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Being a little different has never really stopped me from doing anything. I simply refuse to take "no" as an answer. Which is why I decided to start making one-handed ways videos again - this time, from the stance of a new mummy. I have found it a little tricky to track down resources that provide support, ideas and guidance, so thought it was about time I did something about it. 

Changing a nappy doesn't have to be daunting. All it takes is patience, self-believe and lots of practice. I'm only just about three weeks in to this whole parenting thing and I've got my technique honed to a fine art (excluding pee protests - nobody can prepare you for those.)

Everything is pretty much detailed in this video, but you should also bear in mind a few things that will help you along the way, so no matter where you are, you can calm that screaming baby who needs his nappy changed quickly, relatively quietly, and in a way that suits you. 

- Have a changing station prepared with nappies, nappy bags, wipes, lotions, and anything else you might need both upstairs and downstairs 

- Always have extra clothing to hand for baby...just in case. 

- Talk to baby as you change him. Not only will this help you bond, but it'll keep you calm and a bit more focused too. 

- There's no need to rush. Take your time, breathe, and don't be afraid to start again if you are not 100% happy.

Nappy changing gets a little easier every time I do it. It's so important to remember that just because you may operate in a slightly different way to everyone else doesn't mean you can't manage just as well. That's why I've decided to make these videos, to help quash misconceptions, inspire others who may be struggling to find help or guidance, and to put a positive light on all aspects of parenting.

If you know anybody who would benefit from watching this video, please feel free to share it around. And remember....

Where there's a will there's always a way.


YouTubers You Should Be Following | Just Add Ginger

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With having sometimes feeling a little alone during the past nine months, I found myself frequently turning to YouTube, seeking out vloggers who provided handy tips, advice and support for everything from pregnancy to parenthood. With so many content creators out there, as a new mummy, I wanted to share the top vloggers I have been watching the most.

By far the YouTuber I have been loving the most, Emily's videos are always a great source of the advice, humour, and honesty that I have needed during my pregnancy. Always so down-to-earth and incredibly;y watchable, hers are the videos I watch over and over again. Videos that have been constantly on my "Watch Later" list have been her 'Pregnancy Expectations vs Reality' , 'What's In My Hospital Bag? What To Pack?' , and third trimester updates (although every time I see she has uploaded something new I instantly click to watch it)! 

Kate Murnane | Dollybowbow 

I have been subscribed to Kate's channel for years, way before her first little boy arrived, and have always really enjoyed all the videos she has put out. However, when I found out I was expecting, hers were the pregnancy & mummy videos I remembered the most. Always full of tips, tricks and advice, whenever I have seen a new pregnancy update appear on my subscription list, I know it;s one I'm going to gain a lot from (even though I'm slightly more ahead in my pregnancy now). Plus, her family vlogs are absolutely adorable too!

Again, similarly to Dollybowbow, Tiffany D's pregnancy & mummy videos are some of the ones that really stuck out in my mind, and ones I knew would be really helpful to watch again now that I am also having a baby. A lover of her makeup and fashion videos anyway, I find her such a soothing and captivating watch, that I just get drawn in to her content and can sit for hours just re-watching her weekly pregnancy updates and baby hauls. Hers will definitely be videos I can easily stick on and have in the background during upcoming sleepless nights and restless days and know that I won't ever get bored. 

Mummy-to-be with a YouTuber you love watching? Leave me a link in the comments below.


Chy, Waterloo Review | Just Add Ginger

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I will be the first to admit that Chinese cuisine is not my favourite. Unlike other food, I can find the flavourings of the dishes a little too potent for my palette, and often have difficulty finding enough dishes to try. 

So when the idea came up to head on down to Chy in Waterloo for an early dinner one evening, initially I was a little dubious. I hate being a fussy diner, but I just wasn't sure if there would be anything on the menu that tickled my fancy. However, never one to turn down an outing, I hopped on to the website to take a look at the Set Menu to ensure there would be something I'd be happy ordering.

Thankfully I was able to hone in on several dishes that sounded right up my street and wouldn't be too overbearing or contain ingredients that are strictly off-limits for the time being. Always one to plan ahead, I narrowed my order down to the chicken and sweetcorn soup, prawn toast, and sweet and sour chicken. Excitedly nervous, and with a tummy growling for food, we headed down to give Chy a try.

Just Add Ginger blog

Just Add Ginger blog

South Road in Waterloo is a relatively new commodity when it comes to dining experiences. I've only ever popped in to a few of the restaurants before, and with so many on the one street, it can be difficult to pick somewhere out. Situated on the end of a parade of places to ear, Chy instantly makes it mark by looking incredibly sleek and sophisticated from the outside. The interior follows suit, with beautiful décor creating an intimate yet elegant atmosphere. It was also lovely to see quite a number of tables already full, with couples and families dining happily and chatting away in a low buzz. 

We were served almost instantly, with drinks and food orders taken, and it wasn't long before our first course came out. For being on the set menu, it was a nice surprise to see such a generous size portion of soup arrive, accompanied by a bowl of prawn crackers to share (something I had to really try and remember - prawn crackers are just too yummy)! The soup was really flavourful, and unlike some I have had in the past, not too salty. I guzzled down nearly all the bowl, only leaving a bit at the bottom to ensure I had enough room for the other courses. Had this been the only starter course, I wouldn't have readily woolfed it down!

