The Healthy Ginger: A Day in Meals

The Healthy Ginger
A Day in Meals. From Left: Morning Coffee. Muesli. Chocolate Treat. Lunch. Water Cup (Paperchase.) BBQ Pasta


Because I get up quite early to head off to work, I don't usually feel like eating anything until my first shift is over. So instead, to keep me ticking over, and to ensure that I do not get grumpy, I have to have a cup of coffee. I like the Nescafe Vanilla Cappuccino sachets because they go super-frothy when mixed with water, give me a caffeine boost and taste delicious. 

This will be my first and last coffee of the day, so I make sure I sip it slowly. Because I have recently enforced a coffee ration on myself, if I need a pick-me-up during the day, I'll have a green tea (I drink Twinings Earl Grey Green Tea.)  This gives me a little bit of a boost if I need it, but doesn't make me over-caffeinated 

After I've come home from work - and if I haven't had breakfast with my work colleague - I will have a bowl of Dorset Cereals muesli. I add in golden linseeds for added crunch. 


If I;m feeling a little bit peckish around midday, and I've been particularly healthy over the course of the week, I will treat myself to a chocolate fix. I know that from experience if I deprive myself of chocolate for too long I will eat loads of it all in one go, and feel completely rubbish afterwards. But a little hot of chocolate every few days is enough to keep me going. 


When it comes to what I eat at lunchtime, it completely depends on the day. If we have leftovers from ea the night before, I will eat those up, but if not, I'll make myself a sandwich or some pasta (unless of course I;m out, in which case I'll pick up lunch wherever I am. I will usually try and incorporate some fruit. At the moment I am obsessed with citrus fruits. 

Lunchtime is usually the point where I make sure I drink lots of water. Sometimes as work in the afternoon, I'm so busy that I forget to keep myself hydrated, so by drinking a few large glasses of water after I've eaten, this keeps me from getting a headache or starting to feel lethargic.

Tea Time

Boyfriend is an absolute superstar and normally takes on the role as Head Chef. Our dinner (or tea as I now say) will usually have lots of veggies (mushrooms & peppers are a must in our house) and some kind of accompanying sauce. We buy meat in bulk so normally defrost what we need beforehand. Boyfriend is really good at coming up with his own creations, so the recipes/meals are either made up on the spot, or ones that have been tried and tested before. 

Sometimes after tea, if I'm feeling tired, or need a bit of a treat, I will have something. I don't deprive myself of anything. I listen to what my body is telling me, and if I'm really craving something, I'll have a little bit of it. Usually it's chocolate, hot chocolate, or some kind of cake. A small portion of yummy, but oh so cheeky dessert is enough to see me through. 

And yes.....at the weekends I do sneak in my glass of red! 

Got any good recipes or healthy diet tips & tricks? Please share them in the comments below!

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  1. Great post. I'm on the holiday health kick too but I refuse to deprive myself of anything! It's all about moderation, hydration and getting in the veggies - if I've ticked all those boxes I don't have to feel so guilty of having a slice of cake or a cheeky glass of vino!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland