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As I have mentioned before in similar posts to this one - I think it is so important to give recognition to content creators you believe are doing a fantastic job. The blogosphere can be a place riddled with negativity, competition and drama that it is a good move to take a step back, remove yourself from that bad energy and spread a little kindness instead. 

This month I've made some new discoveries and rekindled some old interests. And not just blog or YouTube channel wise. So for this month at least, I'm sharing my current favourites from a range of different platforms.

Patricia Bright YouTube 

Patricia's is a channel I used to watch quite a lot. However when Eric came along it was one of my subscriptions that got a bit forgotten about. Well now I am obsessed. Hers are the videos I will spend my time binge-watching whilst the baby is asleep (and when I should be cleaning). Her "I spent..." videos are currently my guilty pleasure. With an infectious personality, charisma and well-planned content, she is definitely worth a watch!

Caitlin Rose | YouTube 

Discovering Caitlin's channel was a sheer coincidence, but a very happy one. If you know me you will know that I have an active interest in mystery and unsolved crime videos and because of this Caitlin Rose's content just so happened to pop up under those that YouTube recommends. And now every time she posts a video covering one of those topics I have to instantly hit the play button. If you like Bella Fiori or Kendall Rae, then Caitlin's channel is worth investigating too.

Life of Pingkan | Blog & Instagram 

A fellow blogger from Liverpool and with a style that for me is just goals, Pingkan's blog and Instagram feed are both high on the list of places I constantly check for new content. A lot of fashion bloggers I find really difficult to relate to, often admiring from afar because my budget goes nowhere near the pieces they wear, but Pingkan posts photos and blog posts that cover affordable, accessible fashion and is so down-to-earth in the process. It is my dream to nab her as my personal stylist for a day to help rescue my wardrobe from the washed out dresses and t shirts set aside for the daily spit up situations.

Alice Catherine | Instagram 

Every single time Alice posts a new photo I find myself thinking "gah I wish I could wear that". Her style is just effortlessly chic and everything she wears just looks phenomenal. If Instagram has been around when Audrey Hepburn had been in her prime, this is what her feed would have looked like. Alice really does remind me of a modern day Audrey, with perfect winged liner and an easy style that oozes elegance. If you like to follow Instagrammers who post a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle shots, she's one I'd recommend you check out.

Slowly but surely Eric's nursery is turning into a bit of an art gallery. It first started with a few painting my grandfather had done, leading on to a piece or two I picked up from christmas markets, and now I want to fill his room with all kinds of pretty prints, paintings and illustrations. 

Deciding to forgo the wall art you can easily find at chain stores, I am always on the lookout for pieces created by small businesses. After stumbling across Peachie Pie Designs and checking out her work, I put in a double order instantly. Her illustrations were unique, sweet, and exactly what I was looking for. For the work that goes in to each print, I think they are really reasonably priced too.

Got a creator you've been loving? Why don't you let them know? 

Kindness is free, sprinkle that sh*t everywhere


Surviving Your First Baby Class | Just Add Ginger

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The idea of stepping out into the world as a new parent can be incredibly daunting. There is suddenly so much more to think about, and the idea of "popping out quickly" to the shops goes straight out the window. But getting out there as soon as you are ready is really important. It can be so easy to forgo the jeans for jammies and bum around the house all day, but this can set you off down a dangerous road of isolation.

When it came to the time to think about what classes I was going to take Eric too, it was a mix of excitement and trepidation. But just as it will be invaluable for babies to attend classes and socialise, it is also increibly beneficial for us as new parents too. 

Do Your Research 

Knowing where to look to figure out what classes are out there can be a bit confusing. The best place to start is looking at any children's centres in your local area, then getting in touch with libraries as they sometimes run classses or storytimes for little ones. Aside from the free classes that are out there there are courses that you can pay for (Baby Sensory has been a big hit with us)! 

Remember these classes are just as much for you as they are your baby, so take some time to think about all the practicalities. That class that is 10 miles away may sound fabulous, but will you be meeting the same mummies and seeing the same faces anywhere else? Having mummy friends or just some time with other mums is really important, so sit down, break out Google, and see what you can find in your more local area first.

Take A Wingman / Wingwoman 

This may be a shock to some of you, but I am not actually that shy. When it comes to having to go to things on my own I couldn't be less fussed. I've taken myself out to dinner, to the cinema and even to a concert before, so when it came to going to classes I wasn't really that bothered. However, if you are feeling a bit nervous about attending a baby class on your own, ask around and see if you can find someone to go with you for moral support. Taking baby out on your own to somewhere new can be a bit intimidating, so having someone there you know to lend a hand or just talk to if you are feeling a bit anxious can really help. 

One handed parents - you might want to find someone to go with you the first time to assess the changing facilities. I found this really handy and it helped me plan accordingly, minimising any potentially awkward situations.


It is so simple but so effective. If you're feeling a tad nervous and don't feel like you want to approach a fellow mum or dad to introduce yourself just smile. It instantly creates an opportunity for conversation and breaks the ice without trying too hard. You never know, the person you show friendliness too might just be feeling the same way. 

Embrace Embarassing Moments 

Most people who run baby classes will be prepared to see everything, because well, babies are babies. So yes, at somepoint your child may spit up everywhere, have a huge meltdown because they are hungry, do a huge smelly poo or wee everywhere. But that's okay! It's nothing to be embarassed about at all. It may have happened to you one week, but next week it's somebody else's turn. You are all parents. You are all in this together. So pack some extra wipes and sanitising gel and take your turn at being the mummy with the red face. 


This one is a little tip for any fellow mums or dads who parent one handed. At your first class, try to make a point of going to speak to the class leader to introduce yourself. Explain your needs and ask about any adaptations you might need to exercises or activities during the class. This will help you prepare for any extra equipment you might need to take, and makes the leader aware, thus eliminating constant repetition and explanations on your part (which can be a tad frustrating).

The first time you go to a baby class can be really daunting to think about, particularly if you are going on your own. But once you've stepped out of your comfort zone, stepped out and survived your first session, you'll be surprised how much your confidence will kick in, introducing you to a whole new social circle, the opportunity to meet new friends, and talk to those who absolutely 100% understand what you are going through


One Handed Parenting Hacks Roundup | Just Add Ginger

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Since becoming a parent there has been a big change within me. There is an independent streak that has surfaced from the depths and a passion emerged focused on the goal of using my experiences to help others. 

When I was expecting Eric I realised just how little there was readily available to support (let alone guide) disabled parents. Plenty of tips and tricks and helpful videos are out there for nappy changing, burping and breast/bottle feeding for those who can use both hands, but for parents-to-be like me, there wasn't a lot I could use as a starting-off point. 

So it has been my mission to put content out there that will act as a reference for those expectant parents with the same / a similar condition or disability to mine. To be there as a little bit of reassurance that being a new parent doesn't need to be as scary. To help show how strong we can be. And to inspire a little self-belief. 

For those of you who are not subscribed to my channel, below is a roundup of my latest one handed parenting videos. Even if you do not need to use this list, I wholeheartedly encourage you to share this post with as many people as you can. There may be somebody out there who can really benefit from it.

This list is only a selection from my one handed ways playlist. To check out all of these videos, head over to my channel.

(Useful for once baby starts rolling and wriggling).


Gino D'Acampo's 'My Restaurant' Liverpool Press Night | Just Add Ginger

Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant Liverpool
Image: c/o Individual Restaurants
One of the things I love most about living in Liverpool is how alive it is. The city is always abuzz with people excitedly going shopping, catching up in pubs, sipping champagne in bars and enjoying good food. And with so many options for where to go and what to do, you could go for a whole year and never go the same place twice. 

Whenever I hear about a new restaurant my ears prick up, my tummy rumbles and my feet itch to go and check it out. And when Sarah told me about the press event for Gino D'Acampo's 'My Restaurant' on Castle Street and asked if I wanted to go with her I spent no time rushing around arranging childcare for Eric to make sure I could attend. Having spent the past year suffering from FOMO and turning down events because I was either about to drop or had a newborn to look after, this seemed the perfect way to get me back on the horse, and I found myself counting down the days until it was time for the event. 

Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant Liverpool
Image: c/o Individual Restaurants
Having experienced quite a few different restaurants in the city centre it was difficult to know what to expect, but as soon as I took a step into the restaurant I knew that there was a strong chance I was going to like it. There are some places you go to that just give you a vibe that sets the tone for the evening, and 'My Restaurant' instantly emits a lively, welcoming and subtly stylish ambience the second you walk through the door, not dissimilar than the feel I get when I think of Italian interiors. Clean, vibrant and well-designed, the restaurant floor was buzzing with the sound of happy diners, with busy staff flitting in between the tables and a open kitchen that filled the air with the most delicious smells. 

Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant Liverpool
Image: c/o Individual Restaurants
As we headed downstairs, it became evident how deceptively large the footprint of the restaurant is. Something that I don't think I fully appreciated on the outset. The exclusive Bullion Room - where the press evening took place - is located in one of the vaults (the restaurant used to be a bank). The placement of this private doing space honestly makes you feel like you're in a film, something that only heightens the exclusivity - a feature that I have only ever experienced in one other restaurant. 

Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant Liverpool - Just Add Ginger blog

Once all the guests had arrived and we were all settled around the dining table, the evening began. The staff introduced themselves and told us a little about the restaurant and the inspiration behind it. There was even a message from Gino himself, who was away in Sardinia. After a few sips of our prosecco, everyone then started tucking in to the 'Fantastico' antipasti platter that were positioned in between us. The beautiful selection of cheese, cured meats and nibbles were presented on wooden boards. Unpretentious, straight forward, but well-presented, these all were a great introduction to the rustic Italian style of the menu and were very well paired with a glass of Primo Prosecco Spumante DOC. 

Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant Liverpool - Just Add Ginger blog

Prosecco (and wine) played a big part of our evening, with each dish being paired with a glass of prosecco, white wine, rosé or red. In addition to the dining space, 'My Restaurant' also offers a prosecco bar, with several bottles to choose from and some with the option of single glass servings (so that you can figure out what you like). If you're a fan of the fizz like I am, this is definitely an instant turn on. Aside from the fizz, stand out glasses of wine were the Dada Langhe Doc Chardonnay, which has completely converted me back on to whites, and the Passo Del Bricco DOC.  

It was abundantly clear just how much thought had gone into what featured on the wine and drinks menu as there were options to suit all palates and preferences. But as much as I was impressed and blown away by the drinks, the food was in a completely different league. 

Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant Liverpool - Just Add Ginger blog

Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant Liverpool - Just Add Ginger blog

Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant Liverpool - Just Add Ginger blog

A plethora of dishes followed the antipasti, all offering us a sneak peek at the Autumn/Winter menu. Each dish presented was impeccably cooked, perfectly balanced and absolutely delicious. No compromises has been made on flavour, and the food did not hide behind ostentatious presentation. It delivered on taste, with every bite jam-packed with layers of flavour, and left you wanting more (in the best possible way). I wish I was able to highlight some of my favourites, but everything was a delight to eat. Ordinarily there are some ingredients that make me turn up my nose, but I wanted to try every single thing. And I am so glad that I did. 

If there is one thing that surpasses the menu at 'My Restaurant', it is the passion and dedication of the staff who work there. Everybody at the event spoke with so much enthusiasm and absolute infectious  excitement about the dishes and drinks that it made you feel just the same way. 

In a city where restaurants can get lost in the crowd, Gino D'Acampo's 'My Restaurant' has really found a niche that I haven't really seen before. A place suitable for couples, families and groups of friends, and offering not just a dining experience but the makings of a stellar night out, I think it has the potential to become one of the city's hotspots pretty quickly, and personally I cannot wait to see it grow. 


Kit & Kin Nappies First Impressions* | Just Add Ginger

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When you become a parent, you suddenly take an active interest in things that you never thought you would. The space in your brain that once daydreamed about those gorgeous shoes in that shop now wonders which places do the babygrows that wash the best. Up until I had a baby, I didn't think twice about nappies, but as soon as Eric arrived, that all changed.

I don't think you ever quite realise just how many nappies you are going to get through until you find yourself on the third supermarket shop in a month because you have run out....again. They take over your life. You talk about how many you've changed in a day, what has been filling them and whether or not your baby is starting to get to big for them. Before you know it, your bin is full of nappy sacks and you are left scratching your head because it only feels like 10 minutes have passed since it was emptied. 

With nappies so big a part of my life now, it is no surprise that when I stumbled upon the Instagram account for Kit & Kin I got quite excited. A total sucker for anything cute, it was the designs that caught my eye first. But then I started reading up about them and their core values and was even more impressed. They don't just take into account babies, their products think about the environment and the impact disposable nappies have (nappies are one of the biggest 'contributors to landfill in the world'). 

As a mum who parents one handed, finding new baby products that make things a bit smoother is really important. And because I was so intrigued by Kit & Kin as a brand, I decided to reach out and see if they would be happy to send me some nappies to test out. 