Prawn toast soon followed after our soup bowls were collected. Three pieces of delicious-looking sesame-coated toast sat waiting for me alongside a sweet chilli dip. Jam-packed full of succulent prawns, and with a crispy coating to complement, I really wish there had been more than just three portions on my plate - they barely touched the surface of the plate before they had completely vanished! I could have gone back for more and more, and were definitely some of the best prawn toast offerings I've ever tasted.

Just Add Ginger blog

Last up from the set menu was my sweet and sour chicken accompanied by a portion of rice. Looking appetising, and smelling equally as yummy, the only downside to this dish was that I stupidly forgot to check to see if it came with any vegetables. My own mistake, I picked out a majority of the peppers and put them on Ryan's plate for him to enjoy. Although this made the plate much more appealing for me, it did mean that the plate looked a little empty. But having the rice to hand definitely helped bulk out the dish, and once again I was really impressed with the amount of flavour the sweet and sour sauce had - a far cry from that artificial flavour that some sweet and sour dishes have when you order them from takeaway menus.

Just Add Ginger blog

You would have thought that after all that food we would have been full. But no. Instead of admitting defeat, it wouldn't be a complete meal without something for pudding. Not available on the set menu, we ordered from the main dessert menu - me opting for the cheesecake, and Ryan for banana fritters. 

Rich and creamy, my cheesecake was bursting with sweetness from the strawberry sauce and ice cream, working brilliantly with the unique taste of the marscapone in the cheesecake filling. A generous size for a dessert, like with all the dishes I had ordered, this didn't last very long. Ryan in turn really enjoyed his fritters, which were absolutely ginormous. 

Going to Chy really changed my mind about Chinese food. Although the early bird set menu was only a small selection, I did take a peek at the main menu choices and there were quite a number that I would go for. The prices are also really reasonable. At £12.95 pp for the set menu, and all other dishes coming in under £20 (even for the specials), I can see this soon becoming a family date night hotspot. 

To find out more about Chy, their other chains in the city, or to take a peek at the menus, click here.


Post Pregnancy Wishlist | Just Add Ginger

post-pregnancy wishlist - Just Add Ginger blog

By the time I have popped out a child, it will have been almost a year since I bought many clothes in my pre-pregnancy size and style. In place of skinny jeans and bodycon dresses I now find myself - most days - opting for looser fitting garments, leggings, and empire lines. So when it comes to a Spring wardrobe, me and my future self are pretty much at a loss of what I am actually going to wear. Especially when you throw bodily changes into the mix. My boobs may grow even more, and I obviously won't have a baby bump anymore. Thinking about how I'm going to easily adopt my style without breaking the bank is something that is currently boggling my mind.

Thankfully, there are a few pieces out there that have caught my eye that I think will easily help me transition back, mixing in with my plethora of tank tops, floaty tops and swing dresses easily, and meaning that even though my core staples will remain the same, I'll be able to inject a little bit more "me" back into the mix.

Post Pregnancy Wishlist | Just Add Ginger

Pretty much for my entire pregnancy I have been coveting something from the Joanie website. However, with these usually being super-cute slim-fitting jumpers, so far I have refrained from making an order. However, when I spotted this gorgeous pinafore, I knew that some how, some day, it would have to find its way into my wardrobe. It'll look sweet with sweaters and make a pretty overlay for blouses, whilst still hiding any wobbly bits I may still be getting used to. Determined to hold back a little longer, you can only imagine my absolute delight to be told by Joanie that I had won a dress for #NationalDressDay and that this little beauty would be on its way to me. Requesting a size 12 for boob and bum growth allowance, I can't wait to style this up for Spring!

A girl of simple taste when it comes to style, I really loved the laid-back look pre-pregnancy and enjoyed nothing more than turning to my staples of block-colour tops, distressed denim or leggings and ankle boots. Which is why I think this oversized jacket from Boohoo makes such a statement piece to incorporate into my wardrobe. If I am breastfeeding, I'll be living in tops and dresses that I can easily manoeuvre, so having something to slip on over the top like this that adds a little bit more drama and edge will mean that even though I may be living in the same clothes for a while, I'll always be able to switch up my styling.

When it comes to Spring colours, I have definitely found myself jumping on board the blush pink train. I think it is such a pretty shade (surprising even myself) and can't wait to inject a little more colour - if somewhat subdued - into my closet. With the possibility of needing to free the boob on the horizon, nursing fashion is not entirely out of my head. Putting my contempt for high street maternity fashion to one side, I have fallen for this sweet scalloped nursing dress from ASOS. Even though it's quite formal a piece, and I have no events planned, I think this will look lovely across the Spring and Summer seasons by simple sliding on a pair of gladiator flats and a thin knit cardigan, or even on a colder days a pair of statement embroidered boots and the denim jacket from Boohoo.

Now I'm not stupid. I know that there may be days where all I want to do is slob around in sweatpants and a oversized mens jumper (you should see me now), with a faint scent of sour milk lingering around me and no motivation whatsoever for anything. However, at the moment I still like to see myself doing that with a touch more elegance. Oversized styles have always been a big part of my dress sense, which is why I was drawn to this QED top on the New Look website. I think the structure is really interesting, and whereas I have no idea if it would suit me, on lazy days where I find myself just not giving a shit, something like this will not only come in really handy, but also help me easily retain some semblance of normalcy.

What's on your current wardrobe wishlist?