The British Tag

Ever since I saw Sammi (aka Beauty Crush) upload her British Tag video I knew that it was one I just had to film. Then, my friend Sarah - Saloca in Wonderland - uploaded her British Tag blog post, and well, that was it set in stone for me. It had to be done.

If you are reading this blog post right now, consider yourself TAGGED!!


1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?
2. Favourite part of your roast
3. Favourite dunking biscuit
4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
5. Favourite word?
6. Cockney rhyme slang?
7. Favourite sweet
8. What would your pub be called?
9. No.1 British person
10. Favourite shop / restaurant
11. What British song pops into your head?
12. Marmite?


The Shine On Award

I was very kindly nominated for the Shine On Award by the gorgeous Zee at GlitZeeGlam (thank you so much Zee.)  

The Rules

You must display the Shine on Award logo in your blog post

You must acknowledge the blogger who nominated you within your post and include a link to their blog

You must share 7 random and interesting facts about yourself

You must nominate 15 bloggers that you adore and think deserve the award, linking their blog in your post
You must contact your chosen bloggers to let them know that they have been nominated.

Facts About Me

 I have never played the lottery. 

I used to think that if a character in a TV show died in the show, they died in real life too. 

I used to talk to the weatherman on the news thinking that he could hear me. 

I am a milk fiend. 

I have really small hands. 

One of my best friends I've known since I was four. So we've been friends for 23 years! (How have you put up with me Saunders?) 

When I was 10 I was on Nickelodeon. 


I think the following blogs are so deserving of this award. I love reading them! They deserve it so much. I know I have only got 10 nominations, but these are the blogs I really enjoy reading and are worthy of recognition for all the love and hard work they put in to their blogs.

Beauty in Beta 
Words by Hannah Rosalie 
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Beauty Lover's Notes 
Organized Jen
Frances Cassandra


North West Bloggers Event: 1st June 2014

Back at the start of June, the second North West Bloggers Meet Up took place. The lovely Hannah (Words by Hannah Rosalie) spent a long time organising the event, and on a very sunny Sunday afternoon, Sarah (Saloca in Wonderland) & I headed down in to town ready to attend the event, starting off, of course, with an obligatory coffee and cake stop!

The event took place in one of the Revolution's in Liverpool. I'm not sure of the exact name of the bar but if you know Liverpool, it's the one closest to the Cavern Club...I think it's recently been refurbished, and I couldn't get over how chic it looked inside. It was the perfect venue for the meet up. Everyone seemed to congregate downstairs in the main bar prior to the event itself which gave us time to have a  life catch up and indulge in a cheeky cocktail or two. (They had my favourite cocktail on the menu...WIN!) It was so lovely to see so many bloggers again, and this time not have to tentatively use the "Are you (insert name here) on Twitter?)

After a couple of minutes hanging out downstairs we headed on up to the meet up. Unlike the first North West Bloggers Meet Up I went to, I wasn't half as nervous because I already felt like I knew some of the girls who were there. Whether we had met before, or talked on Twitter, the atmosphere was just so rich and lovely I didn't feel awkward being my stupid-self around anybody. And THAT for me is always a good sign.

Krispy Kreme - Just Add Ginger

Snacks and treats were set out for us to munch on throughout the day, and a barman appeared upstairs so we didn't have to constantly head downstairs to the bar. There were doughnuts and sweet-filled champagne flutes galore and Carrieanne (Beauties Unlocked) had made some cute cupcakes for the occassion. We were a very spoilt bunch indeed

Hannah had done such a fab job organising the event and having lots of lovely stalls for us to peruse. The Krispy Kreme Selfies went down a storm. I don't think I've ever laughed so much about food before! Teardrop Designs had a stall, showcasing some of their lovely jewellery, alongside Urban Calm, Rebekah Treheme who was giving airbrush foundation demos and made my face look flawless, and a company called Green Bubbles, who I had never heard of before, but do the most gorgeous handmade soaps and body products. (they had me at the Lego soap!) Hannah had also arranged a raffle again, with prizes galore. Tickets were purchased as we entered the event space, and announced throughout the event.

  What I enjoyed most about the event was chatting away for what seemed like hours (and what actually was hours) to everybody. In my "normal life" it's so hard to help people understand about blogging, what it is, and why I love it so much, but at the event, I felt like all of my questions, fears, hopes and experiences could be free and everyone there could relate to me. Hannah and I were laughing about it on the day. At the start of the year we barely knew each other, and now there we were in June, firm friends. That's how powerful blogging can be at bringing people together. 

After the actual event itself had finished, some of us may have stayed behind to partake in some *whispers* shots. After a couple of games of shot roulette, grimaces, and a final Happy Hour cocktail order, those of us who were left headed to Nandos for some post-event eats and more blogger-talk. It really was a fabulous day, and I can't wait for the next one!

Thank you so much to Hannah for organising the event and putting such a wonderful day together for us (I don't know how you do it,) to all the sponsors, to Revolution for playing host (and including a Basil Grande in your cocktail menu - you official are awesome,) and to all the lovely blogging babes who came to the event. It was fantastic to see you all, have a chat, and unabashedly shout out Mean Girls quotes with you.

You go Glenn CoCo! 


Ginger's Fashion: My North West Bloggers Event Outfit

Just Add Ginger
Maxi Dress: ASOS, Cardigan, New Look, Bandeau: New Look, Multi-Chain Necklace: ASOS

Hair: Blossom Hair & Make Up

Now that I'm getting in to my later-20s I'm finding it a bit harder to know what kind of things I should be wearing. I know the clothes that I like to wear, but I'm starting to get a bit conscious that I may not be able to pull certain things off as well as I used to. 