It was with gleeful curiosity that I waited for my sample pack to arrive. It must have sat there for a good week or so before I found the perfect time to give them a go. If they were as good as I hoped they would be, then that'd be another thing to add to the list of 'one handed friendly' products that I could recommend. 

just add ginger blog

Thinking I had picked a good moment for a nappy change, I got all set to put on the first of the two I received on Eric. Of course this just happened to be one of the days he decided to perform a surprise wee on his changing mat. Very quickly, my trial duo of nappies became a trial single. (Great timing kid!)

It didn't start as I had intended but I was still anxious to see how this nappy measured up to the others we use. We have our favourites (everybody does) and some that I wouldn't use again, so it would be interesting to see where Kit & Kin slotted in on that scale. 

Right off the bat I was incredibly impressed with how durable and well crafted the nappy felt. It didn't give me reason to think that it was ready to collapse at the first sign of a giant wee or poonami. The tabs were also great, with a lot of stick to them and really easy to both separate and close over the front of the nappy (which for me is incredibly important).  

We put this nappy on Eric just before we went out so it was on him for a good few hours. I was really impressed with how much the nappy held. it was pretty hefty when it came to change him but he didn't seem bothered by it and the exterior of the nappy itself showed no signs of being so full. 

I know that I only had one nappy to try, but I have to say I was incredibly impressed by the Kit & Kin nappy. It was durable and well made and so easy for me to put on and take off. Plus.....have you seen how cute they are? And to top it all they are biodegradable. At a first look I cannot see any downsides. 

Kit & Kin offer packs of 40 nappies (in sizes 1 to 5), skincare and nappy sacks and an 'eco nappies bundle'. From looking at the website everything seems pretty affordable too. The only (very small) downfall..... you have to order online, which means you need to be super organised to ensure you don't find yourself about to run out (although this could be solved if you opted for the bundle subscription). 

Even though I only got a small insight into what Kit & Kin are like as a brand and the products they offer, I am really keen to investigate more. I'm already eyeing up the nappy sacks and skincare and of course am looking into ordering a full pack of nappies so that I can give them a proper go. 

A brand that cares about babies and is eco-friendly? What more could you ask for? 

* I got in touch with Kit & Kin on Facebook and one of their team offered to post out a sample pack to me. This does not mean I'm obliged to do this post (it was just super-kind of them). My opinions are always 100% honest and influenced by my experiences


Jazz Apple, Pork And Black Pudding Sausage Rolls* | Just Add Ginger

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I'm the first one to admit that although I enjoy cooking, I am no chef. I can follow a recipe no problem. But coming up with my own ideas? That's where I come across problems. 

Recently I was made aware of an apple variety I had never heard of before - Jazz Apples*. Available in certain supermarkets and greengrocers, and flavour that is described as a "funky fusion of a Braeburn and a Royal Gala – the nation’s two most bought apple varieties" I knew there was no better opportunity to get into the kitchen and toy around with flavour combinations and recipe ideas.

With Autumn as my inspiration along with the delicate, slightly sweet flavour of the Jazz apples, I sat down with Ryan and started to go through my thoughts. After discussions, a test bake, and lots of dancing around the kitchen to Radio Two, I have come up with a recipe that is hearty, wholesome, and absolutely perfect for the season (I'm really proud of it too)!

just add ginger blog

You Will Need:

1 1/2 Jazz Apples
3 Rounds of black pudding
375g Sausage meat
1 sheet Puff pastry
1 Egg (beaten) 
Basil leaves

A selection of knives
Chopping board
Mixing bowl 
Gloves (optional) 
Pastry brush
2 Baking trays
Mug / bowl
Meat thermometer (optional)


