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I've kept it no secret that I've struggled with living a life in lockdown. I started out with so much enthusiasm - printing out and planning arts and crafts, setting up toy stations, and keeping to somewhat of a routine. But as time has gone on, my motivation has become less and less. I'm finding things tough. 

toddler sitting next to EasiYo and yoghurt mix

Eric has always been full of life. Constantly on the go, it is very tricky to get him to engage with structured activities that last too long or involve lots for him to do. He loses interest. And barely as we've begun he'll get fidgety and start saying "play outside, play outside" and then spring out the back door, leaving the painting/drawing/puzzles behind without a second look. 

But one thing that has kept his interest is food. Ah yes, our Eric loves his food. And we try to involve him in cooking, baking, and getting creative in the kitchen as much as possible. Which is why I knew having an EasiYo* would be a huge hit with him. I've been intrigued by this product for ages and have been itching to give one a try. Well, with British summertime weather leaving us as quickly as it arrived, this week I had my chance. 

toddler looking at easiyo yogurt maker and yoghurt mix

toddler pouring in easiyo yoghurt mix to container

Waiting until the little one was having his nap, Eric and I hit the kitchen. Knowing how excited he would be about making his own yoghurt (he loves the stuff) I made sure I set up a little work station for him and had plenty for him to do. He was really intrigued by the large pink container and packets of yoghurt mix and was desperate to get stuck in. 

I can honestly say that this has been the most enthusiastic I've seen Eric out of any of the activities I've planned since this new kind of normal started. And it was because it was so toddler-friendly. Quick, easy, and exciting, the steps were so simple to follow and there was a lot Eric could get involved in. We were gifted two sachets to try so he got to pick which one we made, he got to pour the powder into the yoghurt maker, he got to help me shake the maker....and every step was short and snappy. It was brilliant. And the most exciting part was that he got to eat some once it was ready. 

Once set up you need to leave the yoghurt to set for 8-12 hours and on and off Eric would ask me if the yoghurt was ready and if he could have some. It was the sweetest thing. 

toddler using the easiyo yoghurt maker

bowl of easiyo greek yoghurt with chocolate topping

This lockdown we have really tried to make as many things at home as possible. We've made bread, cakes, biscuits, fudge, and now yoghurt too, and the level of pleasure that not just Eric, but we all have gotten out of doing so is immeasurable because we can enjoy the fruits of our labour and have added new skills to our belt. And the EasiYo has by far been the most successful family 'cooking' activity. It is just brilliant

With a range of flavours to try, and with each batch making 1kg of yoghurt we are definitely getting the most out of having an EasiYo. The end product is delicious, will really last us and the process of making the yoghurt is so much more fruitful than one of those cake mixes in a box because - quite frankly - Eric has to wait for the end result so much longer. Instead of making something he could easily devour in one shot, he has to wait and see what happens with the EasiYo and this is so much more exciting for him. A whole delicious tub of yoghurt waiting for him hidden away in a pretty pink container...I can see where the kid's coming from! 

toddler posing with an easiyo and empty bowl of yoghurt

The smile in these photos says it all. We are newfound EasiYo fans and for the amount of joy it brought to our little boy's face, it's not going anywhere anytime soon! 

*I was very kindly gifted an EasiYo to review. This does not affect my opinions. They are always 100% honest and guided by my own personal experiences.