For the North West Bloggers Event in June, I needed something to keep me cool, that was sophisticated, but still a bit whimsical I kept my trusty old maxi dress from ASOS understated by teaming it with a black bandeau from New Look to protect my modesty, and added a pop of colour with a coral cardigan from New Look. I threw on my vintage-inspired multi-chain necklace just to pull everything together. 

My hair added a touch of fun and whimsy. My lovely hairdresser Beth from Blossom Hair & Make Up did it for me. I love braided hairstyles and she created an up-do for me that was really bohemian and free, and meant that I wouldn't get overheated. It made me feel young and fresh, and created an extra accessory for my outfit.

And I bloody loved it! 


The Perfect Imperfections Tag

You know when you are just sitting down in the evening, watching TV, hanging out, and then you have a great idea?!

Well, one night this past week, Boyfriend & I were vegged out on the sofa. I was watching YouTube videos, and then suddenly, the Perfect Imperfections Tag Video on Bamblings of Naffy popped up as a recommendation. 

It really got Boyfriend & I talking and we (well he actually) decided that it would be a really cool video to film. 

It is so important to remember that no matter what "imperfections" or "perfections" that you have, to love you for the person you are as a whole. Remember, there is nobody out there just like you, so we should celebrate who we are as individuals, and not focus on the things that get us down about ourselves. 

We are perfect, just the way we are! 


My Must-Have Starter Kitten Kit

Starter Kitten Kit

Getting a pet is something that Boyfriend & I have talked about for a while. We both knew that we wanted a pet. That was never in doubt. But ideally, we both wanted a dog, and in a fantasy world, I think we would already have one. But our house is far too small for a dog in reality. It'd be unfair to keep one cooped up in such a humble-sized house while we are out at work.

So we decided to wait a few years until we move.

And then, a few weeks ago, we got a call from destiny. There was a kitten in desperate need of rescuing. There was no hesitation or doubts in our minds. We knew we had to take him on.

And name him Dave....of course!

We've had cats in our family pretty much all throughout my adolescent life. But I never really knew a lot about caring for them. They were family cats, and as far as I was concerned, my parents were in charge. So when it came to trying to buy supplies for our new furry arrival, I was completely at a loose end.

Which is why I thought I'd compile a selection of things that I think are a must-have for those of you out there thinking of or who will be bringing a new kitten home.

The most important thing I'd say is to invest in a good litter tray and cat litter. Space in our house is limited, so a hooded tray was essential - for the comfort of our noses, and to ensure that Dave has enough privacy. So far, we've only had one cat poo-related disaster. Dave was pretty quick at mastering how to use the tray, and conquering his fear of the cat-flap entrance. We also bought a kitten-friendly disinfectant for cleaning out his litter tray, which comes in handy when you have to clean the floor surrounding his little box too because you know it won't harm them. And that is a big worry of mine at the moment.

We always opt for clumping cat litter because for us it's easier to manage. The choice however, is up to you/ And it's always best to have a few poop-scoops in stock just in case one needs to go out for a deep-clean. I've had a few times where I've left myself without a clean scoop, and let me tell you...those have been the scariest moments of my life as a pet owner! Dave also has his own dedicated poop bin which we line. Any waste goes in scented bin liners to eliminate odour, and we change the bin bag regularly to keep it hygienic.

Top of your priorities list should be getting your kitten to the vet to register ASAP. When we rescued Dave, we knew pretty much next to nothing about him, so taking him to the vet made sure that he had had his jabs, we knew how old he was....and had it confirmed that Dave was actually a boy! Make sure you do your research when looking for a vet, and ask lots of questions. We were quite lucky in that Boyfriend knew where he wanted Dave to go based on experience that he had with his family's dogs. But if you're not sure, ask around get some advice and find our if any vets offer kitten packages to help towards the costs of jabs/neutering/all things medical.

To make Dave comfortable, we have invested in a lot of toys for him. He is a very intelligent cat, and needs bucket-loads of mental stimulation or else he just gets bored. Catnip mice are his favourite, so we have bought lots for him because, well, they just go missing. He will hide all his mice, you won't see therm for a week and then BOOM, four turn up as if by magic. It is bizarre, but we really have no idea what he does with them all. So, moral of the story? Overstock!!

Part of  making your kitten comfortable is also investing in a decent scratching post. When Dave came to us, he had death-claws, that, when he stuck them in to you, hurt like an absolute biatch! Having a scratching post has really help file his claws down and means that he isn't using the back of our sofas instead. He does have an invested interested in our rug though. But I think that's because it's just so soft.

When it came to buying a bed, we pretty much needn't have bothered. Dave rarely sleeps in his bed. He's usually up with us. (And I know, I know, that's bad kitten-mama practice, but when you have a kitten who knows how to open doors when they are firmly shut, what else can you do?) He's really well-behaved at night, and during the day, he sleeps on a blanket that my parents donated to us for him.

And lastly, on to food. To be honest, this is still something we're figuring out. A few weeks ago, Dave was mega hungry, and getting through loads of cat food a day (the standard RDA for a kitten his age, plus a bit more.) But now he has really calmed down. We start off in the morning giving him fresh water and about 60g of the IAMS Kitten food (he was eating this prior to coming to us.) That 60g lasts him until the evening. where he gets one quarter of a bottle of kitten milk. This isn't a necessary part of feeding him, we just do it as am accompaniment at the moment (although I want to start weaning him off it.) We have trained Dave to know that the only place he will get food is by his food bowls. To get food, he needs to stand there and wait. This males sure that we are left in peace eating our dinner, and so that Dave knows he won't get very far scrounging.

There are other things that we know we should get for Dave (a cat tree being one,) but this selection is for the absolute basics. Once you get to know your kitten, you'll know what he/she likes or doesn't like, and how best to care for them. They are quite picky creatures, and don't hesitate to let you know what they want!

Dave the Cat