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With having sometimes feeling a little alone during the past nine months, I found myself frequently turning to YouTube, seeking out vloggers who provided handy tips, advice and support for everything from pregnancy to parenthood. With so many content creators out there, as a new mummy, I wanted to share the top vloggers I have been watching the most.

By far the YouTuber I have been loving the most, Emily's videos are always a great source of the advice, humour, and honesty that I have needed during my pregnancy. Always so down-to-earth and incredibly;y watchable, hers are the videos I watch over and over again. Videos that have been constantly on my "Watch Later" list have been her 'Pregnancy Expectations vs Reality' , 'What's In My Hospital Bag? What To Pack?' , and third trimester updates (although every time I see she has uploaded something new I instantly click to watch it)! 

Kate Murnane | Dollybowbow 

I have been subscribed to Kate's channel for years, way before her first little boy arrived, and have always really enjoyed all the videos she has put out. However, when I found out I was expecting, hers were the pregnancy & mummy videos I remembered the most. Always full of tips, tricks and advice, whenever I have seen a new pregnancy update appear on my subscription list, I know it;s one I'm going to gain a lot from (even though I'm slightly more ahead in my pregnancy now). Plus, her family vlogs are absolutely adorable too!

Again, similarly to Dollybowbow, Tiffany D's pregnancy & mummy videos are some of the ones that really stuck out in my mind, and ones I knew would be really helpful to watch again now that I am also having a baby. A lover of her makeup and fashion videos anyway, I find her such a soothing and captivating watch, that I just get drawn in to her content and can sit for hours just re-watching her weekly pregnancy updates and baby hauls. Hers will definitely be videos I can easily stick on and have in the background during upcoming sleepless nights and restless days and know that I won't ever get bored. 

Mummy-to-be with a YouTuber you love watching? Leave me a link in the comments below.

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  1. Just going to casually go and follow all of these....hehe! Fab suggestions!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland