

The Liebster Award. 

The Liebster Award is given by bloggers, to fellow bloggers who have 200 followers or less on Bloglovin. It gives bloggers who have a smaller following to gain a little bit more exposure and recognition in blogging community, and means that we can show our support for each other and our shared passion. 

The Rules.

. List 11 facts about yourself. 
. Answer the 11 questions posed to you by your nominator.
. Ask 11 questions to 9 blogs with 200 or less followers on Bloglovin. 
. Visit those 9 blogs & inform them that they have been nominated.

11 Facts About Me. 

1) I am a Southern Girl (Hertfordshire) living in a Northern World (Liverpool.)
2) I love Cadbury's Caramel chocolate. 
3) I am a really competitive person....mostly with myself. 
4) I have a Masters in Creative Writing. 
5) When I was younger, I wanted to be an Egyptologist. 
6) Anne Boleyn is my favourite historical figure. 
7) I drive a Toyota called Princess Danni. 
8) I love to sketch. 
9) Thor or The Incredible Hulk are my favourite superheroes. 
10) I'm scared of spiders....why the need for so many legs? 
11) I wish I owned a pair of Louboutins.

Questions asked by Sarah. 

Reach for the nearest book, open it to a random page - what's the top line? 

"Their names were Edna Bauder and Pam Steigerwald..." (Linwood Barclay, The Accident)

What would your last meal be?

Probably Boyfriend's homemade lasagne. 

What's your favourite Disney movie? 

Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast

Have you ever broken a bone? 

No, not yet (touch wood.) 

What's a lyric from your favourite song? 

"Black and blue. And who knows which is which, and who is who." 

If you close your eyes right now and go back to a particular moment in your life - what would it be? 

Going to the Brit Floyd concert with Boyfriend and falling in love with the song above (Us & Them - Pink Floyd.)

Who is your favourite historical figure? 

Anne Boleyn (hehe.) 

If you could trade places for the opposite sex for one day - what would you do?

Go to the pub and see what guys really talk about when girls aren't around. #Iconstantlyponderthis 

Sweet or savoury? 

Totally depends on my mood...right now, savoury. 

Who would play you in a movie of your life? 

Well.... I've been told I look like Naomi Watts, so probably her. 

What's the most recent thing you bought that you regret? 

Hmm... I don't really know....maybe a dress I bought for NYE because it doesn't really fit me the way I remember it. 

Questions to my Nominees. 

Why do you blog? 
What's one motto/quote/phrase that you live by? 
What's your earliest memory? 
What are the 3 closest things in front of you right now?
What food could you eat forever and not get sick of? 
Who are your 4 dream dinner guests? 
What's your guiltiest pleasure?
Hit shuffle on your music library, what song pops up? 
You build a time machine. Which point in history do you visit first? 

My Nominees for the Liebster Award. 

Ginger and Cream 
Ginger And The Blonde 
Lillies and Love
Fashion Dough
Get The Skinny ¦ London Lifestyle Blog 

These are the blogs I nominate. I know you are meant to put 9 names forward, but these are the ones I could find on my feed with 200 or less Bloglovin followers. 

#NWBLPOOL: North West Bloggers Event

North West Bloggers Event Liverpool
Photo Credit: Saloca in Wonderland

On 2nd March, North West Bloggers held their very first event at the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool. The networking event was organised by Hannah (Words By Hannah Rosalie.) Lending an additional hosting hand was Frances (Frances Cassandra.

 To say that I was excited to attend would be a complete and utter understatement. This was going to be my first ever blogger-related event that I had attended, and every time I thought about it, I did a little internal jig of happiness. 

What I love so much about blogging is that I get to share my passion with an absolutely lovely community. 
We may not have ever met each other in person, but we are all out there, supporting each other. To get the chance to meet some of my fellow blogger friends in the flesh was going to be wonderful

The setting for the event took place in Hari's Bar - a cosy, intimate bar within the Hard Days Night Hotel - and in the adjacent function room. The location could not have been more perfect. For a first time event, the space wasn't overwhelmingly big. There was no way you felt like a dingus going up to people and striking up a conversation. A plethora of yummy treats greeted us as soon as we walked through the door....PopChips, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Jelly Beans galore, and a stand of sensationally creamy-looking cupcakes made by Carrie-Anne (Beauties Unlocked.)

Of course, Sarah and I wasted no time and headed straight on down to the function room to investigate all the stalls. We were immediately drawn in my the Teardrop Designs table and their gorgeous array of jewellery. Being the total magpie that I am, a bracelet and necklace from their gorgeous selection made their way in to my handbag.

There were a number of stalls to explore, including ones with representatives from St Moriz, Fashion Zoo & Skinetica. I had a quick peruse over their goodies on display but then, like a moth to a flame, I was drawn over to the Lush stall (what do you mean you could have guessed?) 

Lush Spa Liverpool is - without fail - one of my all-time favourite places to go to every time I am in town. The staff are friendly, the products are divine, and, well, I think you know how I feel about the spa treatments. The stall was bright and inviting, and I spent so long talking to the staff that the time slipped away. What made it all the more exciting was that Jen Hunter  was there, giving make up demonstrations! Well, I had to jump right on to that bandwagon didn't I and sample one of the lip stains? Starting out knowing nothing about the Lush cosmetic range, after my chat with Jen, I am definitely going to be giving it a go!

North West Bloggers Event
L-R: Bathroom Selfies w. Sarah. ASOS Floral Playsuit. Goody Bag & Prizes

Throughout the day, a raffle table sat in the corner. At any point you could go over and buy raffle tickets in the hope of nabbing one of the fabulous prizes on offer. Of course, Sarah and I headed eagerly over and picked up our tickets. I couldn't actually believe my eyes gazing at the goodies that you could win (Thank you so much North West Bloggers.) Winners were announced through Twitter over the course of the event. Me, being me, had completely glossed over the fact that I could pick up Wi-Fi, so assuming I couldn't access the internet (no data left,) popped my tickets in to my bag and promptly forgot about them. So you can imagine my utter delight when Sarah gently nudged me and declared, "you've won something." 


North West Bloggers Event Goody Bags
My Raffle Prize, Teardrop Purchases & Goody Bag Contents

As the event began to draw to a close, we were each given a very generous goody bag absolutely fit to burst with amazing treats for us all. I was completely overwhelmed by it all and felt incredibly blessed. How lucky we were! The North West Bloggers team must've worked tirelessly to put these bags together. They were filled with products from Lush, St Moriz, Nair, Benefit, Q, Original Attire, Crown Brushes....the list goes on! 

The whole day was just wonderful and it was so lovely to meet so many marvellous bloggers from the North West. I can't thank Hannah, Frances, North West Bloggers, and all involved in putting this event together for us, setting up, and making the day so amazing. There are already talks of a second event taking place in a few months, and I cannot actually wait! 

I feel even more a part of the wonderful blogging community that's out there than ever. You can be sure that I'll be attending any other North West Bloggers events in the future. 


A Sit Down with Saloca

A Sit Down with Saloca

I have been trying to corner Sarah (Saloca in Wonderland) to do a collaboration video with me for my Just Add Ginger YouTube channel for quite some time. She is one of my closest friends, and never ceases to make me laugh. I knew that we would have such a giggle filming that this would be too good an opportunity to miss. 

But having the time to meet up and sit down in front of the camera was never quite on our side. 

But the planets aligned a few weeks ago, and we were - for once- both free on a Friday for some fun and filming frolics. It was such a hilarious day and we had such a giggle all the way through that I'm hoping we will be able to film more collabs in the future.....

What's In My Bag?

The Disney Tag

If you liked these videos please let me know and I will try and rally Sarah to do some more. 

It's always lovely having a giggle with your friends!