- Pre-heat the oven to Gas Mark 5. 
- Line baking trays with parchment.
- Beat one egg in a mug or bowl and set aside for later.
- Peel and finely dice your Jazz apples. Rouchly chop your black pudding rounds into small chunks and set aside. 
- Place sausage meat into a large mixing bowl and knead to separate (wear gloves to do this if you wish). Add cubes of apple and black pudding at intervals, folding them in to distribute the chunks evenly. Continue to work the mixture until all the apple and black pudding are in and fully combined. Season to taste. 
- Dust a large chopping board with flour and roll out your pastry. Cut the sheet in half to form two smaller pieces. 
- Divide the sausage meat mixture and form into balls in your hands. Place in the centre of each pastry sheet and for, into a long sausage shape, ensuring the mixture is even and plump.
- Bring each side of your pastry together over the sausage meat mixture to form a seam. Turn your newly formed rolls over onto their unmarked side. 
- Make several evenly spaced cuts in the pastry surface. Use your beaten egg to apply an egg wash with a pastry brush. To be fancy, you can mark the edges of your sausage rolls with a fork. 
- Place your sausage rolls onto your lined baking trays and cook for 20-30 minutes, checking halfway through. Once the pastry is golden, and the pork juices run clear (if you're using a probe the core temperature should be over 77°C) you are ready to serve. 

just add ginger blog

Not into sausage rolls? Don't worry! Head to the Jazz Apple website where there are lots of other recipes you can try out and enjoy. But if you do give these a go, let me know what you think.

* Thank you to Hungry Communications for letting me know about Jazz Apples and their campaign. For more information about Jazz Apples and more recipe ideas, head to https://jazzapple.com/uk/ or follow them over on Facebook, Twitter (@JazzAppleUK) or Instagram (@jazzappleuk).


The Unwanted Friend | Just Add Ginger

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Anxiety isn't your friend,
Nor does it want to be. 
And yet it will creep up beside you, take 
your hand and say "come with me". 

It will lead you into the dark places. 
The ones kept at the back of your head. 
The ones that when you think of them, 
Just fill your heart with dread. 

Anxiety is a foul smell 
that's carried in on the evening air. 
It lingers and tickles your nostrils. 
You can't see it and yet it is there. 

It steals good days in abundance, 
Smiles are it's favourite to eat. 
And just when you think it's vanished, 
those times it just waits to defeat. 

It likes to think it can own you 
when you're alone and scared in the night. 
But those are the times to remember 
that you have to continue to fight. 

My story is not one of solution - 
of that I could never advise. 
But it is one of raw truth telling 
in the hope you might empathise. 

And to the warriors who fight along with me. 
In standing with you I find courage to fight 
these feelings of stress, woe and sadness. 
Those thoughts that don't make me feel right. 

I've come to the end of my story. 
That's it - done and dusted, the end. 
The truth is you never know 
just what someone's going through. 

That's why it's important to just be a friend. 


Joining Joanie's Brunch Club | Just Add Ginger

Just Add Ginger blog

I think a part of me always knew that being a mum would change my style. The practicalities of every day parenting don't really go hand in hand with chunky-heeled Chelsea boots and skater dresses that used to fill my wardrobe. But still, it was difficult coming to grips with letting go. Fashion always has and always will be one of the biggest means of my self-expression. Even though a renaissance was on the horizon, I don't think I was ever fully ready to let the old me go. 

Just Add Ginger blog

Just Add Ginger blog

Up until recently I had only ever admired Joanie Clothing, lusting over clothes that I didn't think would ever fit me and gazing longingly at the snaps of everyone looking fabulous in the brand's fashion offerings. It was just after Eric was born, and the call of my maternity leggings and oversized tops was just too strong. Having a baby was one thing - getting used to my new shape was a whole other kettle of fish! 

Fate however had other ideas. To my delight and utter dismay I won two giveaways within a couple of months of each other. And thus began my love affair with Joanie. I think we all know the sheer contempt I had for most high street maternity fashions when I was pregnant, so finding a brand that offered easy-to-wear pieces that made my post-baby self look automatically put together was just a dream come true. 

Just Add Ginger blog

T shirt  - Joanie Clothing || Jeans - Matalan || Cardigan - Mamas & Papas

With such a good first impressions there was one item I just knew I had to have in my wardrobe. Perfect to pair with distressed denim and cosy cardigans, the Brunch Club tee seems to be the item of choice at the moment for so many bloggers out there and one that seamlessly has winged its way into my wardrobe and cemented itself as a style staple. A far cry from my stretched out strappy tops and shapeless swing dresses, this tee clings to my new curves in all the best ways whilst not sitting in unflattering angles. For a bit of extra modesty (and to help elongate my top half) I have taken to pairing it with a block colour vest. Come autumn, you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be seeing me style it with faux fur jackets, midi skirts, crisp white trainers and layered over bodycon dresses.    

Not discovered Joanie yet? Go on, head on over and see what you can see becoming style staples in your wardrobe.