An Evening at Boux Avenue

An Evening At Boux Avenue - Just Add Ginger
Boux Avenue: Liverpool One

I have always been a fan of lingerie. I'm a firm believer that beautiful lingerie has the power to bring out the strong, sexy, confident side to us all, no matter what kind of day we are having. I am empowered by underwear. 

So you can imagine my delight in being invited down to the His & Hers Magazine Boux Avenue Event in Liverpool One on 6th March. Together with a group of gorgeous fellow bloggers, I headed in to the store in excited anticipation. 

Boux Avenue is a shop that I've never been in, but admired from a distance. The shop front looks so luxe that I think I've been a bit afraid to go in, fall in love, and discover that everything is just that little bit out of my price range. 

The event was the chance to indulge in some sophisticated shopping. Champagne flowed, and a very kind 10% discount was in place for any purchases made that evening. Staff ensured that everybody in the store was comfortable and were ready to lend a helping hand. There was even a manicure-station set up at the back of the shop where - if you wanted to -you could take yourself off for a pamper. Me...I was too busy oogling at the underwear! 

I really appreciated the way that Boux Avenue had laid out the store. The fixtures were no overflowing with products, so you didn't get all flustered pawing through padded bras and panties alike to find your size. A small size selection were hung up, and underneath sat drawers with further sizes where you could look through at your leisure. 

Of course, Boux Avenue don't get stock lavish lingerie. Swimwear, lounge wear, accessories, and pyjamas alike are also available. Everything looks gorgeous, feels fantastic, and, oh, did I mention? It's all really affordable too!I just had to try something on. And, with a holiday coming up in a few weeks, I decided to give a bikini a whirl. 

I can find trying on anything undergarment/swimwear related quite stressful. In some shops, the fitting rooms are small, I get myself in a state, I feel embarrassed to ask for help (I've been known to get stuck in clothes sometimes) But the Boux Avenue fitting rooms are really spacious. There's a little intercom that you can press to speak to a sales assistant (a Boux Belle) if you need help. And what I loved the most is that there are lighting options. Yes. You heard me right. You have the option to literally see yourself in a different light. And this - at least for me - really sealed the deal. I don't know how many times I've gone to buy something, but have been put off by the glare of the artificial lights in the fitting room. But trying on my Boux Avenue bikini made me feel like I was at home, playing around with my light switches to make sure I'd seen myself from every possible angle. 

An Evening at Boux Avenue - Just Add Ginger
Boux Avenue: Liverpool One

Of course I had to treat myself to that bikini. I dashed over to the till, avoiding the "come hither" stares of the lingerie. (Although I had compiled a mental shopping list for when I returned.) With my purchase in hand, and the promise to myself that I would return the next time I was in town, I smiled to myself and glanced down at my pretty new purchases. 

I had an amazing evening at Boux Avenue. It made me want to pretty-up my lingerie drawer even more, and indulge in more pieces from their collection. I also received a goody bag from the event, filled with Boux Avenue treats; a pair of knickers, petals, hand cream (which smells beautiful,) scented pearls, & a copy of His & Her Magazine

An Evening at Boux Avenue - Just Add Ginger

.....A week later, I headed back to Boux Avenue. I couldn't help myself. Now, I am the proud owner of not only a bikini, but also a lingerie set that makes me feel like a sexy D-iva every time I look at it. 

No longer afraid to go in to Boux Avenue, I'm now eagerly anticipating pay day. I think my re-discovered love of lingerie is easily going to overtake my shoe-obsession. 

To have a look at all of the Boux Avenue collection, visit: 

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  1. Great post, I'm in love with Boux and what I purchased on the night! The bikini looked amazing on you too, you'll be the hottest gal on the beach!